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So, I just recced a ridiculous number of happy-ending bandom fics in [ profile] dancinbutterfly's comments, if anyone wants some?
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I am dissatisfied. With the world, apparently. I'm looking at things that excited me yesterday and today all I can muster up is a resounding "eh". Thumbs down, self.

My cat is oddly quiet? Like, he purrs a lot, but he vocalizes less than any other cat I've had. And when he does make noise, it's weird noise. Most frequent vocalization being "ah-AH-ah" - "I would like to eat him/that/you!".

In other news, [ profile] hsmbigbang started posting today - with femslash! - and [ profile] oz_big_bang is supposed to go live tomorrow. [ profile] rpf_big_bang has been posting for several days, but so far hasn't coughed up any of the stories I'm really excited for. The ones I am anticipating: )

On that note, I love it when the summary/claiming posts are left unlocked; it is a quick and awesome (if not 100% accurate) way to judge how excited I should be for a partic. big bang.

ETA: Also, in the last hour, I have watched two videos - one a mainstream pop vid and the other a Tampax ad, of all things - centered on fanfic cliches. And not even "also popular in profic" cliches! Mpreg and "woke up a girl"!
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After looking at this, I kind of want to read about Katy Perry & Gabe Saporta, Shopping Buddies. They both like ridiculous neon clothing! I can picture them wearing matching handlebar mustaches as ~disguises~! Whatevs, you know it'd be awesome.
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I kind of want someone to tag your entire fandom with labels, so I could read Column A:

This Is Shipper Fic, Just Go With It
Open Marriages Don't Just Exist in 70s Porn
Divorce Isn't Legal Shorthand For "Die in a Fire"
It's Okay To Break Up With Someone And Maybe Be Single For Five Whole Seconds
You Know What's Fun? AUs!
Sometimes Grownups Solve Things By Talking And Not By Being Cheating Assholes
Everyone Likes Threesomes!
Sometimes You Don't Get to Fuck Every Person You Love And That's Alright

and avoid Column B:

FYI: I Hate Vaginas
Being Alone Means You Are a Miserable Failure; Avoid At All Costs
Let Me Draw You In With Adorable Bromantic Shenanigans And Then Punch You in the Throat With "But Then They Felt Sexual Attraction And Honor Demanded They Never Speak Again" Because This Is Secretly a Victorian Novel
You've Got It Backward, He's Cheating on His True Love With His Wife, OBVS
Somebody Has to Be the Villain And Hey, What Other Word Starts With V?
Grim Realistic Fic Is Grimmer Than Reality, aka, Sucking All the Fun Out of Pining and UST: See, I Told You It Could Be Done.

Then I could read (A) and avoid (B). My fannish experience would be vastly improved.

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I am totally in an emo have-I-read-everything-good-already? mood. So I'm going to blather at y'all for a while before I sulk off to re-read...something. I want to read Secrets, and HP & the Nightmare of Futures Past, and I Am What I Am, and Defender of the Night, and the Resurrection-verse, but I can already reel off whole sections of those from memory, so. I want something epic and ass-kicking and romantic and if there was non-permanent death, that would be ace, really.

So I am - obviously - not a hardcore shipper or anything (with two exceptions), but sometimes I think that just makes it harder when I dislike a pairing. Because I can look at it and be like, "I'd like to read it, I love that author and that is exactly the kind of ridiculous h/c premise I so love, but I cannot. My brain is willing, but the inner fangirl is in active revolt at the idea."

Sometimes I find a pairing genuinely creepy on its own merits (*cough*Harry/Ginny*cough*), but mostly I seem to hit a problem with the way I approach fandom, which is more difficult, because that is unlikely to change. I have to have someone to root for, apparently, because if it is a fandom for me? I have a favorite. I am there for the favorite, and the favorite only. I am usually ambivalent at best about pairings not involving the favorite, because I want the favorite to have all the boys and girls, basically. It's not a hard and fast rule - I am interested in basically all of the (main) BtVS characters, and I have a hierarchy of favorites in bandom (one for each band, but Brendon Urie trumps everybody) - but it's how I roll 90% of the time.

