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Apr. 6th, 2009 07:21 pm
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Normally this would be an SIC post, but that would involve googling French and I don't want to.

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Okay, so it's a few more than 50. And there are would have been a couple more if they hadn't been removed from the Internet. But these are the best/my favorite of the bunch.

(Also, I would love this song just for the lines Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef/I'm a vegetarian and I'm not fucking scared of him.)

Okay, it's a little long. Herein lie crossovers, BtVS/Angel, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Smallville, Due South, popslash, Torchwood, Lord of the Rings, RPF, and Care Bears. )

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Again: chronological and mostly unedited, dating from last February to yesterday, if there's a fic I mention that interests, I'll do my best to link you upon request, blah, blah. On to the babble!

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Okay! For those of you who weren't here last time, every little while I do a big post of all my random notes and observations. There's fic notes, fannish ponderings, RL stuff, grammar bitching, I think it, it's here. And normally I sort it by subject, but this go 'round, it's all chronological and mostly unedited. It'll date from last February to yesterday. Oh, and if there's a fic I mention that interests you, I'll do my best to hunt up a link upon request.

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Go here! Go here now, bitches!

If I had self-control, I would have waited until today and read these all in one go and had the best Valentine's ever, but I don't, so I didn't. And so now I shall scream about my favorites and you should all go read them. And, y'know, the others, but mostly these.

It's the (in)famous stripper!AU! Finally complete! With sequels (Learning Curve, Exponential Curves)!

Initial Product Offering. I kind of heart college student!Clark muchly, and the whole thing is basically a big ball of awesomeness. Especially the accidentally-coming-when-Lex-calls (not that way, you filthy whores).

Inertia! It's Hikaru no Go fic! You don't understand! I read the very first American edition of Shonen Jump and I kept up with it through Jessica's subscription and then, later, Tommy's subscription (I miss high school; people pandered to my whims back then...). So I have a secret weakness (for slash especially) for Naruto and Shaman King and Hikaru no Go. And this is slash! And it's heartbreakingly gorgeous! And you all should have already read it, it's that good.

See, I read the first little snippet of this and fell immediately in love with the title ("The Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology"? How could I not?). And now it's wonderfully larger and it's got House in all his stalkery goodness (I will never forget the recap that described him as "Grumpy McStalkercane") and it's got obliviously slutty Wilson and it's got the ducklings! I love the ducklings! And I love this fic.

You know how much I loved the Hikaru no Go and House fics? Add that love and square it, my friends. (Trigonometric) Proofs is Macdonald Hall fic. And it is beautiful and wonderful and my heart explodes with love for it.

But nothing, nothing, matches my love for this story. IT'S THE SEQUEL TO HINDSIGHT! SHUT UP, THE CAPSLOCK IS COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED! GO, BITCHES, GO!

And if you're reading this, you better just be coming back from reading More Than, else I shun you forever and aye. SHUN! Shun like the Amish shun punk rock!

Now that that's taken care of...

I read this random conversation and was very sad when that story did not appear. And then I saw One Life to Ascend To and the joy knew no bounds. It is wondrousness and loveliness and all y'all should read it now, especially if you have anything like my unholy love for the soap opera.

And then today, Visiting Hours. It is monstrous long, and I did manage to resist reading any part of this series until VH was complete (go, delayed gratification!), so now I'm off to do that. But I already know it's going to be awesome. Because it's Pru's version of Clark and Lex's canon son.

So. Happy ficcing. And Happy Valentine's Day.

ETA: OMG, you don't know how much trouble I went to so as to link to that conversation. I had to go through like 80 lj entries. I'd bookmarked, because, hey, soap operas, but then MSN went crazy and...whole big thing.

Also, couple things I meant to mention?

I feel I should get some kind of medal for all the uploading and sharing I have done today. I have spread joy wherever I have gone to-day.


And I like pastry. All pastry. Just for being pastry.

Fuck Me

Jan. 10th, 2006 11:41 am
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I hate me. I read too much and remember too few specifics.

Okay, I remember many specifics, just not helpful ones, like "author" or, I don't know, "title".

Also, I want some kind of user-friendly archival software, that would allow me to do keyword searches and would have more flexible options. Instead of the crappy, crappy thing I have (and have long since given up on using).

You guys have no idea. I have more than 660 MB of fanfiction permanently archived on my computer. Plus something like 420 MB saved and waiting to be read, in more fandoms than is reasonable to count.

I want a story. I remember the story. Smallville, Clark/Lex, first time, Lex takes Clark to his Inaugural Ball. I remember that Clark speaks Chinese, which isn't helpful at all; that's just the part that sparked the urge to reread.

Can't find it.

I've read the damn thing at least four times, there's no way it's not on this computer.

It's not in any of the secondary folders. Oh, you bet your ass I have secondary folders. The main folder has (currently) four subfolders, each of which is organized differently. So I have three secondary folders, which are supposed to contain everything in the subfolders, one org'd by fandom, one by pairing, one by orientation (slash, het, etc.).

It's a no-go.

I don't want to have to find this thing in the primary folder. Because it's going to be in V. 3.

You don't look for things in 3 unless you have a title.

3 is orientation.

The slash section is...massive. I'm not going to look through several hundred stories in god knows how many fandoms to find this thing.

I checked 4. I'm about to check 2.

It's gonna be in 3.

I hate life.

And also, me, because I'm totally going to go through the several hundred stories to find this one.

Fuck. Me.


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