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You know how sometimes you're full of Stargate feels and that leads to you downloading 76 hockey fics because of reasons and then you hit up popslash and get really sad that so much of it is unfamiliar and THEN YOU SEE JAE'S NAME AND SCREAM A LITTLE BECAUSE HOLY FUCK, YOU GUYS, I CAN NOW HAVE REMEMBER ON MY KINDLE?


"But, I got that wasted in twenty minutes?" Justin said. "I mean, I was kissing Carson Daly wasted! I've never been that wasted before!"

"Or so you'd have us believe," Lance said. "I don't know, I didn't think Carson looked all that surprised."

"You seemed to really want to be drunk," Joey said. "You were on a mission."

"I have never in my life seen anyone get that drunk, that fast, and then stay that drunk," Chris said. He put an arm around Justin's shoulders and grinned at him. "You're an inspiration to idiots everywhere."

Justin hid his face in his hands. An awful thought struck him, and he lifted his head. "Did I. Did I do anything else that bad?" he asked plaintively. He was not comforted when Chris, Lance and Joey bellowed with laughter again.

"No," Chris gasped, "no, you didn't do anything else that bad."

"Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick," Lance said, "I believe you are telling a fib."

"You didn't do anything else that bad," Chris said again, his arm still around Justin's shoulders as he tried to catch his breath, "but you did many, many things that were much, much worse."
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“I've known tons of couples and about 80% of them have cheated on each other and broke up. I've known about 20 people in cults, only one left it and they had to be kidnapped and go through deprogramming for that to happen.”

“What's your point?”

“If you want a stable relationship that will last, fuck love! Go for Stockholm Syndrome, it’s a lot more reliable.”

- Flickering Lights Chapter 18: Can You Get More Cynical?
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"How do you get a Gryffindor to drink pumpkin juice?" Justin said suddenly. Harry stared at him, bewildered.

"Er ... say 'want some nice pumpkin juice?'" he tried.

"Oh, you haven't heard these? You build a tall tower, leave a pitcher of pumpkin juice at the top of it, and then hire two Slytherins to encircle it with traps. How do you get Harry Potter to drink pumpkin juice?"

"Um, how?"

"Leave two pitchers and tell him one is poisoned."

- Wizard's Weapon, by Gateway Girl
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Cobb looks up from cleaning his handgun’s slide. He has no idea what the conversation’s about, but it involves squinting, so Cobb is immediately interested.

“Why are we squinting all of a sudden?” Cobb says. “I can’t believe you guys got started without me. That’s mean. I thought that we were all good friends, here.”

- Like a Bullet in the Back
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I want to read an unequal open relationship, where one partner is allowed to see other people and the other partner very much isn't, because Person A is jealous and Person B just isn't, and there is no value judgment attached to that. People are different and that's okay! People who are different can be in a relationship without having to compromise or agree on everything! They can have two sets of rules without it being unfair! Sometimes, two sets of rules is the MOST FAIR YOU CAN BE.

That sounded ranty? But mostly it was relevatory; I hadn't realized that was a thing I thought about until I saw the exchange in No Finish Line (“You’re still allowed to see other people, though,” Adam says into Kris’ shoulder. “Yeah, well,” Kris says, “you still aren’t.”) and went HEY I WISH THAT WAS A THING.

Like, it kind of shows up in a lot of mostly-slash-minor-het fic, where Kris or RDJ or Peter or Watson or whoever is married and also dating a guy and that's okay because his wife just isn't jealous! She's down with his bisexuality! And dude, I enjoy that trope WAY more than most other ways fandom has of "dealing" with the wife (and also I enjoy the poly for itself - see icon), but I really want less "she gives him permission" and more "this is the relationship we have negotiated - you can do this but not that, I can do that but not this".
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Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2010

Today's challenge: DAY 1: "Rec 3 challenge stories or fanworks in your journal." Okay, so I totally did five. But! Two of the first three to spring to mind have been recced absolutely everywhere, so I added two more obscure ones.

i'm actual (gen) [iCarly] - Written for [ profile] 5_4_3_2's Hidden Things Challenge. FYI, I now want "hidden things" to ALWAYS mean "ladies' underwear". Amazing character voices and really, this may now be my personal canon.

Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he's not allowed to like pretty things. All of that's just society trying to keep him down. He's really just making a statement, sticking up for the rights of his fellow man.

Really, it's like a protest. In his pants.

Waking Sleeping Giants (Sookie/Eric) [True Blood] - Written for the Eric and Sookie Summer of '69 challenge on TOTALLY my favorite from that challenge, because the idea is fascinating.

Shifters, weather-witches, psychics and sooth-sayers, we were pulled from kitchens and classrooms, backyards and bayous, wall street offices and insane asylum cells. The vampires had stepped out of their hiding places in history, we'd been shaken out, a last mad proof that the human race wasn't irrelevant.

Unlike the bloodsuckers, we don't have a common denominator. We have no historically recognized name like 'vampire.' Perhaps that's why we get left out of protests and motions of congress. It's tough to speak about us. Conservatives find our insistence on being regarded as human vexing. They whisper 'Deviant' behind their clenched fingers. Liberal student movements love the term, they put it on their signs and flags, they sew it in ink to their skins, forgetting that it was meant for those of us who will never blend seamlessly into psychedelic rave-riots for world peace. It was meant for those who wouldn't be drafted by lottery (a spell-binder there, a soul-walker here) but gleaned en masse, sorted through McCarthy's information gin, to be turned out on the front lines.

It was meant for here and now. Vietnam, in the summer of 1969. It was meant for us. 143-D of Corps 1, under the command of Captain Andre Boulain. It was meant for her, Sookie Stackhouse, pretty, blond, telepathic.

Better Hemispheres (Rathe/Eslingen) [Points Novels] - Written for Yuletide 2008. Philip and Nico in a quiet moment.

The thing about Astreianters is that they believe Astreiant's the center of the world. Philip has heard this many times, and said it too, but it's only now he lives here that he's realized it's literally true. There's a world map frescoed on the south wall of the temple of Bonfortune, and bang in the middle, big out of all proportion, is the city. Major Astreiant landmarks, like the Queen's palace and the Bonfortune temple itself, are marked with colored dots. The dots are as big as the one for the city of Esling.

It's a merchant-venturer's way of thinking. Travel and trade, yes, but always coming home in the end. Travelling in order to come home, in order to lighten your profit-heavy pockets building yourself a grand house. Everything's measured by its distance from your marble-inlaid front door.

Soldiers' maps are different. No soldier needs a world map in any case; it's the next hill that matters, the next river, the woods that might conceal an ambush, the ridge that can be held forever with two good cannons. A soldier makes tactical maps, impermanent, useless after the next day's march. Drawn on old paper scraps, or even on sand; nobody would ever paint one on a wall. There's no center to such maps, bar the place you happen to be at that moment.

Bonus recs:

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit (gen) [Star Trek: Reboot] - Written for the Star Trek Big Bang. I totally want this to be canon! It has so many things I enjoy seeing in my reboot!Kirk - Tarsus IV aftermath, secret academic skillz - meshed perfectly with things I never knew I always wanted, like the crew of the Kelvin as Kirk's honorary aunts/uncles/well-meaning busybodies.

The next day in class Sakel says, "The information in your PADDs requires updating. Please ready for data transfer." He repeats himself in Vulcan.

Jim watches in numb horror as the menu of his PADD suddenly sprouts a second syllabus in Vulcan, and, at guess, thirty texts named things like ORIGINAL SOURCES OF VULCAN CULTURE and THE INTERPLANETARY SOCIETY OF LITERATURE: THE YEAR IN REVIEW and PATHS OF KNOWLEDGE: TERRAN AND VULCAN LOGIC and, naturally, THE DIALECTS OF SURAK, IN THE ORIGINAL FORM. There's also a note, verging on smug, from Sakel, saying that if he's lost any of the material that he's sent him over the years, Sakel can resend to Jim's data account.

