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Like, I have not historically had the stamina to mod something like a big bang (I very much want to someday, or rather, I want someone to do a recs big bang and I think I am the only one who wants that, and therefore). So I shouldn't be shouting things at my screen quite so much.


And if you ARE going to make me link to an entire month instead of a single neat post, please make all posts FIT IN ONE MONTH. There are only a handful of bangs where they legitimately NEED multiple posting months and I haven't even looked at those bitches yet!

On the other hand, GUYS. Did you know that South Park fandom has an AMAZINGLY WELL-ORGANIZED big bang? I LOVE THEM. They're on friggin' round five! Well, technically, three - they do a big bang, then a reverse bang, then a big bang, etc. SOUTH PARK FANDOM. NEVER SAW THAT COMING.

On the other other hand, there are so many big bangs that have zero rounds completed even though they'd gotten all the way to artist claims and it just makes me sad.
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Still editing, but I don't want this to be yet another thing I private-post and forget about.

So fucking many, for real. )

The not-quites. )
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I saw someone linking to my Big Bangs, Baby! post and mentioning how out of date it was, so of course I immediately started making a new one. I feel weird about it, though? Like, I haven't updated my list in three and a half years, but the other lists I've looked at have collectively added about 20 bbs to my total. It's one of those things where I'm convinced there's a better resource that I'm missing, because the alternative makes no sense to me.
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Updated Big Bangs, Baby!. It now lists 198 big bangs and a handful of mini-bangs. What the hell, seriously.
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So [community profile] bigbangindex is the comm I made in frustration, when I gave up on the mod ever updating [ profile] bigbangnews (plus she only lists LJ-based challenges and that didn't really work for me).

I just got a message asking my permission for an LJ version of bigbangindex.

Sometimes fandom just makes me laugh and laugh.

ETA: Also, for future reference, if anybody wants to make a version of any of my comms on a new platform, you are totally free to so! Just drop a link if you do and we're good.
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I'm buckling down to update [community profile] bigbangindex's masterlist of big bang challenges and I am a-scared. The last update brought the grand total to 117 and I've got ten more bookmarked, plus whatever I'm going to find trawling the tags on DW and LJ and the AO3 (and possibly IJ? I am not really familiar with the platform, but large chunks of HP fandom decamped there, so it's probably worth looking into).

Man, this would be so much easier if 3/4 of my results weren't comms for the band Big Bang.

But! If you know of any applicable challenges that aren't on this list or in its comments (and also aren't fantasybigbang, deancasbigbang, inception_bang, whizzbangpop, merlinbb_rpf, gleefsbigbang, khrminibigbang, lotsbigbang, oc_bigbang, sgareversebang, bigbangnitro, warbigbang, or tvd_bigbang), PLEASE DROP A LINE. I am also going to be doing a big post of this is abandoned/in signups/posting/etc.
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Or at least fandom's corner of it, all big bangs would link to a fandom primer of some kind. There is a big bang and I can't tell what the fandom is! Well, it's "NEWS" fandom, but I don't know what that actually means; it looks like it could be a band or a show or rpf of same. Most inconsiderate.
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I am signed up to do a recs set for [community profile] ladiesbigbang. Reccing at a comm where I don't set the deadlines? Madness! But it could be fun. And I could get a complementary work!

Sign-ups are open 'til the 30th; y'all should check it out.
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THE HOLMES BIG BANG SUMMARY POST IS AMAZING. I am making heart-eyes all over the place! Just on the first page, there are two (2) stories with zombies, a Sherlock-Holmes-master-criminal AU, the story of John Watson the dissolute gambler and gentleman thief, and apparently, "dirigibles" is to this challenge what "cage" was to the Bandom H/C challenge.


In other news, there is totally a [ profile] sentinelbigbang and an original fiction big bang ([ profile] novel_bigbang), and lots of people should sign up for both, because they are awesome.

Also, [ profile] lupinbigbang starts posting in a little over a week, and [ profile] pansy_bigbang less than a week after that.

ETA: Zombiepocalypse with Holmes/Watson/Mary/Irene! Also, it is up to FOUR zombie stories, two stories about asexual Holmes that I am kind of excited about, and several genderswap stories, not one of which contains the dynamic that would interest me, aka girl!Holmes/boy!Watson.

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Apparently every fandom has decided they need a big bang challenge. Well, except HP, which has decided that every character needs their own challenge (newest additions: Percy, Neville, Remus, Bellatrix).

