May. 28th, 2012

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I am at that point where I have all of the books and want to read NONE of them. Like, I kind of want to read Bent, but a) I just tried two other Sean Michael books and was very Not Impressed and b) from the summary/sample, it dances very much on the line between yay, kink! and ALL OF THE CONSENT ISSUES and I am just not in the mood for it if it tips over. I kind of want to read Magic Mansion, but I just read Turbulence and it made me angry with Jordan Castillo Price (I thought I was getting the first short story in a series when it's actually the first four chapters of a novel - the author's note says she envisions it unfolding like a television series, but the "pilot" didn't have enough of an internal arc for that concept to fly with me). I kind of want to read Dance with Me, but it's the last Heidi Cullinan that I want to read for itself as well as its author and I feel like I need to hoard it. Ditto Ethan Day's A Token in Time.

BY THE WAY, YOU GUYS, THERE ARE THESE AUTHORS I AM EXCITED ABOUT. Heidi Cullinan and Ethan Day and LB Gregg and Kari Gregg (probably not related) and Anne Tenino and Christine Price and Jez Morrow and Kaje Harper and Jay Lygon and probably some other people, these are just the ones off the top of my head. Just because you aren't getting the ebooks posts doesn't mean you should miss out on awesome.


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