Feb. 2nd, 2014

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I feel just really nervous and restless, which is not at all a good sign of things to come in my brain. It was just a really bad week, you guys. Week and a half, really. I was already edging myself toward a panic attack and then I worked my manager's shift on Saturday (for which I got paid NOT A DIME, because Monday was a bank holiday and so I was still under 40 hours), and then some stuff when down with a guy on my floor at the apartments that was just - awful and dumb and gave me literal nightmares, because there's a guy sexually harrassing you, and then there's a guy sexually harrassing you who lives in your building, likes to listen for movement in the hall outside his door (and you have to pass his door, it's the only to the safe stairs OR the elevator) so he can pop out and make people interact with him, and SURPRISE! who knows which apartment you're in, even though the hallway is constructed in such a way that he literally cannot have seen you go in there from his apartment. Also, he's persistent enough to knock on a door for hours with no encouragement.

There's since been a police report, because I didn't know at the time that you even could call the police for stuff like that if there weren't threats or something physical.

And then the friend that I work with, who persuaded to get this job, had her last day Friday and left me with a manager that I kind of want to yell at a lot. Which is complicated by the fact that when I was hired, our district manager was very careful to ask if I would have a problem working under a manager younger than me, because they'd had to let somebody go for taking constant issue with her. I do not give a fuck about her age, I care about a) the on-the-job training that I never fucking got, that I have literally been to other branches and seen, b) the fact that this last week makes TWO Saturdays I have had to come in and work on my day off, without pay, and that for NEITHER of them did she give me one of the tip cards we're supposed to get for going above and beyond the job (it's only worth $10, but that is still fucking better than $0), and c) that she's folding volunteer work into her manager position in such a way that she's planning fundraisers for Relay for Life every two weeks and everybody gets voluntold to bring stuff and shamed in front of everybody else if they don't. It's a good cause and all, but I literally cannot afford to spend ten to twenty dollars on it out of every paycheck.

Like I said, not one thing to do with her aga, ALL to do with shitty management choices.


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