strina: text only "all ship wars should be resolved by threesome fic" (txt - ship wars)
strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-11-09 06:01 pm

Inappropriate Rage Is Inappropriate

So I'm reading a Devil Wears Prada fic set in a Merry Gentry/Anita Blake fusion 'verse and I have to keep stopping to grit my teeth because THAT WORLDBUILDING IS INCORRECT. It's not even the hand-wavey collision-of-three-worlds stuff, it's stuff like using "fey" and "sidhe" interchangeably, which, no. Like, I am ALL KINDS of excited to read descended-from-sex-deities Andy, but IDK how I feel about reading fic where I'm more familiar with canon than the author. IT IS NOT A SITUATION I HAVE ENCOUNTERED MUCH. But I'm going to be really weirded out if my personal canon-versus-fanon stumbling block is a LKH fandom.

Just saying.

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