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I am dissatisfied. With the world, apparently. I'm looking at things that excited me yesterday and today all I can muster up is a resounding "eh". Thumbs down, self.

My cat is oddly quiet? Like, he purrs a lot, but he vocalizes less than any other cat I've had. And when he does make noise, it's weird noise. Most frequent vocalization being "ah-AH-ah" - "I would like to eat him/that/you!".

In other news, [ profile] hsmbigbang started posting today - with femslash! - and [ profile] oz_big_bang is supposed to go live tomorrow. [ profile] rpf_big_bang has been posting for several days, but so far hasn't coughed up any of the stories I'm really excited for.

Jensen is a wizard working at a place called Haven; a place where the most dangerous objects are kept located in Winchester Falls Connecticut. These objects range from the occult to just plain weird that can be dangerous to anyone who goes near them. He works alone, collecting these objects to store in Haven. One day he meets Jared Padalecki, a man who believes that he is cursed. While this is going on, homeless people are attacking and killing people in town. Jensen has to balance both helping Jared and saving the people in town. Its Dresden Files (Book written by Jim Butcher) meets Condemned (Video Game) meets Warehouse 13 (TV Show on Syfy channel) I am irresistably drawn to anything crossed with/fused with/similar to the Dresden books.

Jared Padalecki would really like to stop accidentally kidnapping the hot, angry guy with the smokin' green eyes because - if nothing else - it makes it really damn difficult to talk to the man and get a date when he's trying to climb out of a window or scale a twelve foot high fence to get away. And Jared's a nice guy - accidental kidnappings aside, obviously. Jensen Ackles would really like the tall guy with the sincere smile and desperate explanations to stop abducting him because - well, because its really damn annoying, okay? He's trying to do a job here! Jeffery Dean Morgan runs a private security firm that employs Jensen and his best friend Danneel because they're pretty, they're not bad at fighting off unwanted attentions until rescue arrives and they really good at what they do. He'd really like them to remember that they're good at their jobs and stop trying to wriggle out of the lucrative contract they've scored just because one of the clients happens to have accidentally held Jensen against his will a couple of times. Or three. They're meant to be professionals after all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEIRDLY, MY MOST ANTICIPATED, REGARDLES OF THE FACT THAT I AM ACTUALLY NOT A HUGE J2 FAN. BUT ACCIDENTAL KIDNAPPING = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Lieutenant Kris Allen walked on to the murder scene in the stockroom of Asper, he wasn't expecting it to lead him to Adam Lambert, owner of the store, one of the most fascinating men he's met, and one of the people at the top of the suspect list. As the investigation continues, more than just lives are on the line. It could be awesome, or go horribly wrong.

Right out of college, David Archuleta took a job as far away from Murray, Utah as he could get. He bought a nice house in a nice neighborhood, adopted a dog, and waited for someone to come along that he could raise a family with. Turns out it's not so easy to meet people if all you do is work, but when David Cook comes along, leaning against the David's piano one night at the hotel, all of that changes. Again, awesome, or horrible. OR BOTH.

When Lance Bass attends the party after one of the AI tour concerts, he and Adam Lambert don't get along, but in an attempt to confuse a gossip columnist, say that they are going to record a song together. 'Flower', by Liz Phair.
Adam finds out a bit more about the song and decides that he wants to make the recording. Lance is persuaded into it, against his better judgment, when JC is involved as producer. The song is 'leaked' and causes quite a lot of excitement among fans.
Somehow, that doesn't seem to be the end of it. To their mutual surprise, Adam and Lance end up in bed together, but they are two very different gay guys, and only seem to be in tune when they are actually singing together.
I never knew I wanted this till now, but apparently I REALLY DO.

Utterly preposterous AU. Farmer James May's quiet life is disrupted by the arrival of a group of anti-road protesters led by ecomentalist Jeremy Clarkson. TOP GEAR AU THREESOME FIC; I THINK I MIGHT IN FACT BE REQUIRED TO READ THIS BY LAW OR SOMETHING. POSSBLY THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE.

"Richard Hammond is half-naked in my living room, and he's a woman," James thinks.

On that bombshell, the weirdest week of James' life begins. First he has to deal with his best friend growing breasts and panicking about it. That would be a difficult enough task even if they weren't also filming a race in a submarine against Jeremy, who's acting, as usual, like an utter cock. And then there's the fact that Richard really does make a rather good looking woman...

War is hell. INCREDIBLY uninformative summary but really, all I needed was "Top Gear" + "WWI AU".

non-band AU. The world ended and Ryan, Spencer and Brendon managed to survive by hiding in a store basement in Vegas. Jon survives...well, they don't know how, but one minute he's in Chicago with Tom and the next he's in Las Vegas, throwing up on Spencer's shoes. In their attempts to navigate the ravished and desolate new landscape of America, a special bond forms between the four boys. Is it enough, though, to overcome the obstacles they continue to face? Is it enough to hold them together when a familiar face from Jon's past threatens to pull them apart all over again? Apocalypse + AU GSF = HELL YEAH.

In the fast paced world of NASCAR, Kevin Harvick only has eyes for one person and it’s not his wife. So when there’s trouble in paradise, he uses every method of seduction he knows to claim the one prize he wants the most: Dale Earnhardt Jr. ...I am eagerly anticipating NASCAR slash. Yeah, I don't know, either.

Eight Londoners find themselves stuck in a van travelling through America in the middle of a zombie epidemic. As they struggle to find food, fuel and safety Richard, a shy and unconfident young man, confronts both his fears and his desires. As his best friend Chris leads the group across country Richard’s crush on Chris’s girlfriend, his feelings of admiration and awe for his best friend and his nagging self doubts are all exposed.

The nine survivors, including Chris’s 74 year old mom, the stuffy and annoying Helen and Harold Davidson, the adorable 18 year old twins Claire and Caitlyn and a bloodhound puppy named Rolo struggle with the horrors around them. What they had hoped would be an exciting adventure turns out to be a heartbreaking lesson in sacrifice, selflessness and the difference between moral superiority and moral action.

This story is about Richard’s transformation from a stuttering mess into a confident leader…a transformation which occurs when he’s forced to kill zombies in order to save the people he loves.
I have no idea what this fandom even is, but zombie apocalypse = I AM SO THERE.

On that note, I love it when the summary/claiming posts are left unlocked; it is a quick and awesome (if not 100% accurate) way to judge how excited I should be for a partic. big bang.

ETA: Also, in the last hour, I have watched two videos - one a mainstream pop vid and the other a Tampax ad, of all things - centered on fanfic cliches. And not even "also popular in profic" cliches! Mpreg and "woke up a girl"!

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