Like, Gerard is my favorite; my most-read Gerard pairing is with Frank. Therefore, in my head, Frank is with Gerard or Jamia or nobody; I have negative interest in anything else. Gerard can be with anybody, but my inner fangirl has put a little sign on Frank that says "reserved for Gerard and/or Jamia, since I am not quite crazy enough to ignore the awesome RL lady of his choice". The same thing with Pete: Patrick or Ashlee or nobody. Which means I don't get to read much Mikey fic, which is sad and actually what started this; I only got to read half of Discipline and Punish and that is an awesome series and looks really interesting and the Bob/Gerard was great and I totally ship it and I still cannot manage the Mikey/Frank half. Is very sad.

I am a little bitter about the Panic split because I'll read Brendon/Spencer, but what I really shipped (fictionally! I am not a tinhat!) was GSF and somehow, I don't think there'll be much more of that.

Early Hannah Howell novels feel a lot like fanfiction in places. Or internet original fiction, I suppose. There's just a vibe there, like she might secretly have written massive h/c epics under another name. Plus, her awesome hand-waving of things like women wearing underwear and men who think rape is wrong and people not trying to set psychics on fire; it's very "I know and acknowledge this isn't factually correct, but it's how I want to play it, just go with me". Although you know who should be a fangirl but almost certainly isn't? Bertrice Small. She totally loves worldbuilding and using actual historical figures (Jasmine totes has a love affair - with baby! - with actual-doomed Prince Hal) and h/c and slavefic (every other story ends up in a harem in Algiers) and she could really benefit from a good beta.

I totally want slash for RocknRolla; there is an actualfax gay hoodlum in actualfax love with his best friend/gangleader. There, I don't want to spoil it, it was too hilarious. Suffice to say, if it doesn't show up at Yuletide, I will be very sad.

Seriously. Nothing to read. Send recs.
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I hatehateHATE my job. )
In better news, my cat remains freaking adorable and clingy and so spoiled. Most of my time at home now is spent with a cat napping on my boobs. Earlier I was taking a bath and reading an old Hannah Howell when he decided to join me in the tub, although this time he actually dangled his tail and feet in the water, instead of curling up in the middle of my torso like usual and clawing the crap out of me when water dared to be wet.

I am actually thinking about driving to Duncan tomorrow for the "World's Biggest Garage Sale" - probably a misnomer, but I am in a garage sale mood after last Sunday, when I got a silver rune necklace at one for 10 cents, chain and all, plus a bunch of old Avon bottles, including one that looks like a mermaid (it is awesome, I totally want to fill it with glittery bath salts and just keep it on a shelf).

Fandom is still my happy place, though, so: [ profile] bandom_hc has hit a tipping point for me; I have now submitted too many prompts (38 - yes, I totally did have to make a list just to keep track of which ones I'd posted so far) to be embarrassed by the over-enthusiasm. All I can do now is shrug and blame the mod for making a challenge so very suited to all those stories I've been wanting people to write me for the last year and change. I have suggested threesomes 6 times so far (Brendon/Katy/Travis! Brendon/Pete/Ashlee! I never knew I wanted those!), and GSF thrice, plus the one with the space harem. Totally my favorites, though? The slightly retooled Brendon Urie: One Man Band and the one where a bunch of bandgirls get drunk and form the supergroup Haters to the Left, which they use to mock misogynist assholes.

And did y'all know there is a big bang for Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, aka Iron Man/Captain America, aka the OTP I accidentally caught from [ profile] elspethdixon's Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption 'verse? Because I did, but I did not know it had gone live.
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So I posted an RPF list, What Fourth Wall?, on the 6th and then I heard about the Panic break-up two hours later and totally spaced it. But it's bandom (some Big Bang, some not), American Idol, Gossip Girl, Star Trek XI, and SPN, plus Lil Wayne and Amanda Palmer (who maybe counts as bandom, even though she's not in a bandom band? I don't even know anymore).

ALSO. There's this thing? This awesome, awesome thing? Where they're taking bandom hurt/comfort prompts?

