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Ebook Feels

Reading so much m/m, omg. How to Raise an Honest Rabbit and Blackbird Knitting by Amy Lane I didn't particularly care for. Her Behind the Curtain was better.

Anne Tenino's Poster Boy was good, as was her short from the Haunted Blender anthology, Horny. I totally hope she pulls a Whitetail Rock and turns that 'verse into a whole thing, btw. The mythology was great.

Read the latest Mary Calmes and was disappointed, but it wasn't the hot mess that Floodgates was. Turns out Sinnerman falls firmly middle of the pack for the Warder series, in terms of quality. Reread Timing, After the Sunset, Cherish Your Name, and Acrobat to remind myself that I really do love her.

Oh! The latest Lyn Gala is fucking amazing and I highly recommend it. Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities. Cannot wait for the next one. It is so fucking good for my xenokink heart, you guys, ROWNT ARE THE BEST. ONDRY'S POV IS THE BEST. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK IS THE BEST.

Heidi Cullinan's latest, Tough Love, was pretty good; I didn't like it as much as the preceding book, but a lot of that is probably my casino/logistics feels. I did have to check out for a big chunk of the big emotional unburdening scene because explicit needleplay makes me yeesh.

Kendall McKenna's newest addition to the Strength of the Wolf series was really good for big chunks (new guys comes in and cleans house is a weirdly big trope with me, I'm discovering), but felt like it got a bit muddled toward the end.

FINALLY read Xanthe's Ricochet and enjoyed it overall (didn't have to skip big chunks like I did Coming Home!), but the spoiler billionaire played weirdly for me. Would absolutely buy another book in the series, although not the direct sequel about the widowed sub events seemed to set up. That, I would skip.

Read MJ O'Shea's Loveblood and it was superweird, in that it was an a/b/o fic with fade-to-black yet still alluded to knotting? I am not sure how that reads if you're not familiar with the trope. I am also not sure what the hell was up with the pacing in that book. There was a fuckload of pining, but the obstacles got cleared up real fast once the alpha had one conversation with his parents about a fact he'd known apparently for months. Also there's a whole orientation swap that never really gets explored/explained. Would not recommend.

Currently deep in a pile of Megan Derr. Sad forever that Midsummer Baker and The Jewels of Bangkok aren't full-length novels, because I heart them deeply. I like Stone Rose a lot; Poison made me crazy. The villain literally tells someone her motive and he spends like two chapters going NO, that CAN'T be what she meant! I couldn't even with that. Also, do not read that shit out of order because a big chunk is devoted to a couple from previous books. The Bastard Prince was pretty good for the most part; I called most twists ahead of time, but that may just be my extensive soap opera background. I really liked Of Last Resort - seriously, you guys, she gives such good worldbuilding - but not In Despair. Torn on whether or not to read With Pride. The King's Harem was good, although I wish we'd gotten more Fahima, because I love her.

Still love Dance with the Devil - and that 'verse - the most.

ETA: Expanded/error corrected now that I'm not on my phone.