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I TOTALLY FINISHED MY BIG BANG. I mean, barely, and I still need to tweak the tags a LOT, but YAY.

[community profile] notwellbehaved: ~154 fic recs featuring ~187 women from ~70 fandoms (there may be more before I post, shut up). My posting date's September 19! Holy crap, unlocking all those posts is going to suuuuuck.

AND, THE REASON FOR THE POST: WE STILL NEED PEOPLE WHO'RE WILLING TO CREATE COMPLEMENTS. Complements can be anything other than the project's media! Most people did fic, but a few did podfic, graphics, meta, or multimedia projects, so for a complement, you could write or meta or vid or rec or podfic or do a soundtrack or ANYTHING. Pleeeeease?

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This Girl Is Taking Bets and I Get My Kicks Above the Waistline, Sunshine, female characters and gen, respectively. Admittedly, they were thrown together pretty quickly and the titles are literally the first semi-appropraite things I thought of, but hey! That is 100 stories down, only...436 to go.

Um. I'ma go work on that?

(Also, I am totally digging the random icon thing!)
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Arthur/Eames list, Inception, for the twelve of you who've managed to escape the fandom explosion.

I'm not even superfannish about it! But there's a shit-ton of really good fic being produced very very quickly? And before I knew it I had 42 links and 36 of them were Arthur/Eames and at that point it's easier to just go with it than to try to spread them out?
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I open up wordpad to work on posting those lists...and end up making a masterlist of [community profile] list50's lists by theme. It does seem like it'll come in handy? There are several things where I went, WAIT, I only did three of those? Really? I keep forgetting 2007 was basically a lost year.

I was kind of surprised that I've done two death lists, though.
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I've got four lists sketched out (as in, I just need to put the stories in some kind of order, add warnings, and come up with titles) and they should be going up on [community profile] list50 in the next few days. Gen list, prompts list, small fandoms list, and a fem-centric list.

Couldn't figure out a place to put this, so: Storytelling (Zoe/Wash) [Firefly]. Awesome transfic.
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NCIS werewolf AU with transGibbs (Gibbs/Dinozzo): Worthy.

This isn't a rec, as I haven't read it and don't particularly plan to (Gibbs is one of those characters I have trouble imagining as significantly other than in canon), but it is a genderbending shapeshifter AU that's nearly 13000 words. I am sure someone is/would be all YAY! I did skim a little bit to check what they meant by genderbending and it seems fairly well-written? ETA: Actual reader verdict: so-so.
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The crossovers list I didn't really know I was working on! AKA, "Take Only What You Can Carry: Even More Treks Through the Multiverse".

Containing gen (really quite a lot of gen, this time - WEIRD), het, slash, femslash, threesomes, UST, human/nonorganic and nonorganic/nonorganic, character death, apocalypses, time travel, and, of course, crossovers and fusions, some of which are so perfectly and completely meant-to-be that they may leave you OTP'ing ENTIRE FANDOMS (for the record, "Macdonald Hall/St Trinian's" is my OTP, while my two OT3s are "Leverage/The Losers/The A-Team" and "Iron Man/Transformers/Top Gear").

Also, I very much desire a sequel to The Fires in Their Eyes where Dean Winchester, Neal Caffrey, and Kate Moreau ACTUALFAX HAVE THAT THREESOME (sadly, children, the story stops at the AWESOME SHENANIGANS/KISSING/FRIENDSHIP stage* - I heart that stage, truly I do, but as this is pre-series for both 'verses, my brain just keeps appending "AND THEN IT ALL GOES WRONG FOR EVERYONE" and it makes me sad).

*As the story is marked gen, I don't feel this is spoiler territory.
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I keep thinking about things I want to say and then thinking "I don't have enough to make a whole post" and screw that, so.

Does anybody watch Saving Grace? Because I would actually like to see it (shows are never set in Oklahoma!), but I have a problem: Holly Hunter is too white to be playing someone called Grace Hanadarko. I live near Anadarko and it gives me cognitive dissonance to hear the name/see a blonde. Does the character at least have some kind of Caddo heritage? Or did they just co-opt the name? Also, I am a little leary of their handling of the Murrah bombing, which is apparently an ongoing plotpoint.

