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So I am reading some favorite-cliche stories (X goes back in time to save the ones they love!) and, confession: I ship Wesley/Illyria desperately. It was honestly the only storyline I gave a damn about in those final episodes, and the biggest reason I regretted the cancellation, because rumor had it they were actually going to go there. I cannot watch the "would you like me to lie to you now" scene without weeping, I ship it so hard. Her gaspy "my love, oh! my love" is so clearly an epiphany and it KILLS ME DEAD. Unf.

Joss Whedon is kind of an amazing bastard at getting me to fall in love with his characters' relationships.

So, the various ships (of many fandoms) that I LOVE, in no particular order )

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Apr. 6th, 2009 07:21 pm
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Normally this would be an SIC post, but that would involve googling French and I don't want to.

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My three lists are at 40, 38, and 35 right now, so go me. And I've got at least a hundred stories on deck, if I can just figure out where I want to/can use them. Sadly, the awesome BtVS/Avengers crossover will have to wait for another list as I am bound and determined to use it with Superhero.

Current top five from each list:

Proof of Your Existence (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Not Only Human}
Biology Lessons (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Death}
Shadows of the Future (gen) [Star Wars] {Erase/Rewind}
throw a little sparkle all over it (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) [RPS] {Family}
Sex Pollen Fic, Minus the Sex (Various) [Avengers] {Aftermath}

Strategy (Connor/Wesley, Angel/Wesley) [Angel] {Make Use of the Suffering}
Trying to Communicate (gen) [Torchwood] {Humor}
Taken (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis] {Dominance}
A Cyborg Manifesto (Ianto/Lisa, Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Walking Wounded}
L'Etranger (gen) [Harry Potter] {Character Study}

This Wouldn’t Have Happened in the Analog Era (Ryan/Chad) [High School Musical] {Jealousy}
I Take Thee, Carter: A Tale of Several Weddings and an Apocalypse (Jack/Allison) [Eureka] {Ceremony}
Neither Advice Nor Reason (Various) [RPS] {Change Partners}
Promises Writ in Indelible Ink and the sequel, Mine (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis] {Possessive}
The Vital Question (Steve/Tony) [Avengers] {Mistake}
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Coming to you hard on the heels of Part Huit mostly because I have limited 'net access and have been reduced to the text files of random observation again. Also why I am behind on comments (sorry!).

Too Lame for Clever Cut Text )
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Random fan stuff. Covers both the two weeks I spent re-immersing myself in Harry Potter and the four or so days right after I finished downloading all five seasons of Angel, where I was maybe briefly insane.

Stupid Fits of Enthusiasm )
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Eh, y'all know how I enjoy blathering. Been collecting junk thoughts into a text file the past three or four days, and now I share the contents of said file:

Musings )
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Okay, the thing is, I am a girl ruled by whims. I am strange and whimsical.

Often the whims could be termed cravings. For food, drink, music, fic, episodes of a random television show I may or may not have ever seen before.

Like right now, I want honeydew. Or something with a lot of melted cheese. Possibly both (but not together, 'cause eew). And water. The water from home, because the water from here tastes different, and don't get me started on bottled water.

And I am unsatisfied by Coheed and Cambria. I have an inarticulate longing for other music. But again, inarticulate.

I want to read...something Harlequinesque and improbable. Angsty and melodramatic and with a happy ending.

Or Wesley fic. I want to read Protocol. Which is, actually, Harlequinesque and improbable. But I could also go for Wesley fic that's like, Jesus, Remembering Amnesia, which's Wesley, all broken and jagged and self-destructive and devil-may-care and black-humoured and...dutiful.

Mmm, Xander fic. More Journeyverse. Or something by Wordsmith. Or the Mad Poetess.

Oh, alandrem. Taking us back to the realm of Harlequinesque. I miss alandrem. I hope she's not dead.

Don't laugh. I have actually had an author die mid-story.

In Memory I. Which reminds me of the Vanyel books. What with the slash and the horrible, rampant abuse-by-the-author of the protagonist.

Jesus, Kindli. I can never remember the damn title of that story, but it... For one thing, I found it my first trawl through the bottom!draco emporium. Like I've said before, I have pretty damn good luck finding the good stories first. It's got blackmail and BDSM and compromise and it actually does a pretty good job conveying the squinching uncomfortableness at the beginning.

Fuck, Fidelius. That one just...fuck. He was so fucking brave.

And through this whole fic ramble, almost every story I've named has come to my brain followed by an SGA equivalent.

Because Stargate Atlantis is my happy place. No matter what I've a whim for, I can read SGA and have it satisfy. Because there is seriously nothing I can't find here. No matter how bizarre.

These people embrace the crack!fic. And the serious fic. And they turn things that should be crack!fic into things that are serious fic. Like the story about virgin!priest!John. Basically the whole story was a sex scene. But people talked just as much about how fucking tragic it all was as about how hot it was. Because there was this kind of feel to it, of this might as well be hung for a sheep attitude. It was kamikaze porn.

And then there was the story with the lesbian, flying, talking ponies. Which was, frankly, straight crack.

So, I shall now share the various SGA stories.

Fidelius = Nemesis. Which, yes, lacks the absolutely horrifying thing with the hand. But it has McKay and his defiant, tortured bravery. Or, or, Charting the Motion of Planets, with him willing, desperate, to die rather than give up secrets that'd hurt the people he loves.

Without Rhyme or Reason (the Kindli one, which I just looked up, because of course it's saved on my computer) = Mercy. With the bondage and fisting and the end.

In Memory I = Hospitality. It's all so very fucked up. Rape and murder and torture and suicide and betrayal. Yeah, it's actually a lot like In Memory. Except this gives you four hundred different endings of escalating horrificness, and In Memory's a WiP.

Present Time (the alandrem story) = Care in the Holding. Possibly they are not entirely similar, but my favorite part of Present Time (one of my favorite parts, it's a really fucking awesome story) is the bit with the fight in the police station and that kind of links to Rodney in the gym with the drunk Marines and malicious Bates in my head. Also, how did I forget how fucking purple that story is? Not the prose, the background.

Okay, fine, there's no equivalent to the Journeyverse. But Wordsmith's Reconstruction = shalott's Transcendental and MP's Part of This Complete Breakfast = hmm, Rave Atlantis? or Feeding Frenzy, which contains both the humor and the sluttiness.

And Protocol = The Spare. And also the Hostage Major. And also The Convenient Husband. And also...what? They had a Harlequin challenge. Although I admit that none of them really incorporate the post-apocalypticness or the hookeriness of Protocol.

And finally, Remembering Amnesia = okay, there are several, and I can't find damn well any of them. There's the one where John and Rodney go back to Earth and have an affair and say it can never happen again and then it doesn't. Or the one where Rodney's on Earth and John's dead. Or the absolutely fucked up sentient!Atlantis one. This is crap, people. My not being able to find the stories, not the stories themselves, which rock.

Anyway. Just to round things out, an actual link.

The Scientific Method

There's an accidental orgy. And I think that's all I need to say about that, because if that doesn't get you reading, you are dead to me (or Alyssa). Although I now realize I know of at least two other accidental orgy stories in SGA. See! I told you this fandom has everything.


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