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If I Ruled the Internet...

Or at least fandom's corner of it, all big bangs would link to a fandom primer of some kind. There is a big bang and I can't tell what the fandom is! Well, it's "NEWS" fandom, but I don't know what that actually means; it looks like it could be a band or a show or rpf of same. Most inconsiderate.
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I can't confirmed without a link, but I believe NEWS is a Japanese band and would fall under the J-Pop/K-Pop/C-Pop fandom -- or JE fandom -- umbrella. If it's RPF, I think it would've said Fake News? I'm unaware that there's a show or a fandom revolving around a show called NEWS.
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Is it fake news fandom, as in Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and other pundits like Rachel Maddow? Or is it Newsies, like the musical with a young Christian Bale?