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I desperately want an electronic version of Sirens and Other Demon Lovers just so I can shove it at y'all and shout READ IT. The Eye of the Storm is the fucking best, you guys, I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IT IS FULL OF POLY AND ISSUES OF IDENTITY AND THE FAMILIES YOU CHOOSE AND BASICALLY: RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS.

Also The Faerie Cony-Catcher and The House of Nine Doors are pretty great, but mostly, KELLEY ESKRIDGE, I HEART YOU.
I heart readers back, and I am delighted you love the story. I am always glad when other people fall for Mars as hard as I do.

SIRENS is actually coming out at some point soon in ebook, although I am not sure of the schedule. And also, Storm is reprinted in BEYOND BINARY which is out in ebook. Edited by Brit Mandelo, full of genderqueer and sexually fluid stories. I'm guessing you already know this book, but it never hurts to be complete.

Thank you for the shoutout and for loving my people.