He taps open both syllabi and discovers that he is supposed to write "My name is __________. My hobbies are ________, _______, and ________. I joined Starfleet because ___________.When I graduate I hope to be posted at _______________. (EXTRA) My reason for learning Vulcan is _____________." in Simplified Vulcan, and (from the other syllabus) ten pages about the difference between Simplified and Standard Vulcan, and what it means in terms of Vulcan culture, interplanetary politics and relations, and why (Jim mentally translates) Simplified Vulcan is a bunch of horse shit that most Communications people desperately want to light on fire and dance widdershins around, not that Jim blames them. In formal, academic Vulcan.

"He's really dumping it on us," says a tiny girl with antenna next to him. Her voice is slightly hysterical, like she's just jumped in the water and it was about fifty feet deeper than she expected. "The textbook doesn't even start Vulcan letters until three chapters in!"

"Standard transliteration is acceptable," says Sakel, looming up behind them. "If you are unsure of your ability to write in Vulcan characters." A meaningful pause. "For this assignment."

Jim wonders if it's possible to kill a Vulcan with the sheer power of hate in your heart.

Future Legend (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert) [RPF] - Written for [ profile] queenbitchfest. POST-APOCALYPTIC DYSTOPIAS, THEY ARE MY FAVORITE. Perhaps because they are so perfectly suited to fulfilling my fic kinks for h/c and for logistics. And this one is especially amazing, with the slow reveal of circumstances (which is why you're not getting a quote).
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Yours (The Earth And All That's In It) - Sheldon/Penny (Leonard/Penny, Sheldon/Leslie Winkler) - The Big Bang Theory.


Leslie's still in love with Leonard. She has been for over a decade. She told him when they first slept together and she tells him whenever he checks. Sheldon envies her that honesty, that certainty, the way she can just say matter-of-factly I still love Leonard Hofstadter. I probably always will.



"Do you still love -"

She cuts in tiredly, "I still love Leonard Hofstadter, and probably always will."



He says for the first time, "Can you ask me the same thing?"

She blinks at him in surprise. Glasses off, she looks so vulnerable and young, still. She's pretty, but Sheldon's never felt it.

"Uh," Leslie says. "Do you, are you...uh?"

Sheldon bites his lip. Disturbs the universe. Dares.

"I still love Penny Hofstadter," he says, "And probably always will."

But also: 72 Days and Counting - Miranda/Andy - The Devil Wears Prada. Also time travel - well, time loops - and ALSO amazing. Miranda is a stone-cold badass, guys, of course she can foil 18 kinds of shenanigans in one morning, especially if you let her practice up.

Well, at least this was one potential benefit of her very strange Thursday.

Actually, perhaps this was the benefit: Miranda had been very consciously not thinking about the whys and wherefores of her predicament, but mere insanity seemed too simple an explanation and a city-wide conspiracy too unlikely. Perhaps the universe was finally giving her a break, finally allowing her to fix mistakes before they were made instead of constantly running after problems with Band Aids and salve.

Either way, there was no way out but forward.

And also: The Most Dangerous Thing - Harry/Marcone - The Dresden Files. Harry and Marcone are TOTALLY accidentally married, you guys.

ALSO, ALSO: This song is fantastic!

I like this type of moody male vocals anyway (hi, VAST!), but especially when it's in the form of a sad song about a douchebag saying he loves you and sneaking out while you're asleep.

You told me you loved me -
I know where and when.
Come sunrise, surprise, surprise,
The joke's on me again.


Jan. 24th, 2010 10:55 pm
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Twisting the Hellmouth hosts 13,000 stories.

I STILL seem to have read all the good ones. At least all of the good Xander stories, as well as a large chunk of the good Buffy, Giles, and Dawn stories (there are, like, three good Wesley stories, and 3/4 of the "good" Willow stories are het, which, no).

But I looove TtH. So I keep reading these awful stories and really, at this point it's qualitatively like punching myself in the face. Over and over.

Somebody point me at something readable?

ETA: Re-reading Practical Linguistics to cleanse the palate - I was starting to wonder if terrible-Xander-crossovers girl had written anything new - and dude, I love this fic so much, even if it is Xander/Jack. Which I totally buy in this story (and in mini!Jack fic), but the age difference + my Jack/Daniel bias usually nets it a thumbs down from me. Anyway:

"I just got off the phone with one of the members of the Watcher's Council." Xander tried not to mention Buffy's name most of the time. With people involved in the occult, it sounded like he was namedropping, and outside of the occult community, people just laughed at her name.