I maybe got a little enthusiastic (ETA: 41 =/= maybe). )
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Guys, guys, I am smiling so big my face hurts. Prompting is open at [ profile] bandom_hc and it is AWESOME. For one thing, one out of every ten prompts seems to involve somebody in a cage, which, a) hilarious, and b) would totally read. But more prompts is always better, so if you have any crazy h/c ideas, go throw 'em into the ring. I'm totally going to be combing through my write it for me? tag.
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And Kari Sperring's Living with Ghosts had me at line one of the blurb: "Gracielis, the failed assassin priest turned courtesan and spy..." There is Tragic Gay Love, but with heavily hinted sequel possibility! I don't know, I'll tell you more once I've, y'know, read it, instead of just sneaking the ending. And then I bought some romance novels, because some happy endings would be ace right now, and a couple YA books, including one, Graceling, that - brace yourselves - appears to feature a platonic friendship between male and female heterosexual teenagers.

Fred the Killer is a tiny, adorable moron. I came home Saturday to find him stuck to a glue trap in the laundry room. Like, completely. He apparently pounced on the thing? I don't know how else he was attached to the middle by all four legs and the tail.

In fandom news, I read Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell this morning and I blame ALL OF YOU. Entirely. I have never seen a single episode of Idol! Goddammit. Stop getting your Jonas brothers and your Idol contestants in my bandom; I don't need more fandoms, yet I cannot say no when you tell me about international roadtripping and best frenemies and my new favorite boys' name of all-time, Bonus Jonas.

In conclusion, send Simon/Ryan recs, please. Or stage an intervention. Whichever.

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It would, in fact, be the second time someone used that theme. But no, this is a just a new-and-we'll-call-it-improved version of my TBP post.

04/15 - I will be ETAing this pretty much continually tonight, so, heads up.

04/15 (2) - What the hell, I haven't even finished my current junk file, let alone started on my actual recs folder.

04/16 - But wait! There's more!...Some of it from nearly three years ago. I fail so hard.

04/21 - Added: small fandoms, Sentinel, Trek, Torchwood, Heroes.

04/21 (2) - Oh fandom, how have I come to this? Reccing post-snuff Jack/Ianto - only in fucking Torchwood, I swear to god. Oh, you could do it in HL, but I bet no one ever did. Well, unless Kronos was involved, because that was some fucked-up shit. Anyway! Current mood: HORRIFIED.

05/30 - This shit is RIDICULOUS. I am never going to manage to get rid of this post. Stupid rules about themes. Which I'm apparently going to hold myself to even though no one would care.

07/13 - I ship Xander/Buffy so hard, you guys, but the fic is just...not awesome. Well, excepting [ profile] m_mcgregor and [ profile] lwbush. Actually, the only real ships I have for Xander are Xander/Buffy, Xander/Faith, and Xander/Buffy/Faith. Hi there, not-so-secret Xander/slayers kink! Confession: TOS is practically my least favorite of the Treks (is Enterprise anyone's favorite?). DS9 was my first Trek, back when I was wee and watching with my dad, plus, BASHIR, I love him, so slashy and fucked-up and socially retarded. And TNG has my favorite captain. Reboot is the new beloved, obvs (KIIIIIRK).

But I have been having ennui, guys. It's like last week was the week canon punched fandom in the face, what with Panic and That Other Thing, You Know the One, and it's just hard to be super-enthusiastic in the wake of that. I just want to curl in and read comforty epics; well, that and prompt people to wite the bandom h/c fics of my HEART. I am trying to think of a way to finagle Brendon Urie/Travis McCoy/Katy Perry (I already asked for Brendon/Ashlee/Pete with Bronx adorableness). So I thought, hey! I'm unlikely to add tons to the rec folder in the next few days, perfect time to update this bitch. Also, also, three things people do that I motherfucking hate: not cleaning up the html in their links so I go straight to "leave a comment" or "format=light" or whatever, misuse/ignorance of page titles/subject lines, motherfucking hard-coded fonts jesus fucking christ, because 12-pt Comedic Sans MS for 15 pages is torture.

The Evolving List of Stories I Mean to Rec, Someday )

Share Time!

Apr. 6th, 2009 07:21 pm
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Normally this would be an SIC post, but that would involve googling French and I don't want to.

Bandom, Harry Potter, bandom, television, fandom, bandom, books, Queer As Folk, Harry Potter, bandom, Harry Potter... )

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Okay, so it's a few more than 50. And there are would have been a couple more if they hadn't been removed from the Internet. But these are the best/my favorite of the bunch.

