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So, now I'm super into a trope that doesn't seem to even exist on the AO3. It's called Sudden Game Interface and I am jonesing so hard for more of it, in all the fandoms. For example, I would read the FUCK out of Allison Argent wakes up early/mid-season one and discovers the supernatural via accidentally entering combat with Scott (they belong to opposing factions!) instead of making out with him as intended. Alternately, Stiles munchkining everything would also be amazingly good for me.

Anyway, most of the fics I've read have been Naruto or Harry Potter, so y'all are getting recs today. All WiPs, and all gen thus far.

Naruto: Ramen Days by Rathanel - "After dying at the end of the Sand-Sound Invasion, Naruto finds that his life is governed by a strange set of rules that he is still trying to figure out. VideoGame!Naruto"

The fic that got me into this! There's a recruitment mechanic that's pretty amazing (accidental Hyuuga conscription!) and I have to give Rathanel a lot credit for making the discovery of a savepoint heart-rending instead of a way to cheat over certain stations of the canon.

Naruto: The Gamer Files by Maxfic - "Naruto has always had video games to fall back on growing up while the rest of the village pretty much treated him like garbage. What happens when Naruto wakes up to find his life has become one of the video games he loves so much. Naruto/The Gamer crossover."

There are so many stats in this fic, guys, but I love it so much anyway. I get excited every time I see the "A special skill has been created through a special act" thing - Maxfic mixes canon and original skills in a way that feels very organic and realistic.

The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited by michaelsuave - "Harry Potter catches Voldemort's AK to the noggin only to find out that his life is a video game and he forgot to save. So what does he do? Does he return on Hard mode and work for the challenge? Heck No! Harry uses every exploit, grind, or underhanded tactic he can get his hands on. His life may be a video game, but nobody plays Harry Potter; Harry's going to exploit the system."

This is very much a comedy fic and I heart it. There's a cat battle arena featuring the terrifying Mr. Tibbles! I am looking forward to Hogwarts so fucking much, you guys.
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"Pack feels" and "Stiles is pack mom" are both legit tags with 68 and 26 works, respectively. Everything is beautiful.

I am deep in the heart-eyes portion of fandom infatuation now, guys. There was this fic where Stiles was suddenly a housewife caricature of epic proportion and I FINISHED THAT SHIT. BECAUSE I JUST WANT THE PACK HAVING FEELS FOR STILES ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE.

Also, I almost feel shame about this one? But I TOTALLY want some Peter/Stiles post-s2 fic, where crazy feral!Peter totally wanted to bite Stiles and so does apparently sane undead!Peter, he's just way more subtle and convincing. Like, it could totally go a horror romcom direction where everyone else is aghast and Stiles is all "but you guys, he has some good points and it's not he's the only one who's gone a little psycho after a trauma, Allison, and he keeps bringing me presents!". Or it could go the "all Hales are creepers" unrequited/stalking fic. I DO NOT CARE, I AM PRETTY SURE EITHER WOULD BE AMAZING.

Also the Sentinel AU (maybe a Sentinels are known AU?) where Stiles turns out to be a Guide and says thanks but no thanks, kinda got my hands full with all these adolescent werewolves, seriously, awesome plan, Derek.
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I am so full of fandom feels, you guys. Like, I need scads of OTT epics with h/c and angst and misunderstandings immediately but they are nowhere to be found feels. THE SAD, DESPERATE, PSYCHOTICALLY HOPEFUL FEELS.

Like, you know that slow-motion NOOOOOOOOOOOO when something falls that you desperately wish you could stop but know you have no chance of catching. My voice of reason is doing THAT "no" in the back of my head because I keep accidentally pimping myself into fandoms where I have ALREADY EXHAUSTED MY POSSIBILITIES. Like Winter's Bone and The Sentinel and FUCKING VIEWFINDER, ARE YOU KIDDING. I EVEN TRIED FF.NET AND THERE ARE ONLY FIVE FICS OVER 10,000 WORDS AND *THREE OF THEM ARE IN FRENCH* AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE FIC IIIIIIIS FOR THIS FANDOM, I ONLY KNOW IT IS NOT ANYPLACE I AM FAMILIAR WITH. ALSO I AM PRETTY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH ASAMI'S EVERYTHING WHILE AT THE SAME TIME I WOULD LIKE ANOTHER 100,000 WORDS OF IT, PLEASE.

