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Give Me ALL of the Fic

Going through one of my periodic fandom-trauma induced download sprees. RPF fandoms in particular give me angst sometimes, guys. I just get superafraid of logging on and everything being GONE. Because, you know, SOMETIMES IT IS.

So I am currently downloading the shit out of everything/everyone I've ever liked in hockey RPF.

Relatedly, I need so much more Sid/Geno in my life. Just re-read Highway Unicorn and I love it/them SO FUCKING MUCH.
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[personal profile] dine 2015-02-07 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
oh yeah, so much this! you're a smart person, really, to take the precaution, as permanently losing access to the good stuff burns. there is lots of older fic that's just vanished into the ether, and while I'd love to revisit it, it's just gone.

I began downloading the occasional story I really liked from AO3 when that first became an option ages ago, and when I started reading hockey fic started snagging just about everything I liked enough to rec. I try to do that every few weeks at least, so something won't vanish on me. though somehow I once missed a really great magical realism/pirate AU and the author pulled it - I didn't discover that until a friend wanted to reread it and knowing I was pretty compulsive about saving stories asked me when she discovered it had vanished from the archive. and of course that was the one story I *didn't* have. I'd really like to reread it too.
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I don't have a clue about either - however, I'd rec'd it just after I read it (last year?), so if I wander back through my hockey fic recs, I could probably dig the info up. I have no huge plans for the weekend, so I'll see what I can do, and get back to you if/when I'm successful. though iirc, it's Kane/Toews, and I'm not sure if you read much of that pairing, so possibly you won't - but if you do by chance have it, both Rachel and I will be forever grateful!
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pirate au

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I posted this rec on 3-31-14, which was probably a few days after I read it. it's a Kane/Toews story, though Sid & Geno were a secondary pairing iirc. the author has several other stories still up, and I've no idea why only this one was pulled:

My Lover Stands On Golden Sand by Alexia
Summary: T’was an ill-omened night at sea when a boy walked out of the mists to slay the Morgan’s captain with his bare hands, wrest control from her crew, and lay siege to the seven seas to avenge his lost love.

Or, a boy fell in love with a boy and searched an entire ocean to get him back.

It depends on who’s telling the story.

an absolutely awesome pirate tale, with a possibly magical ship, true love torn asunder and epic adventures along the path to a reunion
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Re: pirate au

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I really appreciate your even looking, though I knew it was a long-shot. losing that story taught me the importance of downloading stuff promptly, rather than waiting until later on.

Re: pirate au

[personal profile] alexia 2015-03-21 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
I just had someone come request this fic on my tumblr, which happens amazingly often, and I got curious and did a google search and found this thread.

Oops, accidentally hit post. ANYWAY. I pulled the fic almost a week after I posted it because I was reading back through it and realized that it is objectively terrible and under-edited. I should have never put it up.

I have, however, recently considered editing it and putting it back up in pieces. And it does mean a lot to know people are still looking for it, I had no idea it was so well liked, as at the time I got very little positive feedback. So, thank you for the kind words. :)
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Re: pirate au

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I'm sorry you felt the story wasn't well-received - I'm sure I left kudos but may not have commented, as I tend to not leave comments unless I can think of something more to say than "I liked this"

while I can be picky and bitchy about bad writing, I admit that I overlook stuff if the story really grabs me - and this one did. I remember it as being somewhat OTT, though that's often a feature of the magical realism genre; overall it left me with a very positive impression (and my friend Rachel also enjoyed it enough to want to reread it) - so if you do decide to go back and re-edit and post it again, I can guarantee you'll make at least the two of us happy (and it sounds like others as well).

Re: pirate au

[personal profile] alexia 2015-03-21 03:44 am (UTC)(link)
You're very kind :D

Yeah. realizing you accidentally wrote badfic is kind of a shock. I hadn't intended it at the time, but I've started to embrace it as such. I happen to be one of those for whom badfic is a comfort place, I adore the ridiculous and over the top and the endless facepalming, but the total inability to stop reading. Heh. And now that the shock has worn off I'm kind of glad I did it and if I get around to it I will most certainly embrace and identify it as such.