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I'm Expecting My Tinhat in the Mail Any Day Now

Jackie and Hyde are still giving me ALL THE FEELINGS. I am still confused by this. That '70s Show reruns on, like, four different channels, so I am recording a million episodes that all take about 45 minutes to watch, because yes, I can skip commercials, but then I have to replay things fifteen times, because the way he cups her face! "I think it's a real waste!" He likes her in a wedding dress!

I SHIP IT SO HARD, YOU GUYS. Although I would totally also read the Jackie/Kelso/Fez, if anyone had written it.

IT HAS REACHED THE POINT WHERE I MAP IT TO THE BDSM 'VERSE. Which is totally my new way to measure fannish love, btw. No one will ever write it, but it can still make me happy in my brain, and then a little sad, because the BDSM 'verse can even make me sympathize with sleeping-with-Laurie Kelso and that is a feat.
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Every so often I get into the habit of watching that show on its many, many reruns each day, and then I start shipping Jackie/Hyde so much.

... If you ever get in the mood to ramble on this I, for one, would like to hear it. With any show, really, but especially on this one. >>
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You know, since I've only ever caught odd reruns I have never seen any of the last season. I kind of want to keep it that way. -- Although Netflix Instant Watch has it now and I'm really tempted to start watching the rest of it in order next time I am at my parents' house.

... That makes sense. That makes a lot of sense. And I want there to be fic for this theory. (But I want more BDSM-verse fics for various fandoms in general. It makes me happy when I stumble onto it.)
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... I have never actually seen barista AUs. Is this common? XD

I would go for BDSM verses in all fandoms, though. >> I have not actually read many of them, but what little I have read makes me want more.
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... My reaction of "this makes a lot of sense" and "I want fic" continues. I have nothing more interesting to say, really, just -- YES. Want.