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I keep thinking about things I want to say and then thinking "I don't have enough to make a whole post" and screw that, so.

Does anybody watch Saving Grace? Because I would actually like to see it (shows are never set in Oklahoma!), but I have a problem: Holly Hunter is too white to be playing someone called Grace Hanadarko. I live near Anadarko and it gives me cognitive dissonance to hear the name/see a blonde. Does the character at least have some kind of Caddo heritage? Or did they just co-opt the name? Also, I am a little leary of their handling of the Murrah bombing, which is apparently an ongoing plotpoint.

I have a total kink for stories where everybody knows the canon's big secret (declassification of the Stargate Program, Sentinels-are-known AUs, etc.). The glimpses of a powerful, organized, and public Slayers and Watchers Council are a big part of why I love I Am What I Am so much. Unsung heroes getting fame and recognition = WOULD LIKE MORE FOREVER, PLEASE.

This is me.

I'm working on a mix. It's going to be called Go Into Your Emo-Corner: The Overidentification Mix and full of songs that I can't put on playlists because if they catch me in the wrong mood, they cause uncontrollable weeping or leave me screaming along because IT IS A SONG THAT SPEAKS TO MY SOUL. OR, Y'KNOW, MY EMO. WHICHEVER. Also, "get into your emo-corner!" is a line from a Transformers fic about Starscream emailing a domestic abuse center and it makes me laugh and laugh. Because domestic abuse isn't funny, but Starscream giving himself etchings because Megatron doesn't love him anymore and lets Soundwave badtouch him with tentacles is HILARIOUS.

Spoiler for Prince of Persia movie )

So [community profile] ladiesbigbang is going to be a one-off for me. Finding 150 stories that are a) awesome and b) at least 75% lady-focused is hard when I can't predict what fandoms I'm going to be into during the creation period. Like, if I could manage to revisit HP or bandom for more than a couple days at a time, this would be much easier, but fannish ennui is not really something you can arrange to suit a schedule. Working from backlog, I should be able to swing this round (I will be personally disappointed if I can't manage more than 150 just from backlog), but another round? Extremely unlikely.

I am terrible at answering comments and I'm sorry! I read them all and appreciate them and try to respond just might be getting that reply notification a few days/weeks after you've forgotten about the original post. There's a whole thing in my brain about how replies should be substantive and so I wibble around trying to meet an imaginary standard and it's, like I said, a whole Thing.

I am kind of burnt out on profic? Everything feels the saaaaaame.

Next year, fuck it, I will go to another state to attend a fandom con. The last couple scifi "fandom" cons have just not really done it for me. This last one was especially poorly run - panelists openly admitted to having no idea what the topic meant, panels had zero description anywhere so there was a lot of guesswork, panels ran completely off the rails ("Great Bubbas in Science Fiction" turned into "Trials and Tribulations of Running a Small Independent Press"...within the first ten minutes). The arguments for attending Oklahoma cons were always cost and the chance to meet people I could have regular meatspace interaction with and since the second's never worked out, I might as well say fuck it to the first and just start saving now.

I remain totally sad that more people don't watch/love Rollerball.It is a totally shitty movie with one of the most CATHARTIC ENDINGS OF ALL TIME. Like, Chris Klein and his character are basically incidental to the point of it, which is that if you push the common people too far, they will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP AND SET IT ON FIRE.

And thank you fandom, I am now totally likely to accidentally use the word "amazeballs" at work.

If I have to pretend to smile while one more jackass says "Don't mark that [bill], I just made it this morning! Hur, hur, hur!", I will CUT SOMEBODY. Also, if we check it, and your bill is counterfeit, we will not "take it up with the bank, 'cause that's where [you] got it!" We will take it up with the cops, because we are not detectives or investigators of any sort; we are a store, not the Secret Service.
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I was pretty disappointed by my Conestoga experience. In fact, so many things went wrong they changed it from Conestoga 13 to Conestoga 12 3/4. Panels were screwed up, rooms and events were double-booked... I also spent a lot of time silently judging people. Because Brianna Wu seemed nice? But terrible moderator. And the Hardcore Whedon Fans who were very adamant about the difference between camp and cheese? Dude. You cannot love Bruce Campbell movies because they're "camp" and hate on Mammoth for being purposely "ridiculous". Shut it! My icon is for you. And the Guilty Pleasure panel was 98% full of fail (the high point was Clement-Moore making a point about "Impressing" a vampire - it's like getting a Companion or a Pern!dragon in that he has superpowers and having him means you're special - and she wasn't even on the panel).

The zombie guy, Ed, was awesome. And kinda cute. My earrings and necklace and books and t-shirt ("...And then Buffy staked Edward. The end.") are awesome. Selina Rosen and Julia Mandala and Rosemary Clement-Moore and Real Musgrave and Tony Frazier and Glen Cook were awesome. A+ for what I saw/heard of the bands, Safari Sanctuary, and the falconry.

I'll go next year and hope it goes better.

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Y'all, that was AWESOME. Everyone was incredibly friendly and kind. The panels were more about the writing than the reading, and the first panel I went to was briefly hijacked by a bitchfight about NASA vs. commercial space, but then I got to hear about how PC Cast's biologist father critiques her nonhuman sex scenes and there was the awesome, awesome fairies, demons, and zombies panel. Go, Team Zombie!

I clapped so hard at The Merlene Show (hillybilly Martha Stewart, presented by Yard Dog Press) that I bruised my thumb.

There was awesome MST3King at the play (Don't Mess with Iron Man) and someone brought a model Servo.

But the highlight? Author speed dating. You signed up and then you got a table with 2-3 other fans and 30 authors came by to chat with you for 3-5 minutes. This led directly into the new book reception, so you could follow up on particularly awesome conversations. I got to spend, like, two hours talking to Marie Brennan, Shanna Swendson, and Sarah Rees Brennan, aka [ profile] mistful, aka the person I went there to see. Pretty much made my year. Also super awesome? Dean Lorey, PC Cast, Jen Barnes, Rachel Caine, Larry Dixon, and Julia Mandala.


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