What's worst? I know as soon as I stop clawing pathetically at my monitor for giant id-ficcy rescue-from-Hong-Kong fic (for real, I would read the shit out of some healing cock fic set after that arc, EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING IS RIDICULOUS ANYWAY) and Sentinels-are-known AUs full of LOGISTICS and DESTINY (...I want Keira Marcos to write more of eveything all the time, basically) and soppy domestic amazingness where Ree marries Gail and possibly joins the army...

I'm going to fall straight back into wanting fic I cannot even begin to coherently look for: Naruto & Shikamaru = platonic bros of getting shit done.

I may imprinted on Motivation like a baby duck. And then found Ramen Days by accident and holy fuck, I need more of it for always. It is like the BEST buddy cop mashup of all TIME. The loud apparent idiot who will train 'til he passes out! The world's laziest supergenius! THEY SHOULD TRY TO MENTOR THE KONOHAMARU CORPS TOGETHER IN MEMORY OF HIRUZEN/ASUMA RESPECTIVELY. OR KILL AKATSUKI OR TAKE OVER THE WORLD OR FORM A TRAVELLING CIRCUS, I DO NOT CARE, MORE PLEASE.
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MARCONE IS HARRY'S KISMESIS. Although I'm not sure if Murphy or Michael would be his moirail, and whether it's Elaine or Susan, he is defs estranged from his matesprit. OH MY GOD, BEING HARRY DRESDEN'S AUSPISTICE HAS GOT TO BE THE FUCKING WORST, ARE YOU KIDDING. Oh shit, you guys, is Lea secretly just the worst fucking auspistice in the world (Harry\Lea/Mab)? And after that went down in flames, he filled his ashen quadrant with Thomas (re: Lara) AND NOW IT HAS GONE WRONG AGAIN. HE IS DOOMED TO FILL ONLY TWO QUADRANTS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME.
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So I have a long-standing thing with dreams, okay, where my dream will be a (relatively speaking) coherent narrative but I will swap sex/gender/identity (sometimes I'm a girl, sometimes I'm a boy, sometimes I'm a girl with a dick, whatever). And in RL, I'm cis-female.

Thus, my problem with Inception fandom - the reason I have read, but not really embraced - is that the dreams are cons but VERY RARELY are they also treated like dreams, excepting cases involving a) death and torture, b) existentialism, or c) BOTH.

It might be skeevy to say, but if I could manipulate the laws and appearance of my physical world? There are three things I would do. THE FIRST THING...okay, the first thing would be tentacle sex, shut up, it is the combination of several major kinks for me. THE SECOND THING I WOULD DO WAS TEST-DRIVE A DICK.

And here's where I get lazy and just c&p my kind of rambly note-to-self from a couple weeks ago. )

Like, this fandom's great and all, but it's kind of focused on CRIMINALS IN LOVE when I would like it to be CRIMINALS IN LOVE WITH SHAPESHIFTING AND GENDERPLAY/GENDERQUEERNESS. I want A MILLION WORDS about the art of forgery - training; who can do it, who can't, and why; that time with the two layers and the gaslighting plot; the kind of horrible story where Eames has to stay the best because more jobs means more time on the PASIV and only in dreams can he present his most accurate self at any given moment, but too much dreaming alone and without a goal and he's end up just another breathing corpse in Yusuf's basement; the one where they try to teach Ariadne to forge and she's terrible at it, but Saito's a natural, because he's one of the most controlled and self-aware people you'll ever meet (Ariadne been socially conditioned not to think too hard about her own body and her forgeries' proportions shift every time she stops concentrating enough to do anything).

ALSO, there's a throwaway line in a fic about the PASIV not being invented for military use like in every fucking other fic out there, but instead it was invented for DREAMFUCKING and I think that is GENIUS. Because see, there are those fics where it starts military, goes criminal, and ends in horrible forced prostituition, but it would be totally ace if it started as pron/prostitution, went military, then criminal, then recreational again. BASICALLY I WANT EAMES TO HAVE GOTTEN HIS START IN DREAM-PORN AND THEN HAVE DECIDED TO ROCK A LIFE OF CRIME. WITH OPTIONAL MIDPOINT OF HILARIOUSLY CONSULTING FOR THE MILITARY FROM HIS VAST EXPERIENCE OF DUPING AND SEDUCING OLD RICH DUDES.


Oct. 19th, 2010 09:17 pm
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I am actually going to attempt it this year, which means I get to nom things!

Current (hopefully final - I can't take more brackets) nominations are:

The Inside (tv): Rebecca Locke! I just love her a lot, you guys. She is badass and competent and totally, totally crazy. Also, y'know, Rachel Nichols; I heart her (P2 just lost out to Kick Ass in the brackets).