I have a total kink for stories where everybody knows the canon's big secret (declassification of the Stargate Program, Sentinels-are-known AUs, etc.). The glimpses of a powerful, organized, and public Slayers and Watchers Council are a big part of why I love I Am What I Am so much. Unsung heroes getting fame and recognition = WOULD LIKE MORE FOREVER, PLEASE.

This is me.

I'm working on a mix. It's going to be called Go Into Your Emo-Corner: The Overidentification Mix and full of songs that I can't put on playlists because if they catch me in the wrong mood, they cause uncontrollable weeping or leave me screaming along because IT IS A SONG THAT SPEAKS TO MY SOUL. OR, Y'KNOW, MY EMO. WHICHEVER. Also, "get into your emo-corner!" is a line from a Transformers fic about Starscream emailing a domestic abuse center and it makes me laugh and laugh. Because domestic abuse isn't funny, but Starscream giving himself etchings because Megatron doesn't love him anymore and lets Soundwave badtouch him with tentacles is HILARIOUS.

Spoiler for Prince of Persia movie )

So [community profile] ladiesbigbang is going to be a one-off for me. Finding 150 stories that are a) awesome and b) at least 75% lady-focused is hard when I can't predict what fandoms I'm going to be into during the creation period. Like, if I could manage to revisit HP or bandom for more than a couple days at a time, this would be much easier, but fannish ennui is not really something you can arrange to suit a schedule. Working from backlog, I should be able to swing this round (I will be personally disappointed if I can't manage more than 150 just from backlog), but another round? Extremely unlikely.

I am terrible at answering comments and I'm sorry! I read them all and appreciate them and try to respond just might be getting that reply notification a few days/weeks after you've forgotten about the original post. There's a whole thing in my brain about how replies should be substantive and so I wibble around trying to meet an imaginary standard and it's, like I said, a whole Thing.

I am kind of burnt out on profic? Everything feels the saaaaaame.

Next year, fuck it, I will go to another state to attend a fandom con. The last couple scifi "fandom" cons have just not really done it for me. This last one was especially poorly run - panelists openly admitted to having no idea what the topic meant, panels had zero description anywhere so there was a lot of guesswork, panels ran completely off the rails ("Great Bubbas in Science Fiction" turned into "Trials and Tribulations of Running a Small Independent Press"...within the first ten minutes). The arguments for attending Oklahoma cons were always cost and the chance to meet people I could have regular meatspace interaction with and since the second's never worked out, I might as well say fuck it to the first and just start saving now.

I remain totally sad that more people don't watch/love Rollerball.It is a totally shitty movie with one of the most CATHARTIC ENDINGS OF ALL TIME. Like, Chris Klein and his character are basically incidental to the point of it, which is that if you push the common people too far, they will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP AND SET IT ON FIRE.

And thank you fandom, I am now totally likely to accidentally use the word "amazeballs" at work.

If I have to pretend to smile while one more jackass says "Don't mark that [bill], I just made it this morning! Hur, hur, hur!", I will CUT SOMEBODY. Also, if we check it, and your bill is counterfeit, we will not "take it up with the bank, 'cause that's where [you] got it!" We will take it up with the cops, because we are not detectives or investigators of any sort; we are a store, not the Secret Service.
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I have been trying to close out enough tabs that I can start making a dent in the massive folder of bookmarks-that-need-coded-for-recs and I just can't. Twice I've saved my browsing session (I love that Opera lets you do that, btw) and closed all my tabs and then just checked my rlist real quick...and ended up with 30 - 50 more tabs.

Like, right now, I'm apparently reading in The Sentinel, Leverage, The Magnificent Seven, Stargate SG-1, NUMB3RS, Stargate Atlantis, House MD, Jonas/bandom RPF (Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden, aka, The Pairing That Skoosie Built), Sports Night, The Dead Zone, and various crossovers.

Last session was Transformers, Star Trek: Reboot, White Collar, AI RPF, BtVS, Marvel comics, Generation Kill, The Vampire Diaries, Ocean's 11, and various crossovers. Before that was Transformers, Star Trek: Reboot, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Losers, Glee, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, and various crossovers.

