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I am actually going to attempt it this year, which means I get to nom things!

Current (hopefully final - I can't take more brackets) nominations are:

The Inside (tv): Rebecca Locke! I just love her a lot, you guys. She is badass and competent and totally, totally crazy. Also, y'know, Rachel Nichols; I heart her (P2 just lost out to Kick Ass in the brackets).

Kick Ass (movie): Hit Girl is amazing (she totally thinks Batman is a pussy) and I'm pretty sure Mindy Macready/Sam Puckett is the best crossover OTP I have ever had.


P C Hodgell - Chronicles of the Kencyrath: Jame/Bane was my kinky OTP before I knew what kink or OTPs were. Violence! Bloodplay! Incest! IT COULD BE RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS. Also, there's amnesia and apocalypses and philosophy and thieves and assassins and fealty and magic and it's all about a totally badass lady who's more comfortable fucking you up than talking about "feelings" (she fucks around with the existence of a god just to see if she can! I LOVE HER).

Painkiller Jane: The show is kind of terrible, but it has the bones of an awesome universe and then there is JANE. Jane is like Claire Petrelli, Max Guevara, and Sara Pezzini had a baby and she is AWESOME.

Wen Spencer - Ukiah Oregon series: Ukiah! But also Atticus! Atticus/Ru! Canonical OTP! And you know what's also canon? ALIEN SEX DRUGS MADE THEM DO IT. ROUGHLY. Oh yeah, and also, THEY FIGHT CRIME.

Man, I need to check for clean electronic copies of these books. EXPECT THEM TO APPEAR ON THE BOOK FILTER SHORTLY. They may not be pretty versions, but THEY WILL BE THERE.
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Still in progress, because this is fun.


  • I want Peter and Isaac to paint together, Peter helping Isaac with using his powers sober, the both of them getting progressively more stressed and strung out as November 8 looms ever closer without them finding the damn cheerleader, and then I want them to have a desperate, sweaty, paint-streaked fuck right there on the mushroom cloud on Isaac's floor.

  • I want Mohinder/Claire, after Claire finds out what her father's been doing on those "business trips", where they drink together and bond over their daddy issues and how very much this mutant explosion has fucked up their reasonable lives. Then there's friendship that slowly shifts to dating without either of them really noticing. Also, it'd be awesome if, at some point Claire could save him from amugger and then be charmed by how nonchalantly he accepts being saved by a girl.

  • I also want a gen story. Shocker, I know. But I really want to see Hiro and Matt = BFF. Don't even try to say it wouldn't be awesome.

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I totally missed the almost-cannibalism the first few times through.

I mean, yeah, I caught the whole roasted-child,-with-a-side-of-mint-sauce thing, because that was pretty hard to miss (mint sauce, y'all).

But you know what I missed? The part where Ukiah barely resisted munching on Boy Scout leg.

I mean, it wasn't a live Boy Scout. Crazy Joe Gary had already killed and dismembered it. Him. Obviously, it was a male, 'cause hello, Boy Scout. But I think you can call corpses its.

Anyway. Ukiah wasn't going to butcher anybody, or anything like that. he was just...hungry. And it was there. And he was really hungry.

He'd just been dead! He needed a snack!

And. Huh. Possibly it would not have been cannibalism.

I mean, he's half human/half alien, right? Would it still count?

God, I want some Harry Dresden right now. But I have seriously over-read all of the Dresden Files novels that I could lay hands on right now.

I'm beginning to memorize whole chunks. Of multiple books.

Such as the scene in the latest book where we discover that T-Rexs may be hella quick, but they don't corner well.

But I want more! More about Harry and his unkillable chivalry, and his slutty vampire brother who people keep mistaking for his gay live-in lover, and his new gig as magical judge, jury, and executioner! And I want to see more of his godmother! And Kincaid (omg, how much do I love Kincaid - too much for words, that's how much, bitches)! And Lasciel and her tiny, possibly-faked-for-purposes-of-manipulation-and-eventual-ownership-of-his-soul crush on Harry!

