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I have been making a lot of tiny private posts lately, because there's stuff I want to say, but I only think of it when I'm too tired/busy reading fic/whatever to even bother capitalising shit. So! Have some thoughts:

  • I want a million stories about the logistics of superheroing (where "logistics" is anything from "all those nifty gadgets + secret identities = patents???" to "cop's-eye-view of the goddamn Batman, aka, every defense attorney's wet dream come true").


  • The combination of this icon and this pairing has now made me really want some Lily/girl!Remus. IT WOULD BE LOVELY. Instead of the Marauders, Remus has Lily to suss out his secret and be fiercely protective and there's never any trick sixth year and what with being in love with a girl, Lily never picks a douchebag bully over Snape (you know his pride would totally take it as less a rejection than as a "if I liked dudes, MAYBE!")and BASICALLY EVERYONE LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER IF REMUS HAS NO PENIS.

  • Sometimes you just have to look at your own squicks and laugh because dude, slashing within the Batfamily skeeves me more than actualfax incest, what is that.

  • For some reason I am convinced that while Sherlock and Patrick Jane would hate each other, Sherlock and Shawn Spencer would find each other FASCINATING.

  • Weird little tic of mine: I need girl!Dean to be named Deanna, not Dena or Diana, because Deanna is the feminine of Dean. As in, my RL Aunt Deanna is named for my Grandpa Dean. There are just certain things that are basic knowledge to you and you can't stand when someone gets it wrong (for values of "wrong") and this is one of those things for me. Also, common-law marriage and the security features of US currency. Both of which were gotten WRONG WRONG WRONG on TV shows recently. Dear Psych: There are only twelve states where common-law marriage is still legal. CALIFORNIA IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

  • I want a story about Sarah and Kyle, but mostly Sarah, called "always a widow, never a bride" because she was a kid, a kid who fell in love with a handsome soldier and then he died before she ever had a chance to grow out of that first flush of crazy-epic-in-love and grow into loving him; she went straight from the honeymoon to funeral, basically. Kyle died and all her possibilites went with him; she was never going to have more than the child he left her, the child who would become the savior of all mankind and how do you deal with that at eighteen? Alone and pregnant and knowing that this kid is all you'll ever have and this, having him and raising him and letting him go (because it's John Connor saves the world, not John Connor succeeds Sarah Connor in saving the world, and you'd never leave him alone with that if you had a choice, but don't think too hard about how it happens because you've miles to go yet, and no luxury to pace yourself to a finish line - this has to be a sprint that lasts for decades if he's going to make it), this is all that you'll be remembered for. There is nothing you do, nothing you are, that is important to the world except for this separate person kicking in your belly, just egg becomes embryo becomes child becomes humanity's last hope, and you just a vessel, like Mary, your whole life's work waiting in you since birth and completed at nineteen when they hand you that squalling red thing you're going to die for, some day.

  • Oh my GOD, how much do I want Inception fic involving a trans character whose appearance in the dreamspace just organically represents their gender identity instead of their physical reality? Not a forgery, just an actual representation of self. Or, oh, oh! A fic about how Eames is the best at what he does partially because he's genderqueer - most people can forge themselves into different appearances, but sexswap/genderswap (I would totally use sexswap, but who says a forgery is only skindeep? Maybe it is closer to genderswap.) reads as a much bigger "change" to the dreamworld and often ends in death-by-projection, while Eames feels that whatever body he's wearing is as true as the one he was born wearing.

  • XANDER HARRIS/SLAYERS = OTP FOREVEEEEEER, OH MY GOD. Like, it feels a little weird that my one true doesn't even involve specific people, but it's just, my Xander's a mostly-straight dude who met a cute girl when he was a teenager and ended up devoting himself to a whole group of hot female superheroes, as friend and lover and protector and support staff and Watcher, and now they're part of his identity, his girls, whether he's in love with Buffy or marrying Faith or just roaming around the country with one (or more!) of the baby Slayers, fighting evil and cracking bad jokes.
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The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride, Sam/Dean, Supernatural.

Bad enough Sam has to save the world by taking over Hell. Then he accidentally signs Dean up to be his Sacred Whore - Beloved Consort, sorry, we're going with "Beloved Consort" as the less fratricide-inducing option.

Guys, this made me laugh so much. Team Boy-King has humans on it, but mostly we see the angels and the demons and they're pretty hilariously inhuman.

"I see your-" Gaviel leans in to inspect the bone Raum has put forward –"human fibula, and raise you two discarded beer bottles."

Despite the demons, and Dean, cheating in a breathtakingly brazen manner, and despite not seeming to be entirely aware of the rules, Gaviel has somehow contrived to win the last two hands.

