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I feel like I very much need a soulbond AU verse of some sort for this show, because there was Derek for Meredith and Denny for Izzie and now OWEN FOR CRISTINA and there is just very much a theme of bam, you, for me, for always. I'm not gonna lie, I spent something like twenty minutes mentally mapping out the dynamics of a BDSM-verse (I am still undecided); that remains pretty much my brain's version of a love letter.

Also, I very much want spoilers for next season IMMEDIATELY, because it totally felt like Someone Particular was going to die after all the "we're so happy" stuff back at Seattle Grace and I cannot even deal with that.
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Like, I watched a few minutes of an episode of Grey's Anatomy a few weeks ago and now I'm buying old seasons and trying to figure out where to start. I got season five so I could watch the Callie/Arizona from the start - btw, can I just say how awesome I find it that there're now canon lesbian marrieds on a show that had a very heavy femslash fandom from the start? - but do I have to watch all of it? Seeing George alive, knowing he dies, just makes me sad. Also, please tell me someone is hiding a shitton of Mark Sloane/Jackson Avery fic. I WILL EVEN TAKE MARK/JACKSON/LEXIE, I JUST FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT MARK AND HIS BOYTOY, WHO HE ORDERS AROUND AND SLIPS GIANT WADS OF CASH BEFORE SENDING HIM ON HIS WAY. Also, Meredith/Cristina is still my OTP. I do not care about their husbands, I just want them to be in the same city together at the end of this.
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Still in progress, because this is fun.


  • I want Peter and Isaac to paint together, Peter helping Isaac with using his powers sober, the both of them getting progressively more stressed and strung out as November 8 looms ever closer without them finding the damn cheerleader, and then I want them to have a desperate, sweaty, paint-streaked fuck right there on the mushroom cloud on Isaac's floor.

  • I want Mohinder/Claire, after Claire finds out what her father's been doing on those "business trips", where they drink together and bond over their daddy issues and how very much this mutant explosion has fucked up their reasonable lives. Then there's friendship that slowly shifts to dating without either of them really noticing. Also, it'd be awesome if, at some point Claire could save him from amugger and then be charmed by how nonchalantly he accepts being saved by a girl.

  • I also want a gen story. Shocker, I know. But I really want to see Hiro and Matt = BFF. Don't even try to say it wouldn't be awesome.

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As I've said, I've set myself to reading things I don't, actually, want to read. Because I find them creepy. But I am making a list.

Oh, and I was thinking, and I think it's the fact that I've never seen necrophilia presented as a serious fetish that makes it not an autosquick; mostly, in my brain, necrophilia = parody.

Anyway. I can't seem to find a threesome I find squicksome on its own grounds. Like, I won't read Lucius/Draco/Snape, but I'm not interested in any of the contained pairs and I don't read Draco/not!Harry the same way I don't read John/not!Rodney. Buffy fandom made me love the illogical threesomes! It is totally not my fault. I...apparently want to read Tony/Abby/McGee? And wow, Tony/Ziva/Gibbs would be awesome, especially post-ep discipline fic for that one with the Korean spy!wife. Oh god, why has no one written that? Or maybe someone has, in which case, I must have it.

This exercise is surprisingly interesting. I now yearn for pairings/groupings I never contemplated. Like Tony/Jen. And Tony/Gibbs/Jen. Because after Gibbs fucks off to Mexico, Tony and Jen work together more and then they have friend- and/or commiseration-sex and get all close and then Gibbs comes back and is Displeased, because Gibbs is a possessive bastard and then 1) Gibbs stews for a while before Tony and Jen take pity and include him for hot and playful threesome sex or 2) Tony and/or Jen suggests Scenario 1, their lover is jealous because this was supposed to be a relationship based on more than a common bastard, there is Angst on the part of the lovers and Angst on the part of Gibbs (his return has made the people he loves miserable!), and then there is some drinking and the jealous lover seeks solace in Gibbs' arms, jealousy all 'round, misunderstandings, more sex and alcohol, some confessions, and finally, happy athletic threesome sex or 3) Gibbs decides to make Amends for running off by slowly and diabolically seducing the pair into his bed, as a pair, and then there is much porn or 4) Gibbs goes all masterful and convinces the two to join him for scorching threesome bondage-sex and then just...keeps them. And apparently I'm not getting off this fantasy-story tangent and should just give up and what I planned to say. Ah, well.