MADNESS. I keep closing out tabs before I'm done with a fandom! I'm going to have to go back to all of them, because Roy/amnesiac!Ed! Rusty Ryan, missing and presumed dead! Psychic Jim Kirk! Sam Witwicky turns into a 'bot and it doesn't look horrible! MASSIVE CRIMINAL MINDS H/C IDFIC WITH PSYCHIC!ENSLAVED!REID! (That last doesn't even have to be good for me to enjoy it.)

ANYWAY. When I finally get to coding, I will apparently be spamming the hell out of [community profile] list50 with Trek and small fandoms and prompt lists.

Oh! Relatedly: Recent happenings sent me looking through my/[community profile] list50's prompt tables for anything that might be an issue. I came up with six prompts that might be problematic. First, I made the tables, so these things obviously aren't a problem for me, but that's not the point, is it; I'd really appreciate it if someone else would go through and see if they come up with a smaller/larger list of anything that might be troublesome in regards to culture/identity. Second, I am kind of undecided what to do. Prompt tables are optional to begin with, and even if you use a table, it's explicitly stated in the rules that a reccer can choose their own prompts (50 from the pool of 399); it's very easy to avoid using anything you're not comfortable with. So I guess I'm looking more for a "if someone else used that prompt, would you find it offensive" kind of thing?

Also, I've been wanting to do a new challenge at the comm and fandom's bingo madness has made me think that letting people sign up for prompt bingo cards sounds like AWESOME FUN TIMES. There would be veto options (SPECIAL "GEN PROMPTS ONLY" CARDS, GUYS...or the sadder "no poetry or lyric prompts" card) and tiny random rec lists and POSSIBLY the hilarity of someone else getting stuck trying to find a story for "Agape"!
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Forgot to mention that I finished Monster Baby (Love Is Crazy Remix), 50 stories from 21 fandoms about nonhuman lovers (including vampires, werewolves, faeries, gods, AIs, aliens, robots, angels, demons, dragons, Veela, Slayers, Time Lords, and Shadow Men).
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I have the next two days off, which WOULD be awesome, except I am currently rocking the I DON'T WANNA, I HATE EVERYTHING mindset. Blargh.


ETA: Also, FYI, I will be mostly offline Thu - Mon. Housesitting for my mom, who has no computer, let alone Internet, and I have 2 desktops, 0 laptops/mobile devices of any kind.
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Never before have I look at a fandom and said "Fuck your sprawling daily-life epics, just GIVE ME YOUR DEVIANT PORN!"

But, possbily relevant to your interests: How Transformers Have Sex by [ profile] dunmurderin. Favorite quote? "Naturally, since Transformers was originally (and still is) a children's toyline/cartoon/comic series, we're probably never going to see anything more intimate than a kiss, but as with any other fandom, give fans an inch and we'll have people having sex on it."
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It is still not my preference but HOLY GOD, that was some incredible porn! D/s & poly & toys & spanking & FUCKING EACH OTHER VIA FUCKING OTHER PEOPLE, I love that when it's done right AND IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE SO RIGHT IN ALL THE INTERNETS.

Anyway. A few awesome fics does not change my hierarchy of preferred Trek pairings. (It goes Kirk/Spock > Kirk/Uhura > Kirk/Spock/Uhura > (Kirk/Gaila OR Kirk/McCoy) > Kirk/Sulu > Gaila/awesomeness > Kirk/poly combinations of aforementioned > Gaila/Uhura > everybody else.)

BUT I am trying to make the Kirk list no more than half K/S, so...rec me something? Preferably something long and kickass?


May. 19th, 2010 03:21 am
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How did no one tell me Karen McFadyyon was back on the internet?
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Okay, country music. I loved it, I avoided it, I was forced back into it, I love it again. Let me tell you why.

