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Share Time!

Normally this would be an SIC post, but that would involve googling French and I don't want to.

  • It's apparently reflex at this point to follow "That's terrible" with "...AWESOME".

  • Time Lord!Ianto is my new favorite.

  • Dude, the quality of fics I like is really kind of...uneven. But there are good stories that are poorly written, just like there's good writing in poor stories. Concept and execution are sometimes miles apart.

  • I never really let go of a fandom. I mean, sometimes it feels like somebody's fannish experience is like a road, Star Trek to Buffy to Sarah Conner Chronicles, or whatever; point A to B to C. Mine is more like a carousel, or maybe Spin the Bottle; a giant ever-moving circle.

    My first was Inuyasha and I don't read it often anymore, just when I get a yen, but my second was HP and I may spend six months with a new favorite before I go back, but I'll go back, and then go forward again, and then back to someone else. I just cannot imagine something that would make me say that's enough, that's all, forever.

    No matter how much canon pisses me off or fans drive me crazy, they're separate from the fiction for me. I would rather have them all, each makes the others better, more fun, but if there's something in a fandom's bones, its structure, that speaks to me, I'm always going to listen. I may not always hear the same thing - IY's half remembered love and half living adoration - but I can't unhear anymore than I can unsee a color.

  • I freaking love Life. I just rewatched Dig a Hole, Fill It Up Part 2 again and dude. DUDE. The car crash is just visually awesome. And the interrogation scene was fantastic; I was honestly not sure which way that was going to go. Love that show; totally my favorite new show of the year.

  • So I've been thinking I should maybe have some sort of a caveat emptor post re: my reccing, because...I play favorites. Like, hardcore. I read fic that character bashes literally everyone but my darling, but god forbid you say one mean thing about him. And that's another thing. I can't think of a fandom where my beloved is a chick. Harry, Rodney, Ianto, Ezra, Clark, Wesley, Xander, Daniel, all dudes. Also, I tend to prefer fic where my baby's sexually more submissive/uncertain because I'm more sexually submissive and not necessarily because of something I see in the character - although I'll read fic with different power dynamics (direct inverse or a more equal power sharing). Wait! Kagome's my favorite. But still.

  • Passing Zone Blues - Brackett gave Blair and me Stockholm Syndrome.

  • So I'm looking at some finished lists and y'all, I love some of these stories so much that I physically cannot restrain myself from making a fist of triumph when I see them. I Will Destroy Ryan Ross and All That He Loves: A Cautionary Tale? Double fist of triumph.

  • OMG, Harlequin Romance, how are you so mysoginistic when you're by and for women? The "classic" novels contain a lot of force - I just read one that actually included the why you try to fight me baby? don't make me rape you again conversation, complete with her bitter yet hopelessly loving surrender, WTF, published rape fantasy, WTF. And then there was the more recent travesty - early 90s - where our heroine fled the country multiple times to get away from this guy - once after an actual kidnapping attempt - and yet it's all alright because he's only so crazy because he's been in love with her for four years - y'know, since she was seventeen. God, god, reading these make me feel like such a horrible woman.

    On another note, there's totally not enough throwing down. Guys punch each other - and sometimes women, god - and there's a lot of "woman tries to slap man, big strong man catches her wrist and looks deeply into her flashing eyes", but if there's a crazy bitch involved, it's all martyrdom, all the way. Someone tries to pay me to get an abortion/leave my lover without a word or tells me filthy lies about my guy's manslutting ways, I'm gonna hit her in the face. To start. Also? Creepy stalker/rapist/blackmailer = me calling the cops, not sighing wistfully at his rugged manliness.

  • I'm thinking hurt/comfort is maybe too broad a term. Because there's hurt/comfort like "kidnapped for a little while!" "rejected for being gay!" "illness!" "broken bones!" "break-up!" and then there's hurt/comfort like that time John got crucified or Lex got brainwashed into sexing up his dad or John got castrated or Harry grew up in a cage in the basement (weirdly, MORE THAN ONE OF THESE) or Joxer was captured by the Spanish Inquisition (ANAL PEAR, OH GOD, OH GOD). Basically, it's like I'm using the same warning for hurt/COMFORT and HURT THE CHARACTER *AND* THE READER/comfort (if you survive).