When it comes to his turn, Dean flicks through his cards, rearranges their order thoughtfully. His poker face, Sam has always thought, makes him look like he's trying to tie a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue: intent but also obscene in some vague way.

"Okay," he says, "I'm gonna wager…" He surveys his winnings so far, which resemble nothing so much as a small heap of trash. He wrinkles his nose and then smirks in an ominous fashion. "I'm gonna wager
my immortal soul."

The demons give a collective groan and throw their cards down in disgust.

"What?" Dean demands, all wide-eyed innocence.

"Yeah, we're not falling for that one again," says Lamia. "Because, we try and collect? And your brother kicks us back down into the Big Heat, and you know it."

"You're just sore 'cause I got the hand with five aces," Dean says.

"Oh, bite me, bitch," she throws back.

"How many aces are usually in a deck?" Gaviel queries, studying the text on the box the cards came out of.

"You'd be surprised," Raum says. "Why, I once played in a game with twenty-eight." He smiles at the memory. "That was played for a soul as well." His smile grows teeth. "Should'a seen the look on that guy's face, as I pulled ace after ace."

Also, I can't stop repeating Unworthy whore! I will strip the skin from your whore-bones!. I don't know why, but it is amazingly fun to use out of context.

But! There is actually an incestuous crisis! They are initially creeped out by the idea of sleeping with each other; worth noting in this fandom. Obviously, that's overcome and there's hot sex (complete with porno dialogue that is sexy and giggle-inducing at the same time - YMMV).

Basically: A+++.

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It would, in fact, be the second time someone used that theme. But no, this is a just a new-and-we'll-call-it-improved version of my TBP post.

04/15 - I will be ETAing this pretty much continually tonight, so, heads up.

04/15 (2) - What the hell, I haven't even finished my current junk file, let alone started on my actual recs folder.

04/16 - But wait! There's more!...Some of it from nearly three years ago. I fail so hard.

04/21 - Added: small fandoms, Sentinel, Trek, Torchwood, Heroes.

04/21 (2) - Oh fandom, how have I come to this? Reccing post-snuff Jack/Ianto - only in fucking Torchwood, I swear to god. Oh, you could do it in HL, but I bet no one ever did. Well, unless Kronos was involved, because that was some fucked-up shit. Anyway! Current mood: HORRIFIED.

05/30 - This shit is RIDICULOUS. I am never going to manage to get rid of this post. Stupid rules about themes. Which I'm apparently going to hold myself to even though no one would care.

07/13 - I ship Xander/Buffy so hard, you guys, but the fic is just...not awesome. Well, excepting [ profile] m_mcgregor and [ profile] lwbush. Actually, the only real ships I have for Xander are Xander/Buffy, Xander/Faith, and Xander/Buffy/Faith. Hi there, not-so-secret Xander/slayers kink! Confession: TOS is practically my least favorite of the Treks (is Enterprise anyone's favorite?). DS9 was my first Trek, back when I was wee and watching with my dad, plus, BASHIR, I love him, so slashy and fucked-up and socially retarded. And TNG has my favorite captain. Reboot is the new beloved, obvs (KIIIIIRK).

But I have been having ennui, guys. It's like last week was the week canon punched fandom in the face, what with Panic and That Other Thing, You Know the One, and it's just hard to be super-enthusiastic in the wake of that. I just want to curl in and read comforty epics; well, that and prompt people to wite the bandom h/c fics of my HEART. I am trying to think of a way to finagle Brendon Urie/Travis McCoy/Katy Perry (I already asked for Brendon/Ashlee/Pete with Bronx adorableness). So I thought, hey! I'm unlikely to add tons to the rec folder in the next few days, perfect time to update this bitch. Also, also, three things people do that I motherfucking hate: not cleaning up the html in their links so I go straight to "leave a comment" or "format=light" or whatever, misuse/ignorance of page titles/subject lines, motherfucking hard-coded fonts jesus fucking christ, because 12-pt Comedic Sans MS for 15 pages is torture.

The Evolving List of Stories I Mean to Rec, Someday )

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Okay, so it's a few more than 50. And there are would have been a couple more if they hadn't been removed from the Internet. But these are the best/my favorite of the bunch.

(Also, I would love this song just for the lines Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef/I'm a vegetarian and I'm not fucking scared of him.)

Okay, it's a little long. Herein lie crossovers, BtVS/Angel, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Smallville, Due South, popslash, Torchwood, Lord of the Rings, RPF, and Care Bears. )

Two More

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Minilist: Saving People. Hunting Things., SPN fic, heavy on the Dean/Castiel, and Minilist: Boys in Bands Don't Have All the Fun, nonbandom rpf.


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