(Also, I would love this song just for the lines Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef/I'm a vegetarian and I'm not fucking scared of him.)

Okay, it's a little long. Herein lie crossovers, BtVS/Angel, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Smallville, Due South, popslash, Torchwood, Lord of the Rings, RPF, and Care Bears. )

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Oh my god, I love this story so much. I just finished Comes Out of Darkness Morn and I am sitting here like BRING ON THE REVOLUTION. Like seriously, fuck you, Dumbledore. YOUR STATUS QUO SUCKS OR HE WOULDN'T BE TRYING TO CHANGE IT.

Also, how so OTP, Harry and Draco? I had totally forgotten about it, but Draco's little scene after the Owlery, where he's pouting and deciding how best to get back at Harry and then Harry comes in and he's so happy and apologizes and Draco just breaks out "I would forgive you for anything right now"? I was flailing. God, it's so much more romantic to me when characters hurt each other and fail and work at it than when they just fall into some meant-to-be always-and-forever.

Also, MINERVA MCGONAGALL, you guys. I love her SO HARD. Honestly, she could not be more awesome without giving me, like, actual heart failure.

Also, ALSO, I will be reading and randomly musing on the SA as a Bert/Gerard epic and giggling to myself, because Pete as the wild Dark and Greta as Hermione and especially Frank as Dionysus will never not be hilarious. Dude, I think Bob might be Adalrico. Brendon = Ignifer, Jon = Honoria, Tyson = Tybalt, Nick Wheeler = John, Gabe = Evan, so I now cannot decide if Maja or Victoria is Henrietta. Whichever, the other one is totally the Red Death. AMANDA PALMER IS TOTALLY THE SCARY PUELLARIS WITCH. ETA: You know, the one that tried to eat Lily's FACE. Best. Trial. Ever.

And on that note, I am off to read Freedom And Not Peace.
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Ha, so I fail at planning, but it all worked out. In the last couple days, I have posted four minilists - SGA gen (Nobody Wants the Space Clap), crossovers (In a Strange Land: More Treks Through the Multiverse), Merlin fic (We Can Be Invincible), and Ianto-centric fic (Layered Like a Good Suit) - and four full lists - random bandom (Detox, Just to Retox), bandom set to prompts (Songs About Hips & Hearts), small fandoms (Rarer Than), and small fandoms (Turn From the Familiar).

Lots of NCIS and Leverage on the small fandom lists. Um. I can't brain right now, but there's lots of awesome up in them thar lists, trust me.


Mar. 9th, 2009 10:51 pm
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pairings i love but don't read enough of:
bob/brendon/greta (idk! in my head it's amazing!)
bert/gerard (nursing home reconciliation with geriatric sex!)
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But I have totally fallen in love with bandom all over again. Once again, I blame Brendon Urie.

I am so sad that I don't like Jon/Spencer, guys. It seems like there are so many awesome fics! It is not meant to be, however. I pretty much just want Brendon to have all the boys, forever, so I just end up being grumpy when I get to the end and there's no orgy.

I am totally in a GSF mood, is what I'm saying, and yet I have no backstock for that anymore. Instead I will apparently be reading lots of kinky Brendon/Spencer. Seriously, so dirty, anonymous sex and D/s and voyeurism and facials, I love it.

ETA: Seriously, bandom, how so amazing? And so OMG dirty. Things I have read in the last two hours: Spencer kidnaps Brendon for-to-be Ryan's sexslave, Panic GSF + ageplay, Panic GSF + double penetration, and Panic GSF + Amanda Palmer + strap-on (...OT6!).


Jan. 28th, 2009 12:12 pm
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Turn Off the Shyness, 50 stories featuring Patrick Stump, completed and posted at long last.

Next up, looks like BtVS crossovers (31 and counting).

Two More

Jan. 16th, 2009 07:14 am
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Minilist: Saving People. Hunting Things., SPN fic, heavy on the Dean/Castiel, and Minilist: Boys in Bands Don't Have All the Fun, nonbandom rpf.


Jan. 8th, 2009 08:39 pm
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First, bonus rec: Rodney Loves Pegasus (the good parts version), SGA, Rodney/Teyla, pegging. It's hot and hilarious and awesome. I heart pegging so much, you guys. As you will see.