And oh, I both do and do not want to see Michael again. Because I heart him, and if he tries to slay Harry re:Lasciel, I shall have to unlove him right quick. But possibly it will not be that bad! Possibly he will see that Harry is not totally at fault! But...Knights of the Cross, they do not generally truck with this congress with the fallen. But there is Sascha! He was one of the Denarians! And is now a Knight of the Cross!


Love those books. Best sf/f film noir EVER.

Y'all should go read them. Alyssa, I believe you actually have a copy of the first book (courtesy of me).

Also? You suck, with the not asking for something for Christmas. Yet being willing to order me to totally overthrow YEARS of tradition, omg, you'll be lucky if you get freaking ANYTHING.

I ran out of meals on my meal plan and was unable to obtain any supper. I am now so hungry I could eat an organ ferret.

Okay, not really, but ALMOST.
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"Janet Haze and the Organ Ferrets" would be the best band name *ever*.

Also, there are grammar mistakes here that the editors really should have caught.

Still a fucking awesome book.
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Oh, Michael, you and your unnecessarily twisty escape plan; I love you.

At least it seems unnecessarily twisty, but I dunno; *I've* never broken out of prison.

And oh, L.J., I love you, too. You're so much smarter than Veronica that it actually *is* funny. And knocking Quinn into the dry well...score, you, L.J. Score, you.

Also, I kind of liked Sociopathic-Secret-Agent-Man tonight. Leaving Quinn trapped in the well and everything. I hope he still had his gun down there, 'cause exposure seems like a pretty crappy way to die. I'd totally rather go the bullet-in-the-brainpan route.

I wanna see Serenity again.

Anyway, my local news show decided to slide into the hilariously inappropriate tonight. They decided to follow Prison Break with a story about prisoners. They gave two headline-y names for their little segment, and I must quote them both. For I must share the madness.

"Prison Rape: Is It What Criminals Deserve or Is It Cruel and Unusual Punishment?"


"The Darker Side of Prison Rape: Why Inmates Say It's No Laughing Matter".

Seriously. First story after Prison Break. They *led* with this.

I have fudge bars in my tiny and not especially efficient freezer. And new books. Okay, I just bought used copies of three books I've read multiple times, and one used book that's new to me. But...I'd lost my copy of Alien Taste somewhere and I have the whole rest of the series. The series about the hot, heterosexual, alien detective who was raised by wolves, and then by lesbians (he had a long childhood). And even though he's straight, he loves this guy Max so much that literally every cell of his body refuses to hurt him (it's a whole thing - each cell in his body can exist independent of him as a viable organism, and those cells can also infect other organisms (making them "Gets") and erase their personalities). Anyway, somebody tries to infect Max with some of Ukiah's blood to make him a Get and the *blood* forms into a worm and crawls out of the injection site because Ukiah *cannot* hurt Max.

And then in the latest book, Ukiah's twin/clone/other half (at one point, this kid Magic Boy was brutally murdered, chopped up, and part of him became Ukiah; another part became Ukiah's brother/clone Atticus) shows up, and he's in love with, and has a long-standing commitment to, a guy, Hikaru Takahashi.

There should be fanfic, because I hate Max's girlfriend (the relationship has very little foundation and kinda got short shrift in the canon) and Ukiah's girl, Indigo, is kinda twitchy about things. Therefore, someone should write me Max/Ukiah.

Or Atticus/Ru, because I love them. They fight crime together! They have canon sex! Atticus has superpowers, and sings Cake! He takes his moral cues from comic books because "everything else assumes you're human"! He occasionally gets amnesia! Ru is witty and charming and kicks ass muchly! He is *also* a Cake fan! He's an adrenaline junkie and a government agent!

There should be *reams* of fanfic. But there aren't, 'cause it's a book series.

I also got Arrow's Fall, 'cause it's got the song appendix, and Arrow's Flight, 'cause if I had two, I needed all three.

So. I've got books and fudge bars. Life is good.


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