Kick Ass (movie): Hit Girl is amazing (she totally thinks Batman is a pussy) and I'm pretty sure Mindy Macready/Sam Puckett is the best crossover OTP I have ever had.


P C Hodgell - Chronicles of the Kencyrath: Jame/Bane was my kinky OTP before I knew what kink or OTPs were. Violence! Bloodplay! Incest! IT COULD BE RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS. Also, there's amnesia and apocalypses and philosophy and thieves and assassins and fealty and magic and it's all about a totally badass lady who's more comfortable fucking you up than talking about "feelings" (she fucks around with the existence of a god just to see if she can! I LOVE HER).

Painkiller Jane: The show is kind of terrible, but it has the bones of an awesome universe and then there is JANE. Jane is like Claire Petrelli, Max Guevara, and Sara Pezzini had a baby and she is AWESOME.

Wen Spencer - Ukiah Oregon series: Ukiah! But also Atticus! Atticus/Ru! Canonical OTP! And you know what's also canon? ALIEN SEX DRUGS MADE THEM DO IT. ROUGHLY. Oh yeah, and also, THEY FIGHT CRIME.

Man, I need to check for clean electronic copies of these books. EXPECT THEM TO APPEAR ON THE BOOK FILTER SHORTLY. They may not be pretty versions, but THEY WILL BE THERE.
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I have been making a lot of tiny private posts lately, because there's stuff I want to say, but I only think of it when I'm too tired/busy reading fic/whatever to even bother capitalising shit. So! Have some thoughts:

  • I want a million stories about the logistics of superheroing (where "logistics" is anything from "all those nifty gadgets + secret identities = patents???" to "cop's-eye-view of the goddamn Batman, aka, every defense attorney's wet dream come true").


  • The combination of this icon and this pairing has now made me really want some Lily/girl!Remus. IT WOULD BE LOVELY. Instead of the Marauders, Remus has Lily to suss out his secret and be fiercely protective and there's never any trick sixth year and what with being in love with a girl, Lily never picks a douchebag bully over Snape (you know his pride would totally take it as less a rejection than as a "if I liked dudes, MAYBE!")and BASICALLY EVERYONE LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER IF REMUS HAS NO PENIS.

  • Sometimes you just have to look at your own squicks and laugh because dude, slashing within the Batfamily skeeves me more than actualfax incest, what is that.

  • For some reason I am convinced that while Sherlock and Patrick Jane would hate each other, Sherlock and Shawn Spencer would find each other FASCINATING.

  • Weird little tic of mine: I need girl!Dean to be named Deanna, not Dena or Diana, because Deanna is the feminine of Dean. As in, my RL Aunt Deanna is named for my Grandpa Dean. There are just certain things that are basic knowledge to you and you can't stand when someone gets it wrong (for values of "wrong") and this is one of those things for me. Also, common-law marriage and the security features of US currency. Both of which were gotten WRONG WRONG WRONG on TV shows recently. Dear Psych: There are only twelve states where common-law marriage is still legal. CALIFORNIA IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

  • I want a story about Sarah and Kyle, but mostly Sarah, called "always a widow, never a bride" because she was a kid, a kid who fell in love with a handsome soldier and then he died before she ever had a chance to grow out of that first flush of crazy-epic-in-love and grow into loving him; she went straight from the honeymoon to funeral, basically. Kyle died and all her possibilites went with him; she was never going to have more than the child he left her, the child who would become the savior of all mankind and how do you deal with that at eighteen? Alone and pregnant and knowing that this kid is all you'll ever have and this, having him and raising him and letting him go (because it's John Connor saves the world, not John Connor succeeds Sarah Connor in saving the world, and you'd never leave him alone with that if you had a choice, but don't think too hard about how it happens because you've miles to go yet, and no luxury to pace yourself to a finish line - this has to be a sprint that lasts for decades if he's going to make it), this is all that you'll be remembered for. There is nothing you do, nothing you are, that is important to the world except for this separate person kicking in your belly, just egg becomes embryo becomes child becomes humanity's last hope, and you just a vessel, like Mary, your whole life's work waiting in you since birth and completed at nineteen when they hand you that squalling red thing you're going to die for, some day.

  • Oh my GOD, how much do I want Inception fic involving a trans character whose appearance in the dreamspace just organically represents their gender identity instead of their physical reality? Not a forgery, just an actual representation of self. Or, oh, oh! A fic about how Eames is the best at what he does partially because he's genderqueer - most people can forge themselves into different appearances, but sexswap/genderswap (I would totally use sexswap, but who says a forgery is only skindeep? Maybe it is closer to genderswap.) reads as a much bigger "change" to the dreamworld and often ends in death-by-projection, while Eames feels that whatever body he's wearing is as true as the one he was born wearing.

