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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2014-10-10 06:35 pm
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So, Kindle Unlimited

You know, Amazon's second stab at ebook libraries. Personally, I'm finding it a fuck of a lot more useful than the Lending Library.

I don't think I'd pay $9.99 a month every month, but I HIGHLY recommend at least giving the free trial a whirl, especially if you like queer and/or indie ebooks. I've picked up a bunch of stuff - since I don't have wireless access, I've been using the apartment complex's computer to download the allowed 10 books to USB, return them, and download 10 more, repeat as needed. When your Kindle syncs, all books not currently checked out will be removed from your device.

I read a few articles about how the authors are getting paid and it looks like some people get paid as soon as the book is downloaded, but a lot don't receive payment unless the book has synced past 10%?

Recommendation time! I would definitely suggest getting all four anthologies Megan Derr has made available, since they're normally on the higher end (for m/m - the f/f book is right on average). If you have an interest in Robin Roseau (TRAP!), I would grab them on a trial basis, because, as I've ranted before, there is EXTREMELY shady stuff re: consent. I won't lie; I'm still acquiring her books, because MAYBE THIS TIME. I like the writing! It's just that inevitably, the relationship dynamic will take a turn that enrages me (FREE MICHAELA).

Go the Fuck to Sleep is available! I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You was fucking adorable. I grabbed a bunch of meta-fantasy, like NPCs, The Dark Lord's Handbook, Off to Be the Wizard, and Critical Failures (all as yet unread).

Evan Currie, aka Tenhawk, has a lot of books on offer. I'd recommend Steam Legion in particular. Seal Team 13 made me sad, but that's probably because I'm emotionally attached to the fanfic version, which has Xander and logistics and ALL the crossovers (Darien from Invisible Man, Sara from The Craft, Sam from Supernatural, Dade from Hackers, Jake from Jake 2.0, and others all on a special monsterhunting squad? MY BELOVED FOREVER).

Handily, if you search an author name instead of going to their author page, the filter options on the left will let you isolate Kindle Unlimited eligible books, if any qualify.

ETA: Also, there is just a fuckload of porn. So if you crave some centaur gangbangs or gay Krampus action or forbidden triceratops love, but don't want it showing up in your Kindle items forever, Kindle Unlimited is THERE FOR YOU.