Brought to you by: accidentally stumbling onto the A:TLA bb. And then The Sentinel bb, and the DBZ bb, and the Charmed bb, and and and.
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...I wish there was an easier way to find big bangs than fighting LJ's search function every few weeks. Seriously, people, tag your communities. I end up finding half of them through sheer happenstance (aka, my flist). Brought to you by: [ profile] glambertsbb's first wank! Oh, fandom.

But! For V-Day, have an awesome song about a girl kicking ass:

You mess
With a little girl's dream
'Cause she's liable to grow up

Surprise you to find that I'm laughin'
You thought that you'd find me in tears
You thought I'd be crawlin' the walls
Like a tiny mosquito and trembling in fear

Well, you may be king for the moment
But I am a queen, understand
And I got your pawns and your bishops and castles
All inside the palm of my hand

Man, I forget how much I love Haunted. Although that album is kind of fucked up. The songs are intercut by recordings of her late father's voice - several of them recordings made for, and directed to, her brother - so really, listen to the album as a whole. (To make it even hinkier, Hey Pretty (The Drive-By Remix) includes her brother (Mark Z. Danielewski) reading an excerpt from his book, House of Leaves. An excerpt about sex. IDK what is up with that family.)
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Updated Big Bangs, Baby! because I saw it linked in a FAQ post and felt bad (hadn't changed psoting statuses since...November).

10 new big bangs. [ profile] trekreversebang is actually doing something new and interesting with the format - they're having art created first, then stories will be written to match. And [ profile] comicsbigbang I'm just straight up excited to read! Sadly, that has to wait until May.
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Hmmm, big bang list. I am kind of undecided about how to structure it? Like, how much do I want to pull from past challenges and/or things I've recced before, what kind of timeframe do I want to be working with, should I put a cap on recs per challenge, etcetera. I think I'm going to lay it out like Restraining Orders, y'know, explicitly separated by challenge, possibly annotated by year.

Maybe roll it out in December? That'd give me...fresh* rounds from crossbigbang, sgabigbang, svcross_bigbang (theoretically), tw_bigbang, polybigbang, kink_bigbang, thebigbangjob, bandgirlsbang, firefly_bigbang, thelittlebang, bigbangblackout, hsmbigbang, smallfandom, startrekbigbang, spn_j2_bigbang, rpf_big_bang, bandombigbang, hermionebigbang, house_bigbang, boxofmagic, scifibigbang, ncis_bigbang, smallvillebbang, sv_bigbang, stargate_summer, and sncross_bigbang. Trying to catch anything after that, it'd probably be mid-March and really, that's just a slippery slope to waiting for the other small fandom bang at the end of July.

*"Fresh" as in "have not already recced the hell out of", as I have capiron_bigbang, where I think the only fic left unrecced is Creepy Bad-Touch Steve, aka, AHHH NO.
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All big bangs currently posting:

[community profile] firefly_bigbang - One fic up; haven't read it. Yet.

[ profile] hsmbigbang - Nine stories posted and I plan on reading at least four, but I'll have to mainline some Disney to get in the mood first.

[ profile] polybigbang - 24 posted - 13 1/2 on the To Be Read list (1/2 b/c I keep taking the Heroes fic off the list and putting it back on) - have only managed to read 1 1/6; the 1 was awesome; the 1/6 is, I saw Building Jerusalem is at book one of a three-book arc and I skipped to the end to see if it was at a place I was comfortable putting it on hold (and NO, it was not, so I didn't read the whole thing).

[ profile] smallfandom - To clarify: This is the ORIGINAL small fandom big bang, the one that's in its second round, not the new one with limited fandoms. Three stories so far; have read one (Psych, yay), will be reading another (FIRED UP SLASH, OMG, I NEEDED IT), and may take a stab at the third (Bollywood slash?).

[ profile] startrekbigbang - 14 have been posted so far; of that 14, there are three that I will not be reading because of pairing/plot Issues. Of the five I've managed to read so far, one was mediocre, two were good, one ([ profile] mijan's) was hurty and amazing, and one ([ profile] captanddeastar's, obvs) was MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME. GOOD RATIO SO FAR.

[ profile] xf_bigbang - Three stories posted thus far, all het and not really my fandom. Maybe if someone posts some filthy M/K or a threesome or something.