I think I could maybe go for some Zack/Hodgins/Angela. Hodgins' crush on Angela seems obvious enough, and if you combine that with Zack living with him and Zack's obvious affection and respect for Angela, I'm sure many nifty things could happen. Like, Zack and Angela date, or Zack and Angela have a nonromantic sexual affair, whatever, and Hodgins realizes he is, in fact, jealous of both of them. This makes him hostile, which confuses Zack and angers Angela. Eventually it erupts into a confrontation in the lab in which Hodgins grabs Zack and kisses him in front of God, Angela, and everybody. Angela finds boykissing hot and is saucily delighted. Threeway dating, possibly the kept boy thing crops up (story of my HEART, why will no one write it?), happy ending with sex for all! Very good sex, because I bet Angela's wicked in the sack and mmmm, Zack and his incredibly long fingers and his perfectionism.

And I would not say no to Brennan/Booth/Angela. What with Brennan/Angela being my favorite, and Brennan/Booth being the show's favorite, and Angela canonically digging Booth.

Lalala, what else. Oooh, Firefly, with the practically-canonical bizarre threesome of Simon/River/Kaylee, which is always fun. As is Jayne/Simon/Mal, which I adore. But you know what I want to see. More Simon/Zoe/Wash. And mmmmm, Simon/Inara/Mal, which I've never seen and am now keenly interested in, because those would be some interesting dynamics, with Mal's jealousy and Simon's uptightness and Inara's determination to remain emotionally uninvolved. Oh, she could seduce them both, planning on leaving them paired together because she can't keep Mal dangling after her, temptation and torment both, and then finding herself completely unable to untangle herself, because Simon loves hard, harder than is sane or rational or proper, and it's impossible to walk away from that depth or fierceness of feeling, and Mal, when has she ever been able to resist Mal as much as she means to? And it's infinitely harder now, when instead of calling her a whore, he just gives her these slow grins like he sees right through Companion Serra, and she eventually has to throw up half-baffled hands in resignation and content herself with two gorgeous steady lovers and a life and family unlike anything she ever planned.

And now is when I again long for Buffy Summers threesomes. I want more Buffy/Willow/Xander, and Buffy/Wesley/Angel, and Buffy/Wesley/Faith (especially in the Wishverse!), and Buffy/Ethan/Giles, and Buffy/Xander/Faith (OT3! shut up, wins at life!), and Buffy/Darla/Angel (just once! I want to read it once! preferably with angry pregnant Darla because oh, the shenanigans my mind is hinting at), and Buffy/Xander/Spike (Buffy-never-died AU, or there's the horribly angsty Buffy-uses-them-both-for-sex story, where they find out about each other and there's hostility and shame, but she manipulates them into simultaneously bedding her and gradually the men grow closer and end up forcing Buffy into an epiphany and then there is a long road to a more healthy relationship and dammit, no one's ever gonna do that one). And then there's the Buffy/Xander/Dawn where, a couple-few years post-Chosen, a mysterious Something happens to Xander in Africa and he ends up with near-total amnesia and the only personal information he retains are a few scattered memories of Dawn. He's sent to Rome to convalesce and finds himself attached quite firmly to Dawn, but also oddly drawn to her vibrant older sister. Blah blah, angst, magical shenanigans, eventually, threesome, and Xander later regains his memory but remains quite happy with his new situation - he always has had a weakness for Summers women. Oh, and I've read one Xander/Willow/Cordy fic and am quite convinced there should be more.

