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It's OK To Leave Them To Die!

I've got a couple of fandoms where I just keep stopping to kind of marvel that my favorite character is not just LEAVING THESE DOUCHEBAGS TO DIE. SERIOUSLY, JUST TAKE YOUR FRIENDS AND BURN IT ALL DOWN BEHIND YOU. SALT THE FUCKING ASHES.

Naruto is one of them!

For reals, I viva la revolution so fucking hard right now.

(Currently reading Will of Fire, Heart of Stone. Also Hakumei and Time Braid and Motivation and A Teacher's Glory (!!!) and I just abandoned Konoha's Legion because I AM A PERSON WHO SINCERELY ENJOYS NARUTO IN GODMODE IN MULTIPLE STORIES AND YOU STILL STU'D HIM TOO HARD FOR ME. Anyways, Danzo and Itachi and the Hyuuga and that fucking law and FOR HIS OWN GOOD WE MUST HIDE HIS IDENTITY and for reals, fuck Konoha.

Also I am weirdly close-minded about Naruto pairings? Like, usually I am all "as long as it contains my beloved!" (Xander/Glory, anyone?), but here I am more "Hinata or Gaara or Sakura or Sasuke or Itachi, THOSE ARE THE CHOICES, okay, maybe some TenTen or Temari or Anko BUT ONLY IN HAREM FIC". Also I read harem fic now? IDK, I am unintentionally reading a lot more brofic/a lot more