  • XANDER HARRIS/SLAYERS = OTP FOREVEEEEEER, OH MY GOD. Like, it feels a little weird that my one true doesn't even involve specific people, but it's just, my Xander's a mostly-straight dude who met a cute girl when he was a teenager and ended up devoting himself to a whole group of hot female superheroes, as friend and lover and protector and support staff and Watcher, and now they're part of his identity, his girls, whether he's in love with Buffy or marrying Faith or just roaming around the country with one (or more!) of the baby Slayers, fighting evil and cracking bad jokes.
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1) Ariadne pegging the hell out of Eames.

2) Pegging, period.

3) Dream-based genderplay. Do you know how sad it made me to see that inception_kink's genderplay tag was overwhelmingly for always-a-girl!Arthur? Not to be down on always-a-girl or anything, but y'all, REALLY. IF I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST-DRIVE A FLESH-AND-BLOOD, ACTUALLY ATTACHED DICK, I WOULD BE ALL OVER IT.

Like, I want loads of Eames legitmately enjoying himself as a lady - not even as called for by a job! the mark just needs to meet a stranger and be distracted and Eames decides he's going to rock it as a girl because he feels like heels that day - or sometimes he has private time with the PASIV and enjoys himself as '30s starlet or an 19th century ingenue (loves the corset, hates the petticoats, and the one time he tried a hoop skirt he broke his ankle and shot himself in mortification). Or the time he decided to try dreaming himself as an entirely gender-neutral person. Oh, and also loads of Ariadne test-driving a cock, with and without partners, and eventually decides it's nice sometimes, but screw accuracy, losing the breasts just makes her feel off-balance - and a million bonus points if someone hooks into her dream and she's all their futanari fantasies come true.
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The crossovers list I didn't really know I was working on! AKA, "Take Only What You Can Carry: Even More Treks Through the Multiverse".

Containing gen (really quite a lot of gen, this time - WEIRD), het, slash, femslash, threesomes, UST, human/nonorganic and nonorganic/nonorganic, character death, apocalypses, time travel, and, of course, crossovers and fusions, some of which are so perfectly and completely meant-to-be that they may leave you OTP'ing ENTIRE FANDOMS (for the record, "Macdonald Hall/St Trinian's" is my OTP, while my two OT3s are "Leverage/The Losers/The A-Team" and "Iron Man/Transformers/Top Gear").

Also, I very much desire a sequel to The Fires in Their Eyes where Dean Winchester, Neal Caffrey, and Kate Moreau ACTUALFAX HAVE THAT THREESOME (sadly, children, the story stops at the AWESOME SHENANIGANS/KISSING/FRIENDSHIP stage* - I heart that stage, truly I do, but as this is pre-series for both 'verses, my brain just keeps appending "AND THEN IT ALL GOES WRONG FOR EVERYONE" and it makes me sad).

*As the story is marked gen, I don't feel this is spoiler territory.
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Who's working on the Kink Bingo fic for sleepy/unconscious? Because Roy/June would be AWESOME for that.

Spoilers. )
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Friending memes kind of make me sad, because I very, very rarely feel like I can participate in them? Like, I was all YAY FEMALE CHARACTER FRIENDING MEME and then I went but I talk about male characters a lot more than I talk about female characters, even though I love female characters and frequently rec fic about them. Or the friending memes about a single fandom, where I have to check myself because I will probably only be actively in that fandom a few weeks/months. Basically, I get excited about making friends and then feel like I would be making them under false pretences.


And also I want someone to write Faye Smallwood/Festina Ramos, because it is CANON and AMAZING and FESTINA SAVES THE UNIVERSE AND NEEDS MORE KISSES FROM GORGEOUS BI/POLY WOMEN WHO WANT TO MARRY HER. TL;DR on the scifi genre. )
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Guys, I actually enjoyed it from beginning to end! At no point did I want to cringe/hide under my seat! That NEVER happens!

Spoilers have nothing to do with the plot. )

Stay until after the credits! They run for-fucking-ever, but it's worth it!