I believe I've bitched before about the lack of post-enzyme Rodney/Ronon/Teyla? I mean there's Sweat, but I want more, and bigger, because I'm interested. And speaking of things I've seen only once, I wouldn't be averse to more Teyla/Elizabeth/Rodney. Or hell, Teyla/Elizabeth/Ronon. And then I have this whole post I keep meaning to type up about girl!Rodney having sex with Cadman and Ronon, maybe separately, maybe both at once. Oh! Rodney/Cadman/Vala! Oh, man, that would amuse me endlessly; someone should totally do that. Hmmm, Teyla/Elizabeth/Kate as just a regular tension relief kind of thing. Or hee, Teyla/Elizabeth/Zelenka as told by an outside observer would win.

And oh, how I used to long for Meredith/Izzie/George. Or George/Izzie/Alex. Now, though, I turn my yearning toward Burke/Cristina/George, because all three of them WIN. Come on, you know you want it. Because 1) Burke could totally date two interns and get away with it, 2) George is adorable, deserves mad amounts of sex, and has a giant (and totally requited) man-crush on Burke, and 3) competitive!Cristina is hot like burning - Cristina turns everything into a competition - any threesome involving Cristina automatically doubles its hot-like-burning quotient. I mean, I like Callie and all, but it'd be kind of awesome if she went crazy on George and Burke comforted him and there were Feelings and George immediately chose the avoidance/denial route and Burke was wounded and Cristina tried to fix it and weaseled out of George why he needed some time and being simultaneously pleased at having such an awesome boyfriend that he turned George gay and pissed because hey! her boyfriend! Then Burke gets it out of her and admits that he, too, has the Feelings, but he loves Cristina and is committed to her, and George is right, maybe they should just take some time... And then Cristina brings George home and is very matter-of-fact about how at least George isn't another girl, as she's not fucked-up enough to be either the Addison or the Meredith in this situation and also, she's the best girlfriend ever and she hopes Burke realizes that this means she gets to win every argument, ever, right on down as to whether people who run recreationally are, in fact, deficient. So there.

And finally, I want a post-HBP fic that starts Harry/Luna and ends Harry/Luna/Draco. I want it set before the defeat of Voldemort; I want it to be a goodly distance from the end of HBP; I want Draco to be miserable, confused, horribly disadvantaged, and with a massive crush on Harry; and I want Luna to convince Harry to give Draco a chance to prove himself. There would be lust and distrust and anger, confusion and grudging acceptance and growing attachment, angst and love and thrilling heroics. It would be awesome, bitches, and I shall leave you to contemplate that.

Okay, I lie, but only because I just realized I also want Harry/Luna/Ron. And possibly Harry/Luna/Neville. I'm already an established fan of Harry/Ginny/Luna and I've got some Harry/Luna/Hermione queued up to read tomorrow. Basically? Luna wins at threesomes and hey, maybe I could go for some Ginny/Luna/Neville...

Anyway! Some H/G/L for you:
Count the Way
A Progression of Third Wheels
Cravings and Compulsions
Severus Snape and the Dubious Duty
True Moon and The Opposite of an Eclipse

ETA: Took me two day to realize hey, I never did finish typing that. So, you may have briefly seen the incomplete version on the 18th. Anyway. Have some music! The B for Brontosaurus website, with four songs for free download. Who Will Sail My Ship Ashore? has always struck me a threesome-y song, and I am currently infatuated with Soda Pop Rock.

Also? On that H/L/Hr story? Author ended it with a reset and prophecy of doom. Bitch freaking move.
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(Spoilers liek woah, FYI.)

OMG, people, for serious, this show. I don't care that a lot of the time it's cheesy and predictable and totally a soap opera; it is also full of awesomeness. Often because of those very things.

Oh my god, Alex, I have never loved you more. Sitting there in the Chief's office, talking about how it doesn't matter if you like them or agree with them, they're your team, and then, with Izzie, and the picking her up off the hospital bed and holding her while she cried, and then following her like that - people, Alex may be my favorite. That's new.

