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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2009-11-15 08:50 am
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Hmmm, big bang list. I am kind of undecided about how to structure it? Like, how much do I want to pull from past challenges and/or things I've recced before, what kind of timeframe do I want to be working with, should I put a cap on recs per challenge, etcetera. I think I'm going to lay it out like Restraining Orders, y'know, explicitly separated by challenge, possibly annotated by year.

Maybe roll it out in December? That'd give me...fresh* rounds from crossbigbang, sgabigbang, svcross_bigbang (theoretically), tw_bigbang, polybigbang, kink_bigbang, thebigbangjob, bandgirlsbang, firefly_bigbang, thelittlebang, bigbangblackout, hsmbigbang, smallfandom, startrekbigbang, spn_j2_bigbang, rpf_big_bang, bandombigbang, hermionebigbang, house_bigbang, boxofmagic, scifibigbang, ncis_bigbang, smallvillebbang, sv_bigbang, stargate_summer, and sncross_bigbang. Trying to catch anything after that, it'd probably be mid-March and really, that's just a slippery slope to waiting for the other small fandom bang at the end of July.

*"Fresh" as in "have not already recced the hell out of", as I have capiron_bigbang, where I think the only fic left unrecced is Creepy Bad-Touch Steve, aka, AHHH NO.