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New-computer is fixed, but I haven't done the switching out yet - it's going to be a whole thing, because new-computer is a big brute of a thing that 1) I can barely move and 2) does not fit into my desk's computer-well, so wiring it up gets complicated. Instead of wrestling with it, I am on old-computer, going through files I forgot I had. And it turns out I have a whole folder called "Fic Quotes"! But all of two quotes were attributed. So I'm sharing quotes, but mostly I am asking someone, anyone, to Name That Fic. Please? Also, cutting because the Joli Coeur quote is plot-spoilery, but also something I love VISCERALLY, so.

42 stories, 18 fandoms )
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She abandons the pen and turns so that she can capture Diana's mouth with hers, and Diana tastes like coffee and the honey she puts in it, and something else, something that Lois likes to call goddess, because of all of the women she has kissed (and boy in college did she rack up a lot), Diana is the only one who tastes that way.
- Crosswards

This is not the thing that yesterday's Meredith would do. It's not the thing that pick me, choose me, love me Meredith would do. It's not the kind of thing that don't-call-me-a-whore Meredith would do either, because this Meredith, the one she is right now? She is kind of a whore, but more than that, she's kind of happy with it. She still wouldn't let anyone call her one, of course- and if Derek opens his mouth and says one word to ruin it, she's going to make sure he's at Seattle Grace as a patient instead of a doctor, because she's pretty sure he could take him and then leave him sitting there injured and bleeding until she gets off - but for now, she's nothing but dirty thoughts and nerve endings and, fuck, hormones. Hormones are awesome.

Meredith's fucked a married man before- that was prom, in a nutshell- but she's never screwed a couple at the same time.

She kisses Addison. When she feels Addison's hand knotting itself in her hair, she knows she's won.

- All I Really Want

"Bill," he’d asked, "why can’t you keep your cock to yourself for five minutes in a row?"

"The Greeks," Bill stated, as if no further explanation should be necessary. Obviously all promiscuity was the fault of ancient peoples. Had Patrick never been told?

"The Greeks?"

"They were clever guys. They invented democracy and the theatre and heated flooring – "

"I’m fairly sure that was the Romans."

William waved the comment away. "Inessential. My point is, the Greeks were intelligent men. And they thought that if a person didn’t have enough sex, they’d go mad. They said getting off with other people was vital for a person’s mental wellbeing, and who am I to argue with thousands of years of accumulated wisdom? This way, I don’t go crazy and neither does anyone else. Have you ever seen a state asylum? I’m just doing my bit towards keeping you all ticking over as you should. It’s good for you."

Patrick had allowed himself a few moments to digest this new information. Then: "You gave me syphilis," he said, very slowly, "for the good of my mental health?"

"Um." William replied. "I didn’t mean to?"

- Boomtown

Harry Potter, the wizarding world's golden boy, wanted to risk severe embarrassment and outraged lectures from everyone from Granger to Dumbledore so he could get in some serious shagging time with Draco. Draco really thought he ought to get some sort of prize for that, possibly something made out of chocolate with "Draco Malfoy Wins At Sex" written across the top.
- The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortion

“Because that's what Santa does to bad boys and girls,” Xander said. The troop of Cub Scouts stood in rapt attention before him. Their faces paled as most of them stood in silence. One of the boys in the back began to cry quietly.

“Xander!” Dawn yelled. “They just asked how you lost your eye. There's no need to scare them.”

“Sorry, Dawn,” Xander turned back to the Cub Scouts. “Don't worry. Santa will never think you're bad as long as you follow my advice. So remember what I said. If you stand by your friends and work together, there's nothing you can't do. Even the weakest person can provide crucial help, so don't exclude them. And always remember the number one rule. What is it?”

“BROS BEFORE HOS!” the boys chorused.

“That's right. Now run along,” Xander dismissed them. He turned to Dawn. “Good kids.”

She frowned at him. “Bros before hos? Do I fall under that?”