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about bandom stories I wish I could read.

  • Brendon is a voice actor for Disney.

  • BTW, everyone should write more pegfic, come on, I want Patrick getting pegged! Or Gerard in a skirt, blowing Frank while Lyn-Z pegs him - it would be a hat trick of MCR things I love!

  • Sometimes all Pete wants is a really dirty selfish blowjob but he can't fuck up Patrick's voice or Patrick'll give him a dead leg.

  • OMG, you guys, the story where Lyn-Z takes Gerard-in-drag out clubbing. I want it so bad.

  • Gerard worries that Umbrella Academy's numbers are more about Gerard Motherfucking Way and less about the comic itself so he publishes an indie comic under another name, being supersecretive about it until Mikey brings one onto the bus and reads it in front of him really pointedly and yeah, he is totally busted.

  • Bob Bryar takes no shit from zombies.

  • Brendon vs. William, cutthroat Go Fish, stakes: one Jonathan Jacob Walker.

  • Brendon fights with his band and runs Gabe's basement.

  • AAR gets someone to try calf fries.

  • Brendon is surrounded by couples. Who keep asking him for threesomes. And he keeps saying yes, because hey, threesomes! But no one wants to keep him. And then someone does, because I like happy endings.

    It would be awesome, because come on, Jon/Cassie/Brendon, Shane/Regan/Brendon, Spencer/Haley/Brendon, Ryan/Keltie/Brendon, Pete/Ashlee/Brendon, all are smoking hot combinations.

  • I...kind of want to read the story where a fan sends Gabe a snake and his band then finds out that in real life, he is incredibly creeped out by their little unblinking soulless eyes. And the snake gets loose somewhere on the bus. Gabe refuses to be left alone until a successful capture.

    Obviously should end in GSF, because that's pretty much how I want all CS stories to end.

  • A Panic GSF version of Beauty & the Beast, where Brendon is Beauty, Spencer is the Beast, Ryan is Cogsworth, and Jon is Lumiere.

  • Brendon the hairstylist falls in love with the lead actor of the TV series he works on.

  • Novelist Ryan finds his muse in stripper Brendon. Harlequinesque and cheesy and hilarious!

  • Single father Patrick has no time for romance, but business tycoon Pete isn't used to taking no for an answer.

  • Music major Patrick falls for campus activist Andy and woos him with protest songs.

  • Gerard stars in a cabaret. Frank falls in love with her on stage and again with him sitting at the bar.

  • The dance company AU, Pete's the director, Patrick's the choreographer, Ryan, William, and Brendon are principals, Gabe's always challenging people to dance-offs, and Jon's the new guy.

  • More gangbangs always. But I also want morning-after-gangbang where Brendon (...random example) is all sore and his band spoils him because it's their fault but he can't take advantage because what if they feel too guilty and won't do it again?

  • Five drinking games that aren't I Never.

  • Spencer Smith: art thief.
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Just posted Treasure Map, 50 stories from this year's Yuletide challenge. Also posted Same Song, Different Chord, 20 bandom crossovers, a few days ago and just spaced on linking it.
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The Most Ridiculous Thing Pete Wentz Ever Bought, for your reading pleasure. And thanks for encouraging my recent habit of titling for maximum amusement, btw.
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[Poll #1317936]
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Looking at my open windows this morning, you would have seen six and a half fandoms (for me, "terrible Xander xovers" should totally count as a separate fandom; they are a surprisingly large part of my reading), but I've mostly narrowed back to bandom because when I have a favorite fandom? Everything I read somehow leads me back to it. It's actually a little irritating.

I was going to spend the day wallowing in epic Buffy fic, because yesterday was. Not awesome. I had a flat tire at work and my AM paid a guy to fix it (she is still totally my favorite; I didn't even ask her, she just didn't want me trying to change it by myself), but I'm going to have to buy a new tire. And I was CSR for the day, so I was in charge, but one of my cashiers!

She irritates me on a normal day, but I'm always polite to her, because that's what you do in the workplace and then yesterday, I make a reasonable request (that she wait to buy her snack until I didn't have a line of actual customers) and she flounces off, complains to the other cashier, and sulks. And acts like a pouty five year-old when I go to talk to her. And makes a comment about how I'm "always" short with her. Oh, I'm so sorry we haven't exchanged friendship bracelets, but you're a moron and I don't like you, so polite is as good as it gets, sweetheart. Argh.

