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All These Years

Oh, Sacrifices Arc. I still love you best of all.
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Have you finished it yet? I'm completely in love with it, even though I kind of stopped near the end of the 4th book (mostly because I need to gird my loins for the angst).
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That is basically my reaction every time I realize someone's talking about the Sacrifices Arc. It's just so incredibly well-built and so far it's been like the Holy Grail for me, because almost everything I have a problem with in the Harry Potter series is being addressed and fixed right before my very eyes.

The pain you must have gone through, I wouldn't have been able to stand the suspense.

Calypso! She brings out all the feelings in me. Does the author go more in depth about her life in the later books?
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Ughhh yesss. It's beautiful, even with the soul-crushing angst (SYLARANA. I legit shed some tears during that scene). *__* The maze was my favorite part, so far.

I wouldn't have survived! I mean, I was literally forcing myself to continue even when my eyelids were drooping, because some of those cliff-hangers JFC. They are terrifying.

gjasfkljh I remember that. Calypso, why so badass and merciful at the same time. And the different kinds of love, I've ran into some people who didn't like that part of the book, but my heart grew three sizes when Harry realized Draco wanted the same thing.

Lucius and Narcissa's Cheerfully Violent and Evil Teenage Courtship

Omg can I have this please? I want this like burning. The dynamic between them is so fresh, and so interesting! Narcissa definitely wields the bigger wand in their relationship, and it is glorious. So much about that universe is glorious. I think when I actually finish it I'm just going to sit on my bed and sigh with satisfaction forever.

Although, honestly: where the fuck is Regulus. D: And that closet in 12 Grimmauld Place freaked me the fuck out (genetic experiments WTF totally didn't see that coming).