1. Regional pride. )

2. Storytelling (and stealth fanfic). )

3. Comeuppance! )

4. Fiddles. )

5. Awesome drinking songs. )

6. Johnny Cash. )

7. Songs about the working class. )

8. Awesome ladies. )

9. Songs about soldiers, not about war. )

10. Je ne sais quoi? )

Note: Links go to YouTube for videos and Lala for streaming music; some will eventually be replaced by mp3s @ Box, but right now, the internet hates me and I've already put off this post for two days trying to get the files up, so. *hands*


May. 4th, 2010 03:33 pm
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Okay, not with everything, but definitely done with Send Me an Angel (I'll Never Get to Heaven Remix), the Dean/Castiel thing I've been on about (also with a bonus mp3, because My Lover's Box is totally my D/C song of choice), and then I spent the last two hours whipping up another small fandoms list, Occasional, fandoms including but not limited to: White Collar, The Losers, Avatar: The last Airbender, Leverage, Criminal Minds, In Plain Sight, Primeval, and Community.

Next up (probably): Jim Kirk list, Max post, Covenants pimp post. But first? Imma watch my DVDS (right now I am thinking pilot + s2 mob ep + Freak Nation, because they are my happy places) and eat spaghetti. Well, for certain values of "spaghetti". My brother and I have refused to touch marinara since we were old enough to express a verbal preference, and thus our family's spaghetti is "any kind of buttered noodle + ground meat/meatballs + parmesan or mozzarella". Right now? Rigatoni + pre-made Swedish meatballs, mmmmmm.
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So, my heart belongs to Dreamwidth! But I do the bulk of my reading on LJ, still, and I would like to change that; hence my mad subscribing spree this week. In case anyone was wondering.

IT IS FINALLY THE 26TH. So I posted two lists: Intersections, 50 of my favorite crossovers (heavily weighted toward BtVS-xovers, because Twisting the Hellmouth is my FAVORITE, but also crazy-ass stuff like Alias/The OC), and What It Feels Like for a Girl, 50 genderswap/sexswap stories in 18 fandoms.

And, because I am seeing it everywhere: What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about $foo I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for?
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So I've totally been spamming [community profile] poetry on the theory that it is the most efficient way to go HEY INTERNET THESE POEMS ARE AWESOME READTHEMREADTHEMREADTHEM, but I love you guys! I want you to ALSO have awesome poems and readthemreadthemreadthem. So, linkspam.

Answer, by Bei Dao (translated from the Chinese by Donald Finkel)
Listen. I don't believe!
OK. You've trampled
a thousand enemies underfoot. Call me
a thousand and one.

Incantation, by Czeslaw Milosz (translated from the Polish by the author and Robert Pinsky)
Human reason is beautiful and invicible.
No bars, no barbed wire, no pulping of books,
No sentence of banishment can prevail against it.

Belfast Tune, by Joseph Brodsky (Stanzas 1 & 4 = 100% Buffy Summers, y/n?)
Here's a girl from a dangerous town.
She crops her dark hair short
so that less of her has to frown
when someone gets hurt.

Draft of a Modern Love Poem, by Tadeusz Rozewicz (translated from the Polish by Magnus J. Krynski & Robert A. Maguire)
the most tangible
description of bread
is a description of hunger

Song For Those Who Know, by Hans Magnus Enzensberger (translated from the German by the author and Michael Hamburger)
Something must be done right away
that much we know
but of course it's too soon to act
but of course it's too late in the day
oh we know

I Feel the Dead, by Sophia de Mello Breyner (translated from the Portugese by Ruth Fainlight)
But I have lost my being in so many beings,
Died my life so many times,
Kissed my ghosts so many times

Terence, This Is Stupid Stuff, by A.E. Housman
Oh many a peer of England brews
Livelier liquor than the Muse,
And malt does more than Milton can
To justify God's ways to man.

Tommy, by Rudyard Kipling
Yes, makin' mock o' uniforms that guard you while you sleep
Is cheaper than them uniforms, an' they're starvation cheap;
An' hustlin' drunken soldiers when they're goin' large a bit
Is five times better business than paradin' in full kit.
Then it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, 'ow's yer soul?"
But it's "Thin red line of 'eroes" when the drums begin to roll,
The drums begin to roll, my boys, the drums begin to roll,
O it's "Thin red line of 'eroes" when the drums begin to roll.