All big bangs that start posting in the next two months:

[ profile] thebigbangjob - Posting begins November 4. It's LEVERAGE; I will be all over that. Unless it is unexpectedly all Nate/Sophie, which, unlikely.

[ profile] bsg_bigbang - Posting November 8 - 14. Not my fandom.

[ profile] sgabigbang - Posting November 12. It's SGA Big Bang. TBH, in my head there are four Big Bangs - SGA, bandom, SPN/J2, and the original H/D - and a bunch of big bangs. I'm going to read the hell out of it.

[ profile] tw_bigbang - Posting November 12 - 26. There are, like, three summaries that make me SO EXCITED, plus several more that look interesting, and only two that make me go OMG, NO.

[ profile] ncis_bigbang - Posting begins November 15. See comment for Leverage bb, substitute "Gibbs/Abby" for "Nate/Sophie".

[ profile] kink_bigbang - Posting November 23 - 30. I heart kink! But they have no visible summaries, so IDK. It could end up 30 amazing stories that push my buttons, or 10 that are vehemntly Not My Kink.

[ profile] svcross_bigbang - Posting supposedly begins November 26, but the comm's currently deleted, so IDK how that's going to go.

[ profile] scifibigbang - Posting December 1 - 15. SO MANY FANDOMS, SO MUCH POSSIBILITY. For awesome and awful.

[ profile] deutschmusikbb - Posting December 4 - 18. Not my fandom.

[ profile] crossbigbang - Posting begins December 12. HELL TO THE YEAH. Crossovers IS a fandom!
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I am dissatisfied. With the world, apparently. I'm looking at things that excited me yesterday and today all I can muster up is a resounding "eh". Thumbs down, self.

My cat is oddly quiet? Like, he purrs a lot, but he vocalizes less than any other cat I've had. And when he does make noise, it's weird noise. Most frequent vocalization being "ah-AH-ah" - "I would like to eat him/that/you!".

In other news, [ profile] hsmbigbang started posting today - with femslash! - and [ profile] oz_big_bang is supposed to go live tomorrow. [ profile] rpf_big_bang has been posting for several days, but so far hasn't coughed up any of the stories I'm really excited for. The ones I am anticipating: )

On that note, I love it when the summary/claiming posts are left unlocked; it is a quick and awesome (if not 100% accurate) way to judge how excited I should be for a partic. big bang.

ETA: Also, in the last hour, I have watched two videos - one a mainstream pop vid and the other a Tampax ad, of all things - centered on fanfic cliches. And not even "also popular in profic" cliches! Mpreg and "woke up a girl"!
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Damn internet won't stay connected for more than a minute at a stretch, so you're not getting the Covenants pimping post I planned.

Instead, know three things:

1. I have never appreciated good mods more than I do now, after looking at all those big bangs.

2. Against all odds, I am actually looking forward to the Ginny Big Bang! Lots of femslash! One, possibly two, Harry/Ginny/Luna fics!

3. Ryan Reynolds does a mean Traylor Howard.

ETA: Of course it's working fine, now that it's after midnight.
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For one, THANKSGIVING, my favoritest of all holidays (bacon-wrapped sausages! gravy! blackberry wine cake! PINEAPPLE PIE!). Plus, you know, family and togetherness, blah blah blah, board games and card games and sore losers and offensively gloating winners and possibly setting decorations on fire (again).

For two, like 80% of the big bangs with current rounds post October - mid-December, making November a time of GREAT JOY this year, when usually there's fuck-all to read because everyone's churning out their NaNoWriMo project. As follows*:

October 5: Oz bb
October 8: RPF bb
October 12: High School Musical bb
October 22: Poly bb
October 28: Star Trek bb
November 1: Firefly bb AND NCIS bb
November 4: Leverage bb
November 12: Stargate Atlantis bb
November 23: Kink bb
November 26: Smallville crossovers bb
Mystery date in November: Small fandom bb (original, not the new one)
December 1: Sci-fi bb
December 12: Crossovers bb

*These are just the ones I'm interested in; there are like three more posting that I don't plan to read.

PS, I'm re-reading the Cap/Iron Man bb and I can't remember if I've read half of these. Conjugate was the one where everybody swapped powers, An Ever-Fixed Mark was the AWESOME genderswap, Exactly Under the Star was the space AU, Sometimes You Can’t Make It was the uneven but not bad kink fic, Sea Stars was the amnesia one, This Time Tomorrow was the time-travel (FAVORITE CLICHE, HOW NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN), but I am totally blanking the other four.

