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So, now I'm super into a trope that doesn't seem to even exist on the AO3. It's called Sudden Game Interface and I am jonesing so hard for more of it, in all the fandoms. For example, I would read the FUCK out of Allison Argent wakes up early/mid-season one and discovers the supernatural via accidentally entering combat with Scott (they belong to opposing factions!) instead of making out with him as intended. Alternately, Stiles munchkining everything would also be amazingly good for me.

Anyway, most of the fics I've read have been Naruto or Harry Potter, so y'all are getting recs today. All WiPs, and all gen thus far.

Naruto: Ramen Days by Rathanel - "After dying at the end of the Sand-Sound Invasion, Naruto finds that his life is governed by a strange set of rules that he is still trying to figure out. VideoGame!Naruto"

The fic that got me into this! There's a recruitment mechanic that's pretty amazing (accidental Hyuuga conscription!) and I have to give Rathanel a lot credit for making the discovery of a savepoint heart-rending instead of a way to cheat over certain stations of the canon.

Naruto: The Gamer Files by Maxfic - "Naruto has always had video games to fall back on growing up while the rest of the village pretty much treated him like garbage. What happens when Naruto wakes up to find his life has become one of the video games he loves so much. Naruto/The Gamer crossover."

There are so many stats in this fic, guys, but I love it so much anyway. I get excited every time I see the "A special skill has been created through a special act" thing - Maxfic mixes canon and original skills in a way that feels very organic and realistic.

The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited by michaelsuave - "Harry Potter catches Voldemort's AK to the noggin only to find out that his life is a video game and he forgot to save. So what does he do? Does he return on Hard mode and work for the challenge? Heck No! Harry uses every exploit, grind, or underhanded tactic he can get his hands on. His life may be a video game, but nobody plays Harry Potter; Harry's going to exploit the system."

This is very much a comedy fic and I heart it. There's a cat battle arena featuring the terrifying Mr. Tibbles! I am looking forward to Hogwarts so fucking much, you guys.
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I am so full of fandom feels, you guys. Like, I need scads of OTT epics with h/c and angst and misunderstandings immediately but they are nowhere to be found feels. THE SAD, DESPERATE, PSYCHOTICALLY HOPEFUL FEELS.

Like, you know that slow-motion NOOOOOOOOOOOO when something falls that you desperately wish you could stop but know you have no chance of catching. My voice of reason is doing THAT "no" in the back of my head because I keep accidentally pimping myself into fandoms where I have ALREADY EXHAUSTED MY POSSIBILITIES. Like Winter's Bone and The Sentinel and FUCKING VIEWFINDER, ARE YOU KIDDING. I EVEN TRIED FF.NET AND THERE ARE ONLY FIVE FICS OVER 10,000 WORDS AND *THREE OF THEM ARE IN FRENCH* AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE FIC IIIIIIIS FOR THIS FANDOM, I ONLY KNOW IT IS NOT ANYPLACE I AM FAMILIAR WITH. ALSO I AM PRETTY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH ASAMI'S EVERYTHING WHILE AT THE SAME TIME I WOULD LIKE ANOTHER 100,000 WORDS OF IT, PLEASE.

What's worst? I know as soon as I stop clawing pathetically at my monitor for giant id-ficcy rescue-from-Hong-Kong fic (for real, I would read the shit out of some healing cock fic set after that arc, EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING IS RIDICULOUS ANYWAY) and Sentinels-are-known AUs full of LOGISTICS and DESTINY (...I want Keira Marcos to write more of eveything all the time, basically) and soppy domestic amazingness where Ree marries Gail and possibly joins the army...

I'm going to fall straight back into wanting fic I cannot even begin to coherently look for: Naruto & Shikamaru = platonic bros of getting shit done.

I may imprinted on Motivation like a baby duck. And then found Ramen Days by accident and holy fuck, I need more of it for always. It is like the BEST buddy cop mashup of all TIME. The loud apparent idiot who will train 'til he passes out! The world's laziest supergenius! THEY SHOULD TRY TO MENTOR THE KONOHAMARU CORPS TOGETHER IN MEMORY OF HIRUZEN/ASUMA RESPECTIVELY. OR KILL AKATSUKI OR TAKE OVER THE WORLD OR FORM A TRAVELLING CIRCUS, I DO NOT CARE, MORE PLEASE.
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Although apparently I am very strongly disinclined to read AUs that branch significantly before Naruto steals the scroll after the genin test? Like, they can AU whatever but my brain needs that to play out the same at least in the broad strokes, because Naruto/shadow clones = my jutsu OTP?
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I've got a couple of fandoms where I just keep stopping to kind of marvel that my favorite character is not just LEAVING THESE DOUCHEBAGS TO DIE. SERIOUSLY, JUST TAKE YOUR FRIENDS AND BURN IT ALL DOWN BEHIND YOU. SALT THE FUCKING ASHES.

Naruto is one of them!

For reals, I viva la revolution so fucking hard right now.

(Currently reading Will of Fire, Heart of Stone. Also Hakumei and Time Braid and Motivation and A Teacher's Glory (!!!) and I just abandoned Konoha's Legion because I AM A PERSON WHO SINCERELY ENJOYS NARUTO IN GODMODE IN MULTIPLE STORIES AND YOU STILL STU'D HIM TOO HARD FOR ME. Anyways, Danzo and Itachi and the Hyuuga and that fucking law and FOR HIS OWN GOOD WE MUST HIDE HIS IDENTITY and for reals, fuck Konoha.

Also I am weirdly close-minded about Naruto pairings? Like, usually I am all "as long as it contains my beloved!" (Xander/Glory, anyone?), but here I am more "Hinata or Gaara or Sakura or Sasuke or Itachi, THOSE ARE THE CHOICES, okay, maybe some TenTen or Temari or Anko BUT ONLY IN HAREM FIC". Also I read harem fic now? IDK, I am unintentionally reading a lot more brofic/a lot more


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