Also, I totally called it: I came home starry-eyed and wanting slash. I'm so excited; I can read BA-fic now! (I am sorry, but I cannot slash Mr. T. Just, no.) I want BA/Face, and Face/Hannibal, and Murdock/unhealthy-relationship-with-his-chopper...OH MY GOD, I WANT MURDOCK/TRANSFORMER. Just one of the ones that can fly, I don't care which one! IT WOULD BE CRAZY/AMAZING.
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Time travel list finally FINISHED: Quantum Shenanigans (The Schroedinger's Timeline Remix). Stories from Alias, AI RPF, bandom, BtVS/Angel, crossovers, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, Marvel, Merlin, Push, Smallville, Star Wars, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Devil Wears Prada, and Torchwood.

Last-minute cut: Wonderful Tragic Mysterious, Dumbledore/Luna (or really, Dumbledore&Luna).

Story I totally wish was on there: The Willow-centric version of I Am What I Am, or Compelled, or Nightmares of Futures Past. There HAS TO BE an epic fic where the world reboots and Willow says fuck the timeline and kicks ass and saves the universe, and she and Tara get a happy ending with SUNSHINE AND FUCKING RAINBOWS, DAMMIT. But it's not on this list, because I have never seen it. I just believe it is out there, because I have faith in you, internets! DO NOT LET ME DOWN.
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So those awesome rec lists I was totally going to have done by now? Shoved aside in favor of Untitled Small Fandoms List, Take #79. It's totally a cop-out theme, I know! But so much of my fannish consumption these days is haphazard and slightly accidental. Like, I have subscribed to many new people, and I keep checking Latest Things for "three weeks for dreamwidth" and "recs", and I have this thing? See the shiny, follow the shiny? So there is a lot of "Oh, you're in that fandom? I was in that fandom! Oooh, let me bask in the glow of fannish nostalgia while simultaneously discovering new awesome in the form of these many fics you have linked here!" going on.

That's how I ended up doing Send Me an Angel (both versions)! That's to blame for the latest iteration of "but Kirk's stupid faaaaaace, you guys!" and also for the fact that I have spent two days reading Sheldon/Penny fic, and the day before that was all Vampire Diaries, all the time (I've never even seen that show! But I read one of the books, once?).

In other news, I desperately want a Generation Kill/Highlander crossover with Immortal!Brad, or maybe Immortal!Nate, mostly I just want Brad's "what is this bullshit?" reaction re: the Game. Also, you totally should have rolled into battle with a sword, Brad; see, sometimes Ray is right about things!

And finally:

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You should pimp:

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Country music (fiddles + bloody revenge + drinking songs!)
6 (60.0%)

Scifi/fantasy novels (not everybody's like DG and GRRM, I swear!)
6 (60.0%)

Other music (where did I even get an uptempo song about Biblical human sacrifice?)
2 (20.0%)

More idfic (because it is amazing, the end)
5 (50.0%)

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  • So, that filthy Royal Pains story of my heart I mentioned but never really expanded on? Femdom, Divya/Evan?

    Weirdly for me, I'm not even picturing bondage or s&m, more humiliation and orgasm denial and seriously, Evan kneeling while Divya stands behind him, fists her hand in his hair and pulls his head to the side, and whispers in his ear about what a filthy slut he is? HOT. Plus, furtive secret relationship + Divya is of course flawless at pretending nothing's happened, so sometimes Evan wonders if he's losing his mind AND THEN there's that exhibitionism thing I talked about before. Also, the line "So all those insults, that was you HITTING on me?" is HILARIOUS to me.

  • Kurt Hummel vid to Garbage's Cherry Lips. It NEEDS to exist.

  • So I have read the girl!Kirk/Spock and Kirk/girl!Spock and I think even girl!Kirk/girl!Spock. BUT WHERE is my girl!Kirk/girl!Spock/boy!Uhura? IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I DON'T EVEN CARE IF THEY'VE JUST BEEN RANDOMLY GENDERSWAPPED ON A MISSION; I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT THAT I MOSTLY JUST WANT TO READ THAT PORN.

  • Speaking of things that NEED TO EXIST, SOMEWHERE, where's my massive HP AU where Remus turned Snape into a werewolf that night and there are shenanigans and angst and bonding and RL/SS or maybe RL/SS/SB? Guys, I have a total werewolfy-mating-bond kink anyway, you throw in teenage idiot wizards, hatesex, and poly, and IT IS LIKE MY FIC-KRYPTONITE.