The Burning of Paper Instead of Children, by Adrienne Rich
knowledge of the oppressor
this is the oppressor's language

yet I need it to talk to you

Under a Certain Little Star, by Wislawa Szymborska (translated from the Polish by Magnus J. Krynski & Robert A. Maguire)
Accuse me not, O soul, of possessing you but seldom.

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond, by e.e. cummings
nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals
the power of your intense fragility
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No, really, I feel actual shame for this? Because um, it should be srs bzns and not a fic kink. But Tarsus IV is basically the angstiest backstory anyone has ever had in a mainstream Western fandom. Adolescent Jim Kirk was staying with relatives on the colony Tarsus IV, population 8,000. Then a fungus killed the crops and the colonial governor decided to kill half the colonists so that half might live to see the relief ships arrive with more food - aaaand then he used his personal theory of eugenics to decide who lived and who died. We don't have a lot of details! But Kirk? One of only nine survivors who saw Kodos's face.

So there are a bunch of stories where Kodos took Kirk as a protege (with optional bad-touching) or where Kirk was a survivor on the run or a captured rebel or a very pretty boy trading sex for food and I am over here all OM NOM NOM DELICIOUS ANGST. What piles of dead babies, give me more of Kirk's manpain! (I am a terrible human being.)

Also, "Tarsus gave Kirk food issues" = the only eating disorder fic I have ever liked, true story.
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I am signed up to do a recs set for [community profile] ladiesbigbang. Reccing at a comm where I don't set the deadlines? Madness! But it could be fun. And I could get a complementary work!

Sign-ups are open 'til the 30th; y'all should check it out.
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...At this point, I should possibly be making that a tag.

ANYWAY. Let's talk about Avatar! Not the Cameron mess, the one with ZUKO, aka, my newest beloved.

  • I ship Zuko/EVERYONE EXCEPT KATARA. I don't really like her! Like, I don't want her to DIAF or anything, but I also don't want to read about anyone being in love with her. Except maybe Toph, because Toph is BADASS and AMAZING and once you've gone Toph/Iroh, you don't have a bunch of lines left.

    But the Zutara is everywhere and I thumbs down mightily.

  • RELATEDLY, where is all the polyfic, guys? There is the Bodyguard AU, and then a handful of threesomes fics. That is ridiculous! ZUKO + PUPPYPILES = YES, PLEASE.

  • Oh my god, I think I understand the crazy Slytherin defenders now! Because I am spending a lot of time sulking about people hating the Fire Nation and therefore everyone who ever has, or ever will, live there. Like, hating the Firelords, okay, even hating the soldiers, okay, but there is no such thing as a whole COUNTRY of evil!

    Hi, Embers, you have RUINED me.

  • Can I just say how awesome this fandom's ladies are? Toph and Mai and Ty Lee and Yue and even Azula. THEY GET SHIT DONE. Love them!

  • Zuko should get ALL THE LOVE, because his life has been a bag of crap. His father and sister are psychopaths! His mother disappeared into the night! He got punched in the face WITH FIRE for arguing! And then banished, and given an impossible task, and he DIDN'T GIVE UP. I looooove heeem. I mean, yes, basically everyone on this show has an angsty backstory, but he gets the backstory + everything he tries for basically years just goes wrong + he has to face that what he's been fighting for for so long - his country and his family and his destiny - has to be sacrificed to save the world and that his family deserves it...HUGS AND CUDDLES, STAT, IT IS AN EMERGENCY OF THE HEART.
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Okay, so I wasn't posting as frantically as I was in '08, bit it was close. Finished and posted six minis today (in the last three hours, again) and one full-length list yesterday.

This Is a Love Song, In My Own Way - 50 favorite fics from 50 favorite fandoms, FINALLY COMPLETED.

Elemental - Avatar: The Last Airbender mini.

Fire Prince - Zuko-centric Avatar: The Last Airbender mini.

Get Some - Generation Kill mini (half new fics, half old).

Almost a Love Song - My favorite fics that didn't make it onto Love Song, 30 stories from 17 of the fandoms.

Send Me an Angel - Dean/Castiel mini.

Now I'm a Big Star - Star Trek RPF mini.

Also there's an awesome looking thing being discussed here in celebration of DW's one year open-beta anniversary.