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Why Can't It Be November Already?

For one, THANKSGIVING, my favoritest of all holidays (bacon-wrapped sausages! gravy! blackberry wine cake! PINEAPPLE PIE!). Plus, you know, family and togetherness, blah blah blah, board games and card games and sore losers and offensively gloating winners and possibly setting decorations on fire (again).

For two, like 80% of the big bangs with current rounds post October - mid-December, making November a time of GREAT JOY this year, when usually there's fuck-all to read because everyone's churning out their NaNoWriMo project. As follows*:

October 5: Oz bb
October 8: RPF bb
October 12: High School Musical bb
October 22: Poly bb
October 28: Star Trek bb
November 1: Firefly bb AND NCIS bb
November 4: Leverage bb
November 12: Stargate Atlantis bb
November 23: Kink bb
November 26: Smallville crossovers bb
Mystery date in November: Small fandom bb (original, not the new one)
December 1: Sci-fi bb
December 12: Crossovers bb

*These are just the ones I'm interested in; there are like three more posting that I don't plan to read.

PS, I'm re-reading the Cap/Iron Man bb and I can't remember if I've read half of these. Conjugate was the one where everybody swapped powers, An Ever-Fixed Mark was the AWESOME genderswap, Exactly Under the Star was the space AU, Sometimes You Can’t Make It was the uneven but not bad kink fic, Sea Stars was the amnesia one, This Time Tomorrow was the time-travel (FAVORITE CLICHE, HOW NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN), but I am totally blanking the other four.

A Matter of Extremes: Steve and Tony have issues, and things between them get a little... rough; also, Ultron intervenes, as it's wont to do, and only complicates things further.
In a Different Light: After an unexpected attack, Tony has trouble dealing with his injuries and Steve has trouble dealing with Tony.
To Extremes: Tony gets sick. Tony stays sick. Steve takes care of him
What Tomorrow May Bring: Months after his return back to life, Captain America and Iron Man are kind of estranged, but problems with SHIELD and Tony's life in general get them to work together and fall in love. <333

IT IS BASICALLY AN ENTIRE BIG BANG OF HURT/COMFORT, Y'ALL. THAT'S KIND OF GREAT. (It's not in the rules or anything! It Just happened!)

I'm pretty impressed at their turnout, considering Twilight is probably a much bigger fandom, but their bang only has three completed entries. Also, I was totally spoiled by coming into this fandom via [ profile] elspethdixon and immediately diving into her amazing and hurty and wonderful Resurrection-verse (co-written with [ profile] seanchai). Whenever I'm in the mood for Avengers fic, I basically just end up re-reading their Resurrection-verse, their Classic-verse, their Roughest Day duo, their mindfuck story King of Infinite Space, and then maybe someone else's stuff (usually A Meeting of Minds and This Time Tomorrow, actually).

ETA: In a Different Light is the one with the (temp) blindness; A Matter of Extremes is the old!Bucky/Steve dating Jan/denial fic (Ultimates? def not 616, anyway); What Tomorrow May Bring is the disintegrator ray/brain reboot one; To Extremes = DO NOT READ. NO, JUST TRUST ME.