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Added more books to my last post. Want to buy more. Intellectually I understand that I have WEEKS of reading material already, but emotionally I want to have ALL OF THE READING POSSIBILITIES EVER.

I keep putting off reading the books I'm most excited about because I'm so accustomed to being disappointed by m/m novels. They sound so good and then they often turn out to be awful. Like (I swear I won't harp on this forver) Venom's Bond, where it sounds like awesome hurt/comfort with xenokink and cultural misunderstandings and then it's RAPE, with a Stockholm-y rape chaser! Or even the Warders series, where the Dylan/Malic books are awesome and then both of the others I've read are terrible (Heart in Hand has too much book for so few pages and His Hearth suffers from too much exposition and weak characterisation).

I want to read Latakia and 18% Grey and Sinnerman and Long Lonely Howl and All's Fair in Love & Advertising and Abercrombie Zombie and Lord of the White Hell and The Gunfighter & the Gear-Head and Cut & Run and Becoming Elite, but I would SO MUCH rather anticipate them than read them and hate them. Which is why I have so many unread books, in case anyone was wondering.

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