“Dawn, of course not. Just remember, you're my bro
and my ho,” Xander assured her. Her frown turned into a glare. “Or possibly something much less offensive,” he quickly added.
- Wonders Never Cease, part of Oh, the Places He Goes!

Nicholas offered to teach Danny chess, hoping it would help him keep boredom at bay. Danny picked up the basics quickly, if you didn't try to make him worry about notation. It had to be said, however, that his style of play was proving to be quite unlike anything Nicholas had ever encountered.

Danny sent a knight after Angel's sacrificial pawn. "Reeheheheheeeeeeee! Here comes the horsie! 'Oh no! I'll be trampled!' Stomp stomp stomp stomp. 'Aaaaagh I die'. Reeheheheheeeeeeee. He's killed your pawn. So sad, he'll never see his wife and little ones again."

"Well done," Angel said dryly.

"The horse's name is Ken. If you need to take a minute to gather yourself, write a letter to the pawn's family, that's okay. I know that sort of thing can be very hard on a commander."

What hath I wrought? Angel wondered. He fixed Danny with a look.

Danny smiled at him, unconcerned. Angel had a sudden mental picture of the inside of Danny's head as a very large bouncy castle, in a particularly manic holiday camp, the water supply of which had been liberally spiked with LSD.

- behold a pale horsie

4. General Hammond is the only individual permitted to place the training scenario on hold or stop it entirely. Any attempt by any other member of base command to broadcast such a ruling shall be considered interference in the scenario.

"Ah," Sam said. "The O'Neill Rule."

"Please," Daniel said, looking hurt. "The O'Neill/Jackson Rule. That tactic was my idea."

"I am still not convinced it was an honorable method of achieving victory," Teal'c said.

"Got everyone to put their weapons down and come running out of cover, didn't it?" Jack asked. "And we won. Again. Wasn't that our third in a row?"

"This is why," Daniel said, "they don't let any of us be on the same team anymore.")

5. For the duration of the scenario, all base personnel will be considered active and involved in the scenario unless they are wearing white armbands. Any individual wearing a white armband is in the process of assisting with the scenario or performing necessary non-training activity. Wearing a white armband when you have not specifically been ordered to do so, for purposes of preparing or accomplishing an ambush, shall be considered interference in the scenario.

"That was a good one," Sam said, wistfully. "I didn't even get shot once in that one. And it was over and we were home before dinner.")
- The Only Winning Move

"Excuse me, sir, but what did I do?" he asked, and Sheppard glared at Evan harder.

"You broke my space boat," Sheppard said darkly.

"You know, it sounds more impressive when you don't call it a space boat," McKay said from where he was sitting, apparently randomly to Evan's mind, in the corner of Sheppard's office. "You could call it, say, my enormous mid-life crisis penis-substitute Ancient warship."

Trying hard not to think about his CO's mid-life crisis penis-substitute Ancient warship, Evan winced and said, "McKay, what are you even doing here?"

"If you're going to be cooking for the entire expedition," McKay said smugly, "I thought it would be best to give you my list of dietary requirements in person."

"You broke my
space boat," Sheppard said.

Evan put his head in his hands and tried not to weep.

- A Shopping Cart Full of Cans

There's another case file that Patrick doesn't dare take to the office. The walls of Patrick's house don't have photos strung up on the walls (except for sometimes they do, when he really needs to figure it out, like with Gabe), and unless someone knew exactly which folder to glance under in Patrick's filing cabinet, they'd never come across the list and photos. And even then, they might not fully understand why Patrick would keep a list of criminals shot dead over the past five years by their particular district.

Patrick glances over at the door. He can see Sergeant Way's office from here, the pale man with raven black hair speaking passionately to the Lieutenant. In the past five years, Gerard has killed five times as many men as any other man on the force. All have been killed in the line of duty, and after proper warning was given. There's never been an investigation into the shootings beyond a cursory check, and despite numerous offers at promotion, Way keeps turning them down in order to stay on the streets.

Gerald glances to the side and spots Patrick looking at him, flashing him a small smile before returning to his conversation with Nolan.

