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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-12-29 01:41 am
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Well that was a crappy day. But yesterday was amazing!

BECKA IS ALIVE! But no, see, at one point "In Memory I" was my most re-read of ALL fics and then she went on vacation AND WAS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN, until now! I don't even care that there's not a new chapter! I AM JUST SO HAPPY SHE IS NOT DEAD/PERMANENTLY DISAPPEARED.

Also, 90% of my reading for the last month has been 1) HP fic 2) from 3) that I have downloaded onto my Kindle. SO MUCH TIME TRAVEL. I did not go looking for time travel? But seriously: SHITLOADS.

GO READ THIS: His Own Man. It's possibly my favorite of this batch of time travel fics (there is a bonus of Flitwick: Stealth Genius! that I quite enjoyed). And then there's this creepy number, Ouroboros - the Epilogue like you wouldn't believe. And On the Way to Greatness, a totally badass Slytherin!Harry fic.

Basically I am ransacking some favorites lists and leaping upon time travel, harems, the DA, canon Harry leaps into another dimension, and sorting AUs. Sometimes these combine in strange and unexpected ways (for example, the time travel parody with the harem and one of my favorite Sortings ever: "HE GETS HIS OWN HOUSE.").