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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2011-05-31 10:53 pm
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It feels like 2004 again - I am spending basically all my time online downloading things to read later, except now I'm putting them on a Kindle instead of just trying to save something to read on one computer while my brother used our dial-up to game on his (yeah, there was the family's computer and then "Richard's computer", even though they were both technically supposed to be shared; I should maybe not be so surprised at his cutrrent levels of dickishness). I have seriously not spent this little time at a computer in years.

Been watching a shit-ton of movies for the 100 movies meme, because it's kind of fascinating, watching this many things for the first time. It's helped by my owning a bunch of movies I bought when the video store shut down but have never actually watched before, like The Quiet.

I'm also not adjusting super-well to the whole 40 hours a week, every week, thing. I'm stressed out and just tired all the time and the recent epic fail of my planned week and half of relaxation did not help (Dad in Vegas for a week followed by housesitting for Mom for four days while they were in Missouri = glorious solitude, except no, because I was violently ill that week).

Also, there's the lingering question of what the fuck is happening to the building complex I work in, because Atwoods had minimal damage (where "minimal damage" is lost part of the roof and the entire fucking air conditioning system, which will take one to two months to replace. In Oklahoma. In summer. FUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOUUUUU.), but Atwoods is not a stand alone building, it shares a wall with two other spaces. The whole shebang is something like 14 possible stores, of which about 8 were occupied pre-tornado, and one of the 8 was completely fucking obliterated (they no longer have a back wall - but still, no injuries!). It was not doing real well, is what I'm saying. There's a good chance the landlady might just 'doze the whole thing rather than pay that much to repair, when all the businesses are trying to move north and further into town/closer to Walmart.

Here! Have a video of the tornado hitting work, because somebody actually shot that shit: From the movie theater behind the store (especially the roof peeling off at the 1:50 mark).