- A Good Man Is Hard To Find

“You know, I’ve never been very good at the whole ‘medical ethics’ thing, but I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of confidentiality clause in there somewhere,” House said thoughtfully as Wilson rolled his eyes.

Xander grabbed the knapsack at his feet and pulled out a stack of papers. “Read ‘em and weep.”

House quickly skimmed through the first few pages and raised his eyebrows at Xander. “Is it okay if I chuckle instead?”

“Go ahead, I did,” Xander said with a grin.

“What? What’s going on?” Angel asked. “Those look like legal documents.”

“Pretty impressive ones, too,” Wilson observed as he read over House’s shoulder.

“According to this, these guys can ask me pretty much anything they want,” House told him. “They also have Power of Attorney, all the rights of next of kin, and, assuming I’m reading this correctly, the right to lock you in a small, reinforced cell if someone named ‘Rupert Giles’ deems it necessary. Man, these guys
own your ass.”

what? ” Angel shouted, not nearly as amused as everyone else in the room.

“Yeah, sorry about that. The locking you in a cell part isn’t supposed to be included in this copy,” Xander explained gleefully. “Dawn must have accidentally slipped it in before she printed it out for me.”

“Let me see those,” Angel demanded.

“I would, but gee, I’m not sure I’m legally allowed to do that without their permission. I wouldn't want to break the law or anything,” House said smugly, holding the papers out of Angel’s line of sight.

- Enigmatic Absurdities
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Wow. Just, wow. I never expected to read about Steve Rogers: Creepy Bad-Touch Creeper, but there you go.

There are things that aren't creepy in an established relationship, but become TOTALLY CREEPY when you're doing them with an unconscious friend. Cut for creepiness. )

I'd Ship It

Aug. 4th, 2009 09:33 pm
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It's slow and sweet, and might be called loving if they weren't both too bitter about other people. It's comfort, and Ianto realises that out of all the people in the world, this woman whose shoulder blades he is following with his mouth, who breathes softly into the flesh of his arm as his fingers move inside her, is the only one he trusts. It could be because neither one of them has a reason to betray the other. Or because even after everything that's happened, everything they've done, they still want to like each other, and it occurs to Ianto that he doesn't feel that about anyone else.
- You might have laughed if I told you

There were other passages, highlighted more tentatively, as if Paris weren't quite sure of them, or as if she were afraid that someone else might see how sure she was. "You are the grace of my life," Rory read, and there was something startling about that, too. Rory traced the light pencil line with her finger and tried to imagine Paris reading those words, reading them and wanting to mark them, to remember them.

Tell me what books you read, what music you hear, what company you meet, what thoughts you think. Tell me, my beloved, so that I may read those books, and hear that music, meet those folk, and think those thoughts. Tell me, so that I may know you better by knowing what you know, that I may love you better by loving what you love." Rory shut the book and left it abandoned in the carrel.
- Boston Marriage

Oh, Tony

Jul. 17th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Life would be much easier if other people weren't so inconveniently binary when it came to sex. Change into a different gender and suddenly no one knew what to do with you anymore.
- An Ever-Fixed Mark


Jul. 17th, 2009 12:27 am
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Conjugate, one of those Steve/Tony big bangs I was talking about, so, y'know, Steve/Tony, Marvel-verse. Steve, Tony, Peter Parker, Luke Cage, Jessica Drew, and Logan accidentally get their powers swapped and it's awesome, because they totally have to keep superheroing while they're swapped. There's action and humor and angst and love, what else could you ask for? Have some quotes:

"I can't help feeling we should be keeping the Spider-Cap quieter."

"He's enjoying it so much, though. And I bet this guy's face will be a picture. Patriotic death from above!"


"I keep telling Steve he doesn't need to know every police officer in the city by name, but he won't listen."

"Aren't there forty thousand of them?"

"Well, he's got a good memory." Tony sighed. "I miss Extremis. I really did know all of them by name. And their birthdays and shoe size, too."

"You do know that's creepy, right?"