Even though it happened off-screen, George visiting Burke was one of my favorite things tonight. And I'm pretty sure I would pay money for a story where Burke dates George and Cristina because 1) Burke/George would be ridiculously cute and I would ship them entirely if I didn't so love Burke/Cristina, and 2) Cristina trying to be a better girlfriend than George is awesome now, when she's competing with a platonic relationship - imagine what would happen if she no longer had the naked-girlfriend trump card.

I was sad when Denny died even though a blind man could have seen it coming, because I liked Denny and I liked Denny/Izzie and it's kind of horrible that she fucked over her medical career for love and made peace with it and was all engaged, with no regrets, and now she's fucked professionally, grieving for the man she agreed to marry, and kind of responsible for his death (and will be even more responsible if Han's patient dies waiting for another heart).

I love how last night they had Izzie commit one of the most ethically sketchy acts I have ever seen on television in my life and then tonight they had Meredith and Derek fuck in an exam room, and it's the latter that made me flail and actually yell at my television "Oh my god, NO, DON'T DO IT!" because it was so utterly skeevy, what with the way they're both with other people, who are waiting for them at PROM. Also, how much do I adore the way Callie was glaring at Derek after she tied Meredith's dress? I desperately want to know how much of that is her affection and/or lack thereof for Meredith and Derek as individuals and how much is her drawing parallels between her and Meredith, and Derek and George (coming as it did after the scene where she talked about hating being so into George).

The thing that killed me? Cristina taking Burke's hand and holding it still. Oh my god, Cristina, so much love right then. It made up for the freezing up in the operating room.

Christ, I want to torrent both (all three?) parts and watch it again.

Seriously? I love this show.
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I am being haunted by the stench of stroganoff.

Also, I'm losing track of which notebook is for what. I have like four stenos rattling around here and I use them all for different things. Just think...only about half of what goes into the pseudo-diary steno makes it here. And then there are my text files of random observation. I could be spamming y'all so much.

Oh! This is the one with Mark! The ratbastard best friend!

Dammit, I'm going to have to eat the damn stroganoff just so I don't have to smell it anymore.

That was the best ever! No, best ever!

First the ratbastard sleeps with McDreamy's wife and then follows him across the country to hit on McDreamy's ex-mistress! And McDreamy punches him in the face! Out of nowhere! We don't even see him 'til bam! Fist to the face!

This is made even more awesome because (according to TV canon) surgeons are neurotic about punching people (it could seriously screw up their hands and they live by their hands), so while you or I might punch somebody because they pissed us off, or provoked us, or looked at us funny while we were drunk, a punch from a surgeon is like an expression of the Ultimate Primal Man-Rage.

Chief! I love you, Chief. "Well, alright then." And I kind of love that Shephard was petty enough to make Addison explain.

Dirty Mistress (version male) has a point. The disparity is interesting. And is not at all helping me not-'ship married man/slutty mistress.

Ha! McSteamy.

I like the patients of the week. Dying-guy more than lion-boy, but I like them both.

"Surly and hardcore" = totally Cristina.

I love this show.

Not, y'know, as much as I love NCIS, but I'm totally buying the Season 2 DVDs.

YES! Fucking yes! This is the best medical soap ever. Ahahahaha, quadrangle.

Wow. That's just...It was like she didn't even hear him. George was standing right in front of her, telling her he had something important to talk to her about, and she blew past him like he didn't even register.

Oh, wow. The parallels between the dirty mistresses just get awesomer and awesomer.

I love Burke. I love Burke, and I love the way Burke loves Cristina.

And okay, I would not be averse to a George/Izzie/Alex threesome, either. George needs some love, people! Or, failing love, some sweaty fun-sex. Or the fun drunk-sex. Or the hot, hot hate-sex. More naked!George, people. That is all I ask.

Oh, god, Meredith, don't do that, don't do McSteamy.