  • WEIRDLY HILARIOUS MOVIE? The movie where someone's killing all the top models. Stars Bobby Glass and the mute photographer who always wants to be the big spoon.

  • It's kind of awesome how many bandom fics seem to involve Pete's immediate reaction to meeting Patrick being a kind of you, for me, right now, for always. It is apparently close enough to canon that it works when it wouldn't for basically anyone else.

  • Kind of hilarious? I had to make an MCR GSF folder and the current contents are: Semi-Logical Conclusions, Well Tonight Will It Ever Come, and Just Sit Back and Relax Again. Normal enough titles, right? Oh, but I forgot Everyone Should Write Ray As A Cockslut (Here's Why), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Rhymes with Bang Bang Sob, and There's No 'I' in Gangbang. Truth in advertising, y'all.

  • Bandom: nobody I dislike. At most, I'm like "...I don't know who that is" or "not interested in reading naked (unless there's Brendon. Or Patrick.)"

  • Rabid MCR love? I don't even know, it was just a casual once-in-awhile thing - if that! - and now there's folders and a rec list where Frank/Gerard actually outnumbers the Pete/Patrick. WTF. I mean, one day you barely read it and then two days later you're reading underage Waycest.

  • New favorite summary outtake: Communism ensues.

  • What the fuck. I am so confused. I am tearing up reading about Bert and Gerard, star-crossed lovers. Just. What.

  • Apparently, I would bang Gabe Saporta like a door.

  • I want some Patrick-Prince fic. NOT Patrick/Prince, just, y'know, Patrick maybe getting to produce for him and freaking out. Meeting him at the VMAs and fanboying so hard his brain blanks. That kind of thing. It'd be fucking adorable.

  • Reading Brian/Michael and going ahahahahahahahaha a lot. Strangely similar to reading Harry/Voldemort, where Deb = Dumbledore. OMG that parallel is weirdly hilarious. Justin is Draco Malfoy. Life is kind of awesome.

    God, how is my OTP so poorly written, so often? It is not a stealth pairing, yo, it's best friends who literally make out on screen. There is canon pining! Hal Sparks is adorable! Damn all of you who were seduced by the blond jailbait.

    I...kind of hate Justin. Like, not just because he gets in the way of my pairing, but because he's kind of an asshole. The way he treats Daphne? And the Ethan thing? I just hate him 70% of the time.

  • I love my life, where I'm tagging the Patrick/MCR fic and going "surely I have an orgy tag".

  • I need a chart. With last names and band affiliations. Because there are entirely too many Alexes. And Matts. But mostly, Alexes. And I want to know girlfriends/wives. This is so much more involved than popslash, yo. (You can tell when I've been mainlining The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy because I start using yo all the time.) Popslash, you usually dealt with one band at a time and you really just needed to know NSYNC, BSB, and their families and a couple friends/girlfriends/business connections. Bandom? You have more than a half dozen bands, wives, girlfriends, techs, managers, former band members, tv personalities (multiple stories with Steven Smith!)...

    People talk about the difference between popslash and bandom, about how a lot of it's age (of fandom and fans), but for me? It's the cast of characters. It's a lot bigger and a lot more incestuous (Can you imagine? Lance discovers Christina! JC and AJ share an apartment one summer! Those would be awesome AUs, btw).

  • Also helpful? List of who's vegetarian/vegan/straightedge.

  • Best way to get around canon SOs? Hawt poly fic, bitches. Frank/Gerard/Jamia, Frank/Gerard/Lyn-z, Frank/Gerard/Jamia/Lyn-z, Brendon/Ryan/Keltie, Pete/Patrick/Ashlee. There should be more of these. Bi means everyone has a chance!