"You're part spider, how is that not creepy?"
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'Cause, okay, I love shippy stuff, and I like clever plots, but it's all in the DETAILS, man! Like, weird classes you're required to take at Starfleet Academy, a Buffyverse species of demon that can only be killed by a certain frequency of sound, babyproofing a Potterverse house when the baby can do magic, etc. Explore the quirks of your canon universe! So, have some awesome worldbuilding fics:

The Recreation of the Warrior - Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Harper/Tyr, Tyr/others, Dylan/Beka, Dylan/others, Beka/others. Amazing exploration of Nietzschian culture and philosophy. "My people learn as small children that religion is the opiate of the masses. In practice, however, we spend far more time acknowledging our debt to our ancestors than might be expected of any Confucian monk. Since no actual deities are involved, this does not count as 'religious observance,' but merely as practical genetics." Gah, just. Tyr's voice is so strong and so consistent that it totally negates my antipathy toward first person POV in fic.

Cradle Elbows Wide - Firefly, gen. This is Sergeant Mal, guys, and it's so well-written that it's totally canon to me. All the different cultures that sent soldiers for this one cause, and we know the whole time that the cause is totally doomed; it kills me, but in the best of ways.

Reconstruction and the companion piece, Restoration - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander/Spike, Willow/Tara. A post-Gift AU that does a fantastic job showing the struggle to guard the Hellmouth without your heavy-hitter. The CotH is the BEST, god; it makes so much sense and it's so very, very awesome. But there's also the protective stalking of Dawn, the Omega Plan (GENIUS), just a million little touches that bring the 'verse to life.

Father Goose Tales - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Law and Order: SVU/Alias/Las Vegas/Gilmore Girls/Stargate SG-1, Xander/Faith, canon pairings. Guys, there's infrastructure and standard operating procedures! There's a supernatural troubles hotline! It's very much a world where the Council has a presence, complete with unintended consequences, and where the Council is an organization of professionals who have been there and done that. "Hello, you’ve reached the North American Headquarters of the Watcher’s Council, if this is an emergency please scream or press one ….. if this is not an emergency, please leave a message and a method of contact and we will get back to you. If you would like to be contacted by one of the regional offices, be sure to make that request and include your location in the message. Thank you and be safe. ….. beeep."

The Sacrifices Arc - Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Snape/Regulus, Hermione/Zacharias, Connor/Parvati, a bunch of OC relationships that are amazing and run through het, slash, and femslash. Oh, y'all knew I was going to throw this one in there. So! This 'verse explains why there were no international efforts to stop Voldemort, gives us interesting and well-drawn systems of magic that include the awesomeness of something called "puellaris witches" - women who, through circumscribing their behavior in public and submitting to their husbands, gain the ability to turn into fucking lionesses when their children are threatened, aaaand shows us once again that humans rule the world because they are assholes. Um. I also don't feel comfortable sending people off to read this without mentioning that this shit is HARDCORE. Like, I read something that had a bunch of dire warnings for what ending up being an apocalypse, some violence, and some implied sex slavery (all of which got reversed and wiped from the characters' memories, so, weeeeeak). This is not like that. There is torture of main characters, including loss of limb. There is death, lots of it, major and minor characters, including a baby (in a fairly horrific way). There is rape, not of major characters, but there's an unrepentant (female) rapist who's one of the "good guys" and somebody gets raped to death, so. There is child abuse, physical, emotional and magical. I'm forgetting some stuff. Okay, cannibalism! There is cannibalism, by bad guys and also by a good guy under mindcontrol. ...Read it anyway! It is totally my favoritest story in all the worlds.

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The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride, Sam/Dean, Supernatural.

Bad enough Sam has to save the world by taking over Hell. Then he accidentally signs Dean up to be his Sacred Whore - Beloved Consort, sorry, we're going with "Beloved Consort" as the less fratricide-inducing option.

Guys, this made me laugh so much. Team Boy-King has humans on it, but mostly we see the angels and the demons and they're pretty hilariously inhuman.

"I see your-" Gaviel leans in to inspect the bone Raum has put forward –"human fibula, and raise you two discarded beer bottles."

Despite the demons, and Dean, cheating in a breathtakingly brazen manner, and despite not seeming to be entirely aware of the rules, Gaviel has somehow contrived to win the last two hands.

When it comes to his turn, