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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-11-10 04:00 pm
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Holy crap, I wish I had a better memory, or at least a better sense of "LIFE-CHANGING EVENT! WRITE THIS SHIT DOWN."

I am once again trying to map my fannish timeline, if you're wondering.

I mean, some people can track their first foray into fandom back to the day, but I didn't get pimped in by a friend. I went looking for spoilers and found fic completely by accident. Then I spent an indeterminate while as a monofannish het-OTPing feral fan before I even found (in March or April of 2003 - I joined 05/03, but I remember it took me a while to figure out how potentially awesome Author Alerts were). There was a forum? And the Dog-Eat-Dog Archive, which I can't even find referenced anywhere anymore.

And all this went down four computers and three email addresses ago, so CLUES ARE SCARCE.

And it's not a big deal, I guess, it's just. Fandom, you know, this giant amazing ball of crazy where I'm my most honest, my most engaged and passionate and joyful. It deserves an anniversary, okay.