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1) PC Hodgell's latest novel threw in an accidental lesbian marriage and it is great in every possible way, plus I have decided that the Kencyr and the Kendar both are just batshit crazy from trauma (mostly Knorth-related) and also that try as I might to take it seriously, I mostly find the religious bitterness kind of hilarious. They are monotheists who hate their god more than anything. There is for real a City of a Thousand Gods on this world and they have been there and they have seen "gods" and decided, to a one, that bitches ain't shit. Jame killed one for the lulz and then brought him back, 'cause she could. Like, usually when people get disaffected with their religion, they find a new one, or decide there is no god, or that they did something to deserve this catastrophe. The Kencyrath are just like, NO, WE KNOW HE'S REAL, HE JUST FUCKING ABANDONED US LIKE HE SUDDENLY REMEMBERED HIS SECOND FAMILY IN JERSEY. WE FUCKING HATE HIM. To the point where a bunch of them hate Shanir, because they're too close to god and god is a ruiner. They seriously have genocidal madmen they don't hate this much (and genocidal madmen that they do - Kencyr are destructive sons of bitches).

2) I drove 50 miles to Whole Foods Sunday night to get some of this amazing alfredo sauce and they were out and I was looking at the website today and that sauce is made in Anadarko, aka, where my dad works, and is sold AT A GROCERY STORE HERE IN TOWN. ARE YOU KIDDING.

PS, it is Scaffetta's Alfredo Sauce and you can apparently also get it at Whole Foods in Louisiana and Texas. IF YOU CAN, YOU SHOULD TRY IT. I DON'T EVEN LIKE MOST ALFREDO SAUCE, BUT THIS STUFF IS FUCKING DELICIOUS.
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I'm not sure if I should swear at you or hug you. I didn't even know there had been two more Kencyrath books published. *flail*

My weekend is now full. :P
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These books sound awesome and I have discovered that I can have them as Baen ebooks. Well, I know what I'll be reading next.