  • um. BRENDON URIE AND HIS STUPID FACE. I don't know, I love him lots, y'all. I could not love him more if someone designed him for me. okay, I don't love him more than Xander, but that is because I am STEADFAST in my devotions. OMG, Brendon/Xander, please please please someone write this, I have Xander/Spencer and Xander/Matt Cortez but it is not the SAME.

  • Things I heart about bandom: actual canon includes boys kissing each other, awesome ladies, lack of bash, anti-google disclaimers, disclaimers that pretty much just say they are vampires/angels/marine biologists JUST GO WITH IT, the pedo jokes are actually kind of hilarious, canon supports love at first listen and also jailbait, the number of former popslashers means there is no need to explain wings/genderswap/pregnancy that shit just HAPPENS to rock stars haven't you seen behind the music, canon drag I am just saying...

  • I know it's love when i am excited to read gen featuring my boy.

  • Fisting is a Thing for me. Not a thing like pegging is a thing, a bulletproof kink thing (btw, everyone should write more pegfic, come on, I want Patrick getting pegged! or that Frank/Gerard/Lyn-Z fic with the drag and pegging and blojobs - it's very possible I'm going to just keep bringing it up until someone write it, DO IT, you know you want to! Ahem.).

    Anyway. it's either hot or it freaks me out so that I have to go read something else for a little while. And I can't really point to one thing that trips the switch, I just go from mmm to EEE.

  • Seriously you guys how awesome is bandom? I can has 68000+ words of gsf fairytale AU! Most fandoms have only tiny poly fic!

  • Watched The Condemned and even the "moral" people on that island encouraged/helped commit murder. And even the sweet hometown folks were cheering for Jack to kill the bitch.

  • Hyphenation - one of those things that is sometimes better in theory. Schechter-Bryar is not an awesome last name. Do it like we do in the South! Bob and Brian could totally name their daughter Bryar Schechter.

  • Seth Cohen/Brendon Urie is my new favorite. They bond over PONIES.

  • Some adverbs should only be used with certain characters. For ex, if Rodney Mckay ever says something sunnily, there best be mind-alteration at work and even then you're gonna have to sell it. But Brendon Urie + "sunnily" = OTP.

  • Considering the number of fandoms where those kind of shenanigans are canon, I have a sad lack of time travel fic. seriously, DW/TW, HP, Witchblade, um. Others!

  • I totally love my desk. It has a candy cupboard! Okay, that is not the intended purpose, but the hutch allows me to have one so it is awesome.

  • It feels a little bizarre to me, getting to know authors. I try to keep what I know of the writer separate from the work (I only blatantly fail with two authors, Orson Scott Card and jennyo, for diametrically opposed reasons), but I worry about bias.

    Which is dumb because hardly anyone reads my recs anyway, but at the same time, on the internet I always try to act as if my actions take place in a public space. I try to never post anything I wouldn't back up in a bitchfight, I try to be fair in my reading and discussion of my reading, that kind of thing, and I wouldn't want to ever be that girl, you know, who recs terrible things because she loves the maker, but I honestly think my friendslit contains some of the most awesome and talented people on the internet.

  • There is this trope I love, accidentally in love, you know, where boys look up and realize they are dating/married and have been forever? Well, there's lots of John/Rodney and Pete/Patrick, but apparently people think Brendon is especially faily, because so far I have him accidentally married to Shane and Spencer and Cash and Jon. For serious, the boy is apparently anyone's.

  • Bandom, you are ridiculous. This is at least half the reason I love you. You are not my first real person fandom, nor are you my only, but you are my best. Because even though I doubt more than a couple of our guys actually like the occasional cock, I think they could. That in this fandom, you can realistically write a coming out story for one of them, that they could come out by choice and not have it be the end of their career. That they could be gay and not the Gay One.

