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I kind of miss the days when I loved something and then discovered the fandom was awesome, too. Now I am very much looking at stuff, going "I bet there's a fandom for that", watching/reading/playing stuff, and then triumphantly reading the fic.

Saturday, I gave up on finishing Dragon Age before diving into the fic. That is a weird fandom, you guys. If you go by the normal Mary Sue rules, you don't get to read anything, so I dumped them, and I am so very lost. I just read Loghain/f!Cousland (btw, take note of the last names of the various origins or you will be so very confused) and it started out pretty good? And then I kept wanting to yell at the author to shut up about Loghain and give me more of the (crazy, bloodthirsty, steals-everything-she-can-carry-and/or-bring-a-wagon-back-for) OFC. IDK, y'all, IDK.
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LOL I know what you mean about the mary sue-ness of it all. I mean, it's choose your own adventure! But seriously, the one fanfic series I've read for Dragon Age has the f!spy/rogue fucking her way into a win. Kind of reminds me of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, actually. :P