strina: storm thinks this's all mystical fallout from some bigger event. no its just a thurs & thursdays are always weird for us (comics - just thursday)
strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2011-06-26 05:48 pm
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Theater Bound

I am off to watch Bad Teacher with Jackie, because it is the only movie at our theater that I will watch, but have not yet seen (Mr Popper's Penguins - NO. XM:FC - I have to see it on DVD so I can skip the part where half of my longstanding OTP leaves the other half lying on a beach, BLEEDING AND PARALYZED. Relatedly, all I want to read in FC fandom are stories where that DOES NOT HAPPEN, or where at least it's not followed by forty years of long-distance love/hate/fighting/rescues/prison visits. ALL OF THE AUS, is what I want, basically.) To sum up, canon hates my OTPs and I don't like it. (WILD SWANS AND TELEPATHS, I ship it forever.)

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