  • Bandom is so damn hard to kick because there's a ton of overlap so you can gorge on all your favorite characters at once ooooooor you can go off into a little corner and just read about one band and maybe draft a thousand words about Brendon Urie's stupid face and how he should get every boy because the world is a better place when Bden is getting debauched by his band/other bands/random hot guys/random hot girls with strap-ons/all of the above, no really.

    Um. Not that I've ever done that. Heavens, no.

  • Some fandoms are just BETTER than others. Not necessarily the canon or the fic, just, god, I love Firefly and SG-1 and Die Hard, okay? But they cannot touch Smallville's epic or bandom's charm or HP's crazy. Especially HP's crazy. And maybe those things aren't what call to you, but if they are?

    I don't think there's a fandom on earth that goes to every place HP does, everything from G-rated heterosexual babyfic schmoop to skullfucking with bonus bestiality. Bandom has a giant cast of genuinely fucking charismatic people of both sexes, living the life 90% of us have fantasized about and oh yeah, they provide their own AUs, complete with vampires, schoolboy uniforms, and hilarious fetishes. And seriously, Smallville is about the relationship between two men whose fathers intended them to rule the world. It's hard to get more epic than that.

    In a big fandom, everyone kind of feeds off each other and produces a kind of gestalt, magnifying certain qualities, right? The fandom gains a kind of character. And that is amazing and doesn't happen all the time and I love it when it does.

  • Guys, I could totally go for some Brendon/Greta. It would be approximately 18 kinds of adorable.

  • ...Angelus/Darla OTP. Yeah, they were unspeakably evil, but they found their match and you have to admire that! Also I want to read/watch Angel and Gunn bitchfighting over Wesley for always. Yes, I rewatched Epiphany, why do you ask?

  • I want Halloween fics/comics xovers that take into account schizo comics canon.

  • There is MATH IN MY RECREATION. I DO NOT APPROVE. If Christina has 38 days to do 9 lists (with each list having 15 to 50 stories), how many stories must she read in the next three weeks? Answer: MANY. I feel like Detritus.

  • Guys, I can't think of any more awesome themes. That is not a problem I've ever had before! I disapprove! Seriously, after March? I think I'ma take a break 'til June. At least.

  • Ahaha, at this point Frank & Gee's faily courtship is an interband trope.

  • Tentacled gay incest baby, wtf.

  • Maybe it's just me, but reading Resonance is giving me a weird disconnect vis a vis the teachers/Dumbledore's behavior. It seems like an awful lot of "we ask too much of you!/here, do this and don't complain". They say he should just take what he needs, but they require him to do the pretty for the press, even in minor things. People really do act like that, but in my experience, they will eventually get called on it, and here they never are. He's resentful, sure, but it's sort of general and seen in the narrative as having no cause. Which is honestly the thing that bugs me most. He does have cause, but they refuse to see it as valid because he "shouldn't" feel that way. Wow, I actually feel better having articulated that.

  • I want a comm where I can dump plotbunnies and know they'll go to a good home.

  • I am totally addicted to Lala and I blame [ profile] eleanor_lavish. I can stream all the country songs I get hooked on at work as much as I want, for 10 cents each.

    Oh, country music. Sometimes so awesome. Like, Trace Adkins's "Arlington"? Makes me fucking weep when I hear it and you'd better believe they play that over and over on Memorial Day/Veterans Day, which is awkward. And there's a truly hilarious amount of revenge-killing in country songs.

    But also, so, so ridiculous. Which I think is best summed up by the spoken word portion of David Allan Coe's "You Never Called Me By My Name":

    Well, a friend of mine named Steve Goodman wrote that song and he told me it was the perfect country & western song.
    I wrote him back a letter and I told him it was not the perfect country & western song because he hadn't said anything at all about Mama, or trains, or trucks, or prison, or gettin' drunk.
    Well he sat down and wrote another verse to the song and he sent it to me, and after reading it, I realized that my friend had written the perfect country & western song and I felt obliged to include it on this album.
    The last verse goes like this here:

    Well, I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison
    And I went to pick her up in the rain
    But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck
    She got runned over by a damned old train"

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