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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-09-16 09:15 pm

Things I Would Like to See More of In Inception Fandom:

1) Ariadne pegging the hell out of Eames.

2) Pegging, period.

3) Dream-based genderplay. Do you know how sad it made me to see that inception_kink's genderplay tag was overwhelmingly for always-a-girl!Arthur? Not to be down on always-a-girl or anything, but y'all, REALLY. IF I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST-DRIVE A FLESH-AND-BLOOD, ACTUALLY ATTACHED DICK, I WOULD BE ALL OVER IT.

Like, I want loads of Eames legitmately enjoying himself as a lady - not even as called for by a job! the mark just needs to meet a stranger and be distracted and Eames decides he's going to rock it as a girl because he feels like heels that day - or sometimes he has private time with the PASIV and enjoys himself as '30s starlet or an 19th century ingenue (loves the corset, hates the petticoats, and the one time he tried a hoop skirt he broke his ankle and shot himself in mortification). Or the time he decided to try dreaming himself as an entirely gender-neutral person. Oh, and also loads of Ariadne test-driving a cock, with and without partners, and eventually decides it's nice sometimes, but screw accuracy, losing the breasts just makes her feel off-balance - and a million bonus points if someone hooks into her dream and she's all their futanari fantasies come true.

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