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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-12-07 07:42 pm
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So! Some Stuff Has Happened

RL is largely a shitshow - still estranged from my brother, my mom's dealing with some at-this-point-chronic health issues for once unrelated to her mental health or drug abuse issues, my dad's yelling at me about my money because my brother totalled his car and has been given Dad's '00 Oldsmobile that was slated to replace my on-its-last-legs '98 and now Dad's stressed and I'm pissed and stressed for related reasons petty and large, and, OF COURSE, work continues to get worse. I'm looking for another job that I would like better (preferably at a bank), but at this point, if I don't get one in the next couple weeks? I'm quitting anyway. I will work at McDonald's. FUCK that place. Most recently, I've been written up for taking a lunch and there being a rush while I was gone, never mind it being dead all morning, there were three cashiers still on duty, and taking an 11-12 lunch in a 6:45-3:45 shift is pretty fucking reasonable. Like, I have put up with a lot of shit? But getting lectured about that three times is kind of the last fucking straw, thanks. Especially with the added bit about how lunches needed to be scheduled not according to the way "we" wanted things, but for the convenience of the customers and the "good of the store". Um. THREE PEOPLE IS PLENTY OF COVERAGE WHEN I HAVE BEEN THE ONLY ONE ACTUALLY AT THE REGISTERS ALL MORNING. THERE WASN'T EVEN ENOUGH BUSINESS FOR *TWO* CASHIERS TO STAY UP THERE. SO SORRY MY CLAIRVOYANCE FAILED ME, YOU ASSHOLE.

I'm also in a very INTERACTION = BAD phase, complete with paranoia, so that's been. Fun. I've only even lurked on either journal site two or three times since before Thanksgiving. I've mostly just plundering with Graffer and Calibre. I hate and love it so much. Long, amazing stories, in tons of fandoms! Horrible, horrible stories in my favorite fandoms. And I am basically bereft of my usual tools to figure out which is which. There is no "Top Ten". I have no familiar, trusted sources of recs. I'm kind of wandering around flailing for things from people's favorite stories lists and getting about an even number of hits and misses.

I am back in HP fandom once again, reading almost exclusively het right now. Lots of Harry/harem (lots of it bad) and apparently Harry/Hermione/Luna is a whole thing in some circles there, much like Harry/Ginny/Luna is in some parts of LJ. Thoughts of Pudding = good (although very much Hermione\Harry/Luna instead of a true OT3). Partially Kissed Hero = don't read it. Some of it's interesting as a thought-exercise? But it's very much an Author Tract, with more info-dump than I've ever seen, and it can get pretty fucking problematic (I had an example, but it's rage-inducing enough that I'll skip it).

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