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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-08-05 05:57 pm
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That Time Again

I'm buckling down to update [community profile] bigbangindex's masterlist of big bang challenges and I am a-scared. The last update brought the grand total to 117 and I've got ten more bookmarked, plus whatever I'm going to find trawling the tags on DW and LJ and the AO3 (and possibly IJ? I am not really familiar with the platform, but large chunks of HP fandom decamped there, so it's probably worth looking into).

Man, this would be so much easier if 3/4 of my results weren't comms for the band Big Bang.

But! If you know of any applicable challenges that aren't on this list or in its comments (and also aren't fantasybigbang, deancasbigbang, inception_bang, whizzbangpop, merlinbb_rpf, gleefsbigbang, khrminibigbang, lotsbigbang, oc_bigbang, sgareversebang, bigbangnitro, warbigbang, or tvd_bigbang), PLEASE DROP A LINE. I am also going to be doing a big post of this is abandoned/in signups/posting/etc.
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"this list" isn't a real link?