  • I also need to read multitudes of fic about Sam Puckett: Badass. She is totally little-black-dress material! Bam, suddenly Special Agent Veronica Mars gets a new partner; Veronica stepped on a few toes and Sam's kicked a few too many asses and they're each other's last chance! Bam, the Scoobies hear rumors about a girl kicking demon ass and go looking for their latest baby Slayer and discover Sam needed no supernatural upgrade! Bam, HIT GIRL'S FIRST CRUSH IS JUST THIS TINY WEBSHOW CHICK AND DAVE THINKS IT'S HILARIOUS...UNTIL HE SEES SAM IN A FIGHT; THEN HE THINKS THEY ARE TOTALLY MFEO, and also that, for his own safety, Marty's getting knocked unconscious if he even looks like he's going to make a joke about teenage lesbians.

  • This was totally going to be a post about the things in fandom that are making me squee/rage right now, but that is totally going to have to happen another time. I need to go look for Hit Girl fic right now.
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Currently, I'm reading "archives" more than "fandoms". Basically, I am falling in love with TtH (again) and the AO3 (for the first time). And I know the AO3 is this whole issue, but really, I am pretty whatever on that aspect?

Strictly as an archive, though, I am finding it hilarious. It seems to be attracting mostly more experienced fans, so it's not as scary as, but the categories are super-broad, and weirdly skewed. Like, some small fandoms are pretty well-represented - 100+ Nancy Drew fics, for example - while some larger fandoms are barely there at all. Or, like, Repo! fandom; on LJ/, it seems at least half Graverobber/Shilo. On AO3, G/S shows up in exactly one of the 40+ stories, and that fic is actually more Graverobber/Amber.

TtH is totally still my archive of choice, though. I am reduced to reading anime crosses, now, and they are pretty uniformly terrible. "Xander gets every girl" = awesome in comics fandoms, terrible in anime fandoms. Also, I would enjoy SPN crosses more if I could just filter out all the Buffy/Dean (would be interesting, if not for the fact that most of it seems to be written by exactly the kind of Buffy-champions I like least), Faith/Dean (they would totally reinforce each other in terrible ways), and Faith/Sam (just no). Dawn/Dean! Connor/Dean! Dean/Xander! Xander/Ellen, come on, guys, it would be amazing!
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You know the awesome, everybody's-bisexual-and-kinky-as-fuck universe that's home to Ties That Bind, aka, one of my favoritest fics of all time? Close cousin to the General and Dr. Sheppard 'verse?


I mean, obviously, I totally also want some Stargate/GK crossovers, because Brad vs. crazy Stargate aliens would be AMAZING. But the STORY OF MY HEART is Nate totally wanting Brad but ignoring any overtures because goddamn alpha tops always pull this shit with a sub commander and it wasn't even twenty years ago that subs weren't allowed combat postings, he can't afford to fuck this up just because his command happens to contain some kind of Viking sex god. AND THERE'S MISCOMMUNICATION AND UST AND THEN THE SEX AND THE BONDAGE AND THE HOTNESS.
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I am kind of cranky about profic lately. Apparently I think people doing this for pay should be as good as people doing it for free on the internet? And then they aren't, and I get...cranky. Basically, I am reading a lot of beginnings and ends, and not a lot of middles, because that's where it all kind of falls apart.

I'm also thinking about the books that I desperately loved in the days before I found fanfiction, and wishing people would write more about those. Like, Cate Tiernan's Sweep series: I have never seen anyone so much as mention it and I was OBSESSED with those books. Morgan/Hunter, man, so amazing. And then that SEQUEL, with that ISLAND, oh my GOD, I cannot bear to think about it. Also, there should be Morgan/Willow crossover fic, because the grief and the crazy power and the terrible vengeance they will wreak if you hurt someone they love. They could be kindred spirits, okay? And hey, everybody's getting into the Vampire Diaries now, what about Night World? SOMEBODY WRITE ME ASH/MARY-LYNNETTE. OR KELLER/ILIANA/GALEN. OR BOTH. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

Or, oh, the Dark Visions trilogy, Kaitlyn/Gabriel, he would crawl on his belly through broken glass for her, EASY. Ugh, LJ Smith, how so amazing with the ridiculous love stories? Jez/Morgead! Maggie/Delos! Jenny/Julian! Bonnie/Damon! (Confession: I read Dark Reunion first, so I never shipped anything else. Okay, a little Elena/Bonnie, but mostly, Bonnie/Damon all the way!)

(Also, I 100% prefer the old Night World covers to the new generically "dark" ones.)
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So I am reading some favorite-cliche stories (X goes back in time to save the ones they love!) and, confession: I ship Wesley/Illyria desperately. It was honestly the only storyline I gave a damn about in those final episodes, and the biggest reason I regretted the cancellation, because rumor had it they were actually going to go there. I cannot watch the "would you like me to lie to you now" scene without weeping, I ship it so hard. Her gaspy "my love, oh! my love" is so clearly an epiphany and it KILLS ME DEAD. Unf.