A Matter of Extremes: Steve and Tony have issues, and things between them get a little... rough; also, Ultron intervenes, as it's wont to do, and only complicates things further.
In a Different Light: After an unexpected attack, Tony has trouble dealing with his injuries and Steve has trouble dealing with Tony.
To Extremes: Tony gets sick. Tony stays sick. Steve takes care of him
What Tomorrow May Bring: Months after his return back to life, Captain America and Iron Man are kind of estranged, but problems with SHIELD and Tony's life in general get them to work together and fall in love. <333

IT IS BASICALLY AN ENTIRE BIG BANG OF HURT/COMFORT, Y'ALL. THAT'S KIND OF GREAT. (It's not in the rules or anything! It Just happened!)

I'm pretty impressed at their turnout, considering Twilight is probably a much bigger fandom, but their bang only has three completed entries. Also, I was totally spoiled by coming into this fandom via [ profile] elspethdixon and immediately diving into her amazing and hurty and wonderful Resurrection-verse (co-written with [ profile] seanchai). Whenever I'm in the mood for Avengers fic, I basically just end up re-reading their Resurrection-verse, their Classic-verse, their Roughest Day duo, their mindfuck story King of Infinite Space, and then maybe someone else's stuff (usually A Meeting of Minds and This Time Tomorrow, actually).

ETA: In a Different Light is the one with the (temp) blindness; A Matter of Extremes is the old!Bucky/Steve dating Jan/denial fic (Ultimates? def not 616, anyway); What Tomorrow May Bring is the disintegrator ray/brain reboot one; To Extremes = DO NOT READ. NO, JUST TRUST ME.
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Why so hard to FIND, big bangs?

ETA: Okay, it's a little hilarious that right after posting, I saw posts polling interest in two potential big bangs (Bob Bryar and rarelit, FYI).
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1) Okay, HP fandom is kicking everybody's ass at this game. As it should, considering.
2) "No current round" means not only is there no fic currently pending, there has never been fic posted to that comm.

(Edited October 29, 2010. Up to 198 bbs, what. What what what.)


Alice in Wonderland:

[ profile] acaucusrace - No current round.**
[ profile] aiw_big_bang - Posting begins December 5.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

[ profile] avatarbigbang - Posting ended.

Babylon 5:

[ profile] babylonbigbang - No current round.

Battlestar Galactica:

[ profile] bsg_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] pilotsbigbang - Posting ended.

Black Butler:

[ profile] devils_waltz - Posting December 2.


[ profile] bleach_bigbang - Posting begins December 15.
[ profile] bleachbigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] bones_bigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] buffy_bigbang - No current round.


[ profile] castlebigbang - No current round.


[ profile] charmedbigbang - No current round.

Criminal Minds:

[ profile] bau_bigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] crossbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] crossover_bb - No current round.
[ profile] crossover_bbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] sncross_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] svcross_bigbang - Posting begins November 26 Currently deleted (as of 11/3); any info would be appreciated.


[ profile] csi_bigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] dgm_bigbang - Posting December 5.

DC Comics:

[ profile] batman_bigbang - No current round.

Doctor Who/Torchwood:

[ profile] tardis_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] tw_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] vortexbigbang - No current round.**
[ profile] whovian_bigbang - No current round.

DOGS: Bullets and Carnage:

[ profile] dogsbigbang - No current round.

Dragonball Z:

[ profile] dbzbigbang - Currently deleted (as of 9/28).

Fairy Tales:

[ profile] thenowhereplace - No current round.

Final Fantasy:

[community profile] megaflare_ff - Posting November 14.


[community profile] firefly_bigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] fringebigbang - No current round.**

Fullmetal Alchemist:

[ profile] fma_big_bang - Posting ended.
[ profile] fmabigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] gleebigbang - Posting begins January 17.
[ profile] gleefsbigbang - Posting begins November 28.
[ profile] kurtbigbang - Posting begins February 12.

Gossip Girl:

[ profile] xoxobigbang - Posting ended.