Show, I hate you. You should not have made the ratbastard charming. Although possibly if I 'shipped Addison/McSteamy, I could guiltlessly 'ship Meredith/McDreamy.

OH MY GOD. Meredith, if you use George and then toss him aside, I'm pretty sure I'll hate you forever. Don't do it. I like you and all, but George is my favorite, and if this show piles the trauma of him getting you, his dream girl, his #1 crush, and then losing you, on top of the thing with getting syphilis from Alex via the slutty nurse, I'm going to be so pissed off.
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OH MY GOD. Oh my god.

This was the best episode of Grey's Anatomy ever.

Jesus Christ. I was all condescending about this girl who was talking about how long six days seemed and now. Oh my god.

I mean, we know they're probably not going to kill Meredith, 'cause she's the titular character, but everybody else in there.

Jesus. Jesusjesusjesus.

The episode started and I was completely with George on the "Bailey! Bailey's back! Life is worth living again!" thing. And I was laughing at the banter between Burke and Shephard, and then I was happy about the scene with George and the Chief outside Bailey's room. And normally I'd be a lot wordier in my love, but.

I heart the surgical teams. The two who stayed with Shephard and the three (four?) who stayed for Burke. That is so far beyond the call of duty that they should get medals or bevies of virgins or something.

And I have anti-love for Milton, the cowardly, callous son of a bitch. He is beyond despicable. Shut up, he gets no sympathy. If he wanted to make a break for it, whatever, he has kids. He could have said something to Burke, or the bomb squad, or anyone but the girl with her hand on the fucking bomb. Or, if he was going to be that much of a coward, if he was going to leave her alone in there, he at least could have had the grace, the fucking humanity, to do so without terrifying her with tales of what happens to people who get blown up. He especially could have left out the part about, what was it, oh, yeah...The part about how they could become pink mist if the bomb detonated.


I love Burke and Meredith and Cristina, though, for staying in that room.

God, I can't wait for next week.

ETA: Both surgical teams were four people. I rewatched it while I ate. And hey! Thing I missed last time? When Cristina's blocking the bomb-squad minion from the OR, the thing Meredith says is: "Oh, no, no, she will hurt him." I love Cristina. And Meredith. I love this show.

Oh, George

Jan. 29th, 2006 10:58 pm
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Oh, George, you're my favorite.

"I'm a union guy...Gimme that sign."


Christ but Alex is a brownnoser. And Cristina is going to stab the Ditz in the neck. She's like the Anti-Bailey.

My love for George cannot be textually rendered. Sticking to his guns but so, so - not apologetic - self-effacing? - about it.

I hate the new resident. She's an idiot. That is not how you present options to next-of-kin. Those were two courses of treatment of wildly differing risk yet she presented them as if they were equal, as if the only factor to consider was the patient's state of mind, not whether or not the patient would even survive surgery. Hate. Hatehatehate for the Anti-Bailey.

OMG, it was thisclose to being a nurse/doctor bar brawl in Joe's.

Dude. Dude. I was all "No, brain! You are reading these clues wrong! This will not go where you are thinking it will, this is not a soap opera!". And then they totally went for the Sekrit Child of Teenage Folly. Proving that, yeah, yeah, this is a soap opera.

You know, I don't are if Cristina was wrong; her objections seem valid. And am I wrong in assuming that, a) the Ditz may have wanted to consult with another doctor at some point, especially taking into consideration the fact that she's only a resident, and b) that a flesh-eating disease of the leg is perhaps a bit out of the specialty of a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Damn you, show, McDreamy's married. You're not supposed to make me 'ship him and his mistress.

Okay, bitches, more OT3 fic like yesterday. Izzie and Meredith crawl into bed with George 'cause they had bad days. And he asks after them and then Meredith shuts off the light and out George pops with "Anybody want to have sex?" and they giggle. And so now I yearn for OT3 fic. Fulfill the yearning? Anybody? I'd love you forever?



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