Joss Whedon is kind of an amazing bastard at getting me to fall in love with his characters' relationships.

So, the various ships (of many fandoms) that I LOVE, in no particular order )
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After looking at this, I kind of want to read about Katy Perry & Gabe Saporta, Shopping Buddies. They both like ridiculous neon clothing! I can picture them wearing matching handlebar mustaches as ~disguises~! Whatevs, you know it'd be awesome.
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Holy SHIT, I love TtH. MY PERFECT FIC ARCHIVE, they let me go all Xander, all the time! Although I am currently flirting with some Buffy and Dawn fics as well. But awww, I have read most of the top fic. I am debating on using the "hide story" option, but I re-read so often! Hence, torn. Possibly I will end up making a second account for the hiding. Oh! It will stop trying to tell me how awesome the giant Buffy-centric noncon Anita Blakeverse fic is.

Xander + Teen Titans = WEIRDLY AMAZING, in the stories I have read thus far.

There is so much BtVS/SG-1, there should be a dedicated archive.

New pairings I TOTALLY want to read: Xander/Vala, Xander/Teal'c, Xander/Mitchell, Xander/Teyla (100% his type!), Buffy/Mitchell, Buffy/Vala, Buffy/Teal'c, Buffy/Sam, Buffy/Ronon, Dawn/Rodney, Dawn/Daniel, Dawn/Vala, Willow/Teyla, Sam/Faith, Wes/Daniel, Giles/Vala, Giles & Bra'tac = PLATONIC KINDRED SPIRITS OF TRAINING ASS-KICKING WARRIORS, OKAY, IT WOULD BE AMAZING.
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Holy shit, know what I would totally love to read? WILLOW/TEYLA. Tara's serenity PLUS Kennedy's confidence/ass-kicking? How could she resist?
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Just finished marathoning all six episodes of Defying Gravity and I'm digging it. Interesting canon ships! Mysterious conspiracy! Femslashy best friends! Smart, competent, hot people! Also, YAY FOR SPACE EXPLORERS.

Oh, and there are some familiar faces: Ron Livingston from Band of Brothers, Laura Harris from Women's Murder Club, Christina Cox from Blood Ties, Andrew Airlie from Reaper...

Spoilery stuff. )

Fic for this show is going to be hilarious, y'all. The entire crew is impotent; they all wear these chemical castration patches called HALOs. People are either going to have to write chaste romance or come up with a way to get rid of the patches. I would TOTALLY read some Jen/Zoe where they thought the friendship had just gotten really close and then the HALOs come off and there's a holy shit, we are totally dating! I think you're HOT moment.

My shipping for this show is already totally weird. Jen/Zoe is my FAVE, guys. Followed by Donner/Ajay long-long-distance romance ("You, me, this ship - we are a three-way." = !!!). And Wass should totally be dating Paula and Nadia; Wass/Nadia/Paula or Wass/Nadia, Wass/Paula, either way, I'd read it. I kind of like Ted/Eve and Evram/Claire. Although I would totally also read Donner/Evram and Donner/Zoe (Donner/Zoe/Jen! they call him STD behind his back!) and Rollie/Anjay and Donner/Ted friends with benefits and maybe some Evram/Wass or Zoe/Wass, IDK, I'm kind of randomly fond of Wass.
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So, Eliot is hardcore my favorite and someone should totally write me some of these.

Leverage - any - pull my trigger then you blame my gun
Leverage - any - let's be collateral damage
Leverage - any - you fight for your life because a fighter never quits, you make the most of the hand you're dealt because a quitter never wins
Leverage - any - I'm just doing what I've always done, I might look hard but I'm just having fun
Leverage - any - no one here wants to fight me like you do
Leverage - any - what's wrong with a little destruction
Leverage - Eliot/any - no good, you're up to no good, but damn you look good and I'm drunk
Leverage - Eliot/(m)any - the name tag on the toe of you long-dead love affairs
Leverage - Eliot/Amy, Eliot/Maggie, Eliot/Nate - two steps back, one step forward
Leverage - Eliot/Hardison - age of the geek, baby
Leverage - Eliot/Sophie - skin on skin (ain't no sin)
Leverage - Eliot/Parker - trust you
Leverage - Eliot/Parker - getting it right
Leverage - Eliot/Parker/Hardison - telling the parents
Leverage - Eliot/Parker/Hardison - side job
Leverage - Eliot/Parker/Hardison - roman holiday
Leverage - Eliot/Parker/Hardison - food of love
Leverage - Eliot/Parker/Hardison - politically correct
Leverage - Eliot/Parker/Hardison - gonna need a bigger bed

