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...I wish there was an easier way to find big bangs than fighting LJ's search function every few weeks. Seriously, people, tag your communities. I end up finding half of them through sheer happenstance (aka, my flist). Brought to you by: [ profile] glambertsbb's first wank! Oh, fandom.

But! For V-Day, have an awesome song about a girl kicking ass:

You mess
With a little girl's dream
'Cause she's liable to grow up

Surprise you to find that I'm laughin'
You thought that you'd find me in tears
You thought I'd be crawlin' the walls
Like a tiny mosquito and trembling in fear

Well, you may be king for the moment
But I am a queen, understand
And I got your pawns and your bishops and castles
All inside the palm of my hand

Man, I forget how much I love Haunted. Although that album is kind of fucked up. The songs are intercut by recordings of her late father's voice - several of them recordings made for, and directed to, her brother - so really, listen to the album as a whole. (To make it even hinkier, Hey Pretty (The Drive-By Remix) includes her brother (Mark Z. Danielewski) reading an excerpt from his book, House of Leaves. An excerpt about sex. IDK what is up with that family.)