strina: text only "got us some crime to be done" (ff - crime)
strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-10-15 10:48 pm
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Hey, By the Way

I posted a new Inception list, A Dream Is a Wish We Can Steal and I am filled with RECCING ENNUI. Like, fandom and you guys and the fic = all still awesome, but I keep escalating the challenges in my [community profile] list50 yearly goals and I kind of don't know where to take it from here? Like, 100 rec lists, 150 rec lists, 5000 stories recced, those were cool milestones, but they're behind me, and if 250 fandoms isn't yet, I'm sure this year's Yuletide list will take care of it. I finished the hooker list that was taunting me for three years. I did the time travel list like I always wanted. For the last few years, I've always had some thing I wanted to accomplish before that all important 3/14 and this year I've got squat.

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