Leverage/Bones - Eliot/Brennan/Parker - y'all are crazy

Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Eve - wrong
Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Giles - you don't know everything about me
Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Dawn - rescue
Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Dawn - this happens more often than you'd think, actually
Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Faith - I've done things
Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Faith - the taste of blood
Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Oz - far from home
Leverage/Buffy - Eliot/Oz - it's been a while

Leverage/Burn Notice - Eliot/Michael - that never happened
Leverage/Burn Notice - Eliot/Michael - history

Leverage/Dark Angel - Eliot/Alec - can't hustle a hustler
Leverage/Dark Angel - Eliot/Max - author's choice
Leverage/Dark Angel - Eliot/Max - brave like soldiers

Leverage/Dexter - gen or Eliot/Dexter - do you believe in monsters
Leverage/Dexter - gen or Eliot/Dexter - the killing ground

Leverage/Firefly - any - something familiar
Leverage/Firefly - Eliot/Zoe - soldier
Leverage/Firefly - Eliot/Mal - crew
Leverage/Firefly - Eliot/River - a taste for crazy
Leverage/Firefly - Eliot/Inara - courtesies
Leverage/Firefly - Eliot/Inara - ritual

Leverage/Flashpoint - gen - somebody's going to emergency, somebody's going to jail
Leverage/Flashpoint - Eliot/Jules - competitive

Leverage/Generation Kill - any - officially, it never happened, but
Leverage/Generation Kill - any - old friends
Leverage/Generation Kill - Eliot/Rudy - beauty tips and bar fights

Leverage/Heroes - author's choice
Leverage/Heroes - gen - my daughter's missing
Leverage/Heroes - any - everyone's a Petrelli eventually
Leverage/Heroes - Eliot/Claire - author's choice
Leverage/Heroes - Eliot/Claire - dangerous little girl
Leverage/Heroes - Eliot/Claire - untouchable
Leverage/Heroes - Eliot/Parker/Elle - author's choice

Leverage/House - any - author's choice

Leverage/Iron Man - Eliot/Pepper - let your hair down
Leverage/Iron Man - Eliot/Tony - the best toys
Leverage/Iron Man - Eliot/Tony - whiskey bent and hell bound

Leverage/Lie to Me - gen - I may not be innocent, but I didn't do this
Leverage/Lie to Me - Eliot/Loker - easy isn't the same as uncomplicated

Leverage/Marvel - Eliot/Logan - feral
Leverage/Marvel - Eliot/Logan - like a blade
Leverage/Marvel - Eliot/Logan - push

Leverage/Make Me a Supermodel - Eliot/any - undercover sucks

Leverage/Middleman - Eliot/any - unanticipated

Leverage/Mutant X - Eliot/Shalimar - dominance fight

Leverage/NCIS - gen - no matter where you run, the past is right behind you
Leverage/NCIS - Eliot/McGee - not a hero from some storybook
Leverage/NCIS - Eliot/Abby - handcuffs
Leverage/NCIS - Eliot/Abby - travelling man
Leverage/NCIS - Eliot/Tony - something different
Leverage/NCIS - Eliot/Tony - undercover
Leverage/NCIS - Eliot/Abby/Tony - favorite port

Leverage/Ocean's 11 - any - no way in hell
Leverage/Ocean's 11 - Eliot/Rusty - author's choice
Leverage/Ocean's 11 - Eliot/Rusty - the way to a man's heart
Leverage/Ocean's 11 - Eliot/Rusty - no way I'll work with him

Leverage/Southland - gen or Eliot/Ben - chase

Leverage/Stargate Atlantis - gen or Eliot/Rodney - I've heard what you can do with lemon!

Leverage/Supernatural - Eliot/Bela - conflict of interest
Leverage/Supernatural - Eliot/John - dark things
Leverage/Supernatural - Eliot/Dean - got a job to do
Leverage/Supernatural - Eliot/Dean - monsters aren't so tough

Leverage/The Dresden Files - Eliot/Marcone - job offer
Leverage/The Dresden Files - Eliot/Harry - chivalry is dead
Leverage/The Dresden Files - Eliot/Harry - you have an interesting definition of help

Leverage/Top Gear - any - well, that was unexpected

Leverage/Torchwood - Eliot/Jack/Ianto - problem solved

Leverage/Witchblade - Eliot/Conn - song