Harry Potter:

[ profile] acciobigbang - No current round.
[ profile] bangbellatrix - No current round.
[ profile] big_bang_hd - Posting ended. THE ORIGINAL.
[ profile] bigbangblackout - Posting ended.
[ profile] bulgarianbang - Posting begins January 15.
[ profile] darklordbigbang - Posting December 31.
[ profile] dmhgbigbang - No current round.
[ profile] dracobigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] ginnybigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] harrypotterbang - Posting begins January 14.
[ profile] harryronbigbang - Posting March 1.
[ profile] hermionebigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] hp_au_bigbang - No current round.
[ profile] luciusbigbang - Posting begins November 5.
[ profile] lupinbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] marauderbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] nevillebigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] nextgenbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] pansy_bigbang - No current round.
[ profile] percybigbang - No current round.**
[ profile] rhr_bigbang - Posting October 31.
[ profile] ronbigbang - Posting March 1 - April 2.
[ profile] severusbigbang - Posting ended.
Snupin: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut! - Posting ended.
[ profile] sugarandginger - Posting ended.
[ profile] weasleybang - No current round.


[ profile] heroes_bigboom - Posting ended.

High School Musical:

[ profile] hsmbigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] house_bigbang - Posting ended.

How to Train Your Dragon:

[ profile] httyd_bigbang - Posting October 20 - November 20 delayed.


[ profile] inception_bang - Posting begins January 24.

Legend of the Seeker:

[ profile] lots_big_bang - No current round.
[ profile] lotsbigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] thebigbangjob - Posting begins November 4.

Life on Mars:

[ profile] lom_bigbang - No current round.

Marvel Comics:

[ profile] capiron_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] c_im_bigbang - Currently posting.


[ profile] armor_bigbang - No current round.**
[ profile] boxofmagic - Posting ended.
[ profile] paperlegends - Posting ended.
[ profile] whizzbangpop - Posting ended.


[ profile] apocabigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] au_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] bigbadaboum - The whole thing is in French, I don't even know.
[ profile] bigbangbuffet - Posting begins February 14.
[ profile] bigbang_fr - No current round.**
[ profile] bigbangnitro - Posting begins November 8.
[ profile] broadway_bb - Currently deleted (as of 9/28).
[ profile] comicsbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] compaubigbang - Posting begins December 1.
[ profile] ds_c6d_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] fantasybigbang - Posting begins November 5.
[ profile] genderbendbb - Posting ended.
[community profile] hardmode - Posting ended.
[ profile] hewliganbigbang - Posting May 7.
[ profile] horrorbigbang - Posting begins November 5.
[ profile] jossverse_bb - Posting ended.
[ profile] kink_bigbang - Posting begins November 1.
[community profile] kinked - Posting ended.
[community profile] ladiesbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] polski_bigbang - Posting...IDK? Guys, It's in Polish, I am 1000x less likely to suss it out than French.
[community profile] polybigbang/[ profile] polybigbang - Posting begins November 3.
[ profile] oc_bigbang - Posting begins after November 1.
[ profile] rarebang - No current round.
[community profile] rarelit_bigthing - No current round.
[ profile] rerun_bigbang - No current round.
[ profile] scifibigbang/[community profile] scifibigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] syfybigbang - Posting begins January 10.
[ profile] slashbigbang - No current round.
[ profile] smallfandom - Posting ended.
[ profile] smallfandom_bb - Posting ended.
[ profile] spacebigbang - No current round.
[ profile] thelittlebang - Posting ended.
[ profile] the_yo_yo - Posting ended.
[ profile] vampirebigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] warbigbang - Posting November 1 - 18.
[ profile] werewolfbigbang - Posting begins October 31.
[ profile] witchesbigbang - No current round.
[ profile] writingbigbang - No current round.
[ profile] zombiebang - Posting begins November 14.


[ profile] bigbangttebayo - Posting begins November 21.
[ profile] narutobigbang - No current round.


[ profile] ncis_bigbang - Posting begins November 15.
[ profile] tonytim_bigbang - No current round.


[ profile] bigbang1899 - No current round.


[ profile] numb3rs_bigbang - Posting ended.

Original Fiction:

[ profile] originalbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] novel_bigbang - Currently posting.


[ profile] oz_big_bang - Posting ended.

Percy Jackson:

[ profile] pjo_bigbang - Posting ended.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

[ profile] potc_bigbang - No current round.


[ profile] poke_bigbang - Currently deleted (as of 9/26).

Pretty Little Liars:

[ profile] pllbigbang - Posting begins January 18.


[ profile] primevalbigbang - Posting ended.

Prince of Tennis:

[community profile] drive_a - Posting ended.

