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Mmmm, terrible Xander crossovers girl. It's been just long enough that I find her stories hypnotic and not yet rage-inducing.
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TtH is good again! Well, kind of. I'm in the sweet spot of "Ardeths Bed Slave"? I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THAT instead of, y'know, focusing on the whole "bed slave" + no apostrophe thing.

...I'm totally about to check out terrible-Xander-crossovers girl.

But! I am also legit excited that 1) there's Buffy/Top Gear fic!, and 2) somehow, GILMORE GIRLS is one of the top television categories - only 46 stories, but hey, I haven't read 46 stories in the actual Gilmore Girls fandom, so.


Jan. 24th, 2010 10:55 pm
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Twisting the Hellmouth hosts 13,000 stories.

I STILL seem to have read all the good ones. At least all of the good Xander stories, as well as a large chunk of the good Buffy, Giles, and Dawn stories (there are, like, three good Wesley stories, and 3/4 of the "good" Willow stories are het, which, no).

But I looove TtH. So I keep reading these awful stories and really, at this point it's qualitatively like punching myself in the face. Over and over.

Somebody point me at something readable?

ETA: Re-reading Practical Linguistics to cleanse the palate - I was starting to wonder if terrible-Xander-crossovers girl had written anything new - and dude, I love this fic so much, even if it is Xander/Jack. Which I totally buy in this story (and in mini!Jack fic), but the age difference + my Jack/Daniel bias usually nets it a thumbs down from me. Anyway:

"I just got off the phone with one of the members of the Watcher's Council." Xander tried not to mention Buffy's name most of the time. With people involved in the occult, it sounded like he was namedropping, and outside of the occult community, people just laughed at her name.


Aug. 27th, 2009 04:30 pm
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John Ringo is totally my profic equivalent of terrible-Xander-crossovers-girl.
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So I am reading the terrible-Xander-crossovers girl again and oh, wow. The I'm straight-I'm straight-I'm straight-kiss me, I'm gay thing is still very distracting. Like, I don't think you can spend 300+ K of the story talking about how he loves women and then give him not one but two boyfriends. Not and have me buy it. Also, you cannot combine "I fight a secret war against the darkness, bitches! Respect me or I'll cut you!" with "I just met you, let me tell you all my secrets, up to and including the deep dark angsty ones!" Telling your boyfriend, yes. Telling his random coworkers/boss/nemesis, no. But they have the bones of good stories! It's just, the execution, not so much at all. But after I spend a few days reading her, I will be much more impressed with any goodfic I read.

I now have two fully-Internet-capable computers! And it turns out Dad hasn't been just wandering off with company property; he gets to buy it for a pittance. Desktop computer with monitors, two mouses, keyboard, and speakers? $75. WIN. It's pretty nice, except it has no sound. I fixed it once, then it unfixed itself and now I am Baffled. But! I can surf on this one and stream on the other.


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