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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2013-05-04 07:42 pm
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...I Don't Know How I Feel About This Development

So. I'm in a cast now. For a STRAINED WRIST. Like, it was getting worse, not better, even wearing a brace, but still, this seems a little extreme. I was legit the only one in my family NEVER TO BE IN ONE OF THESE STUPID THINGS. I am a little cranky about my lost perfect record.

Cast = can't lift feed = can't work at Atwoods. So I am off until the end of the month at least. On the one hand, money may become a bit of an issue. I've got two weeks paid vacation I can take, plus my birthday is a paid holiday, plus any birthday money (basically? if it had to happen, SO GLAD it happened in May), but still. I can borrow from my dad if it gets desperate, I would just rather not if I can help it.

On the other hand, IT IS FOUR GLORIOUS WEEKS OFF FROM WORK. Admittedly, four weeks that will encompass barely any computer time, because the cast is on my right wrist and I can only manage to contort it to fit a mouse for about an hour before my shoulder starts killing me.

So! I don't usually do this, and I want to stress that zero obligation or guilt is intended, but I am going to be pretty fucking bored in a couple weeks, so if anyone wanted to send me a book or two*, I would love them forever.

*Yes, the name on the wishlist is Katherine, yes, it's still me. A couple weeks ago I found a Kindle in an antique store (I don't know either!) for 25 bucks, so obviously I had to get it. It went on a second account because my actual account has working-kindle Metis, broken-kindles Pallas and Seshet, and my kindle for PC and someone told me they cap you at five.

Also, book-filter people, the comm I talked about will no longer spam you if you want to check it out. It is locked to members-only for obvious reasons.