Anyway. I start reading fic I know is awesome and then I get sucked into trying a bandom fic it reminded me of, and I don't have the kind of backstock in bandom that I do in something like Buffy. I want to read something I know is good and comforting, but is also not something I've read in the last three months.

Basically, I need bandom comfort fics.
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Apparently cold makes our wireless angry? I don't fucking know, but I haven't had consistent, reliable access since Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed that that's over.

The state of me, in reverse chronological order: Got a $50 store gift card as a Christmas bonus, which was awesome, as Richard's gift was on sale for $30. Won the $150 safety bonus, even if I haven't actually received it yet. Got a new (additional) assistant manager and I really like him!

Basically, life is pretty awesome, except for a slightly worrying leak in my car and a really worrying Thing with my computer (it's begun to randomly shut itself down; I'm thinking the tax refund is maybe going for a new computer instead of dental).

Bandom is crashing over me in waves; I've got two stories I'm kind of anticipating too much to read (they could be so good or let me down so hard). I'm also going to do a bandom xovers list, so if you have recs, gimmegimmegimme. I've only got 18 so far, but one of the them is one of my favorite crossovers of ALL TIME, seriously, bandom/Star Trek: DS9, my favoritest of all Treks.

I'm kind of having a Sports Night renaissance and also, for some reason, Supernatural. Apparently, Dean/Castiel calls to me. IDK.

Oh! You should all totally watch Leverage; it is fanTAStic. Christian Kane! Totally slashable badass! Plus an awesome computer geek, an "honest man" who somehow ended up running a gang of thieves and grifters, the terrible actress who can run the smoothest con you've ever seen, and the pretty girl thief who isn't anybody's real love interest because she is totally crazy and kind of a sociopath. Parker is totally my third favorite, guys, right behind Eliot (Kane) and Hardison (his antagonist/boyfriend). There's an awesome degree of competence and they're total Robin Hoods. With teeth.

Pretty much all I'm watching right now: Life, Leverage, The Mentalist, NCIS, House, Thw Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Criminal Minds. Oh, and Top Chef.

I did manage (you don't want to know how) to post some lists:

Anything He Can Do (I Can Do Better) - Femslash. Girls are awesome? I don't know, I was not expecting this to be a full list, I was just thinking a 20, maybe a 30. Then I remembered Gossip Girl and Women's Murder Club and oh yeah, C'est La Guerre is one of my favorite femslash stories of all time because, dude, she totally jukes you, it is genius, and heeey now, good Bianca/Maggie? I have been waiting for that since I realized people wrote AMC fanfiction. As you can see, things kind of. Spiraled. And yes, the tie breaker was that this title made me giggle.

Change Your Body (Transform Your Mind) Extended Mindfuck Edition - Physical transformations (I limited to four types: bodyswap, genderswap, species change, and wings). Bandom and genderswap heavy. adventures of sometimes girl is possibly the best I've ever read at acknowledging how weird and scary it is, just waking up in a body you didn't go to sleep wearing.

The Songs & the Words - Bandom stories set to prompts. Oh, you knew it was coming. For the first (and probably last) time, A Modern Love Poem has a story about a love poem! It was a very special moment. Possibly the easiest way to describe it is to quote the warnings: Warning: these stories contain ge, het, slash, threesome, foursome, fivesome, sex pollen, space AUs, crossovers (RPF and popslash may both contain real people but they are just. Not the same fandom at all.), wings, kids, superpowers, zombies, demons and angels and fairies and gods, kink, pregnant seahorse rock stars, apocalypses, sexual crises, sexbots, and the choose-your-own-deflowerer debauching of Brendon Urie. Good times, guys.

I Like It Rare - Small fandoms. Shut up, I know I just did that, but the backlog is killing me, y'all, you don't even know. I am thisclose to deciding no, really, "shit I pulled off my hard drive" is a theme. Anyway. Big (three or more) in this one? NCIS, Eureka, Merlin, Hikaru no Go, The Fast and the Furious, Prison Break.