Queer As Folk (US):

[ profile] qafbigbang - Posting ended.

Robin Hood:

[ profile] bigbanghood - Posting ended.


[ profile] americanbang - No current round.
[ profile] bandombigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] bandgirlsbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] bittybang - Posting ended.
[ profile] bobbryarbigbang - No current round.
[ profile] boomerangbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] dbsk_bigbang - Posting begins October 1 delayed.
[ profile] deutschmusikbb - Posting ended.
[ profile] dvbb - No current round**.
[ profile] femmebigbang - No current round.**
[ profile] glambertsbb - Posting ended.
[ profile] heroes_bigboom - Posting ended.
[ profile] idol_bigbang - No current round.
[ profile] historybigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] jb_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] je_largeboom - No current round.
[ profile] jrock_bigbang - Currently deleted (as of 9/28).
[ profile] kradambigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] kradamreversebb - Posting begins January 14.
[ profile] lambliffbigbang - Posting begins January 31.
[ profile] merlinbb_rpf - Posting ended.
[ profile] newsbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] old_school_bang - No current round.
[ profile] onedaybb - Posting begins Januray 30.
[ profile] onkeybigbang10 - Posting ended.
[ profile] rpf_big_bang - Currently posting.
[ profile] shineebigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] sj_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] troisbang - Currently posting.

Sailor Moon:

[ profile] smbigbang - No current round.**

Sherlock Holmes:

[ profile] holmes_big_bang - Posting ended.
[ profile] sherlockbigbang - Posting begins January 23.


[ profile] skins_bigbang - Posting begins November 15.


[ profile] smallvillebbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] svbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] svcross_bigbang - Posting begins November 26 Currently deleted (as of 11/3).

A Song of Ice and Fire:

[ profile] asoiaf_bigbang - No current round.

Star Trek:

[ profile] startrekbigbang - Currently posting.
[ profile] stxi_bigbang - No current round.
[ profile] trekreversebang - Posting ended.


[ profile] atlantisbigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] sgabigbang - Posting ended.
[community profile] sgareversebang - Posting ended.
[ profile] stargate_summer - Posting ended.


[ profile] deancasbigbang - Currently posting.
[ profile] gabriel_bigbang - Posting begins March 7.
[ profile] spnfemmeslashbb - Posting begins February 14.
[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang - Posting ended.
[ profile] spn_reversebang - Currently posting.
[ profile] spnslashbigbang - Posting begins December 5.
[ profile] sncross_bigbang - Posting ended.


[ profile] tversebigbang - Currently deleted (as of 9/27).

The A-Team:

[ profile] ateambigbang - Posting begins December 1.

The Big Bang Theory:

[ profile] bigbangbigbang - Posting ended.

The Magnificent Seven:

[ profile] mag7bigbang - Posting begins November 7.

The Professionals:

[ profile] ci5_boxoftricks - Posting ended.

The Sentinel:

[ profile] sentinelbigbang - Posting begins November 1.

The Vampire Diaries:

[ profile] tvd_bigbang - Currently posting.

The X-Files:

[ profile] xf_bigbang - Currently posting.


[ profile] bellaxjacob_bb - Posting ended.
[ profile] lionlamb_bb - Currently deleted (as of 2/5).
[ profile] sparklebang - No current round.
[ profile] twilightbigbang - Posting January 5.


[ profile] watchmenbigbang - No current round.

White Collar:

[ profile] whitecollar_bb - Posting ended.


[ profile] xenabigbang - No current round.**

**Apparent mod disappearance before the posting date.

Two multifandom challenges I've seen referred to as "big bangs", but they have no multimedia aspect, so I don't count them as such:

[ profile] nafi_bigbang
Epic Proportions

IDK what to do with this:

[community profile] t_31_bang/[ profile] t_31_bang/[ profile] t_31_bang

And now there are mini-bangs? Fannish drift is weird, you guys.

[ profile] losers_minibang
[ profile] khrminibang
[ profile] yg_multibang
[ profile] holicminibang
[ profile] aph_minibang
[ profile] animorphsburst
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Guys, there are more than 30 big bang-type challenges. I need a list, with posting schedules.

Oh, Tony

Jul. 17th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Life would be much easier if other people weren't so inconveniently binary when it came to sex. Change into a different gender and suddenly no one knew what to do with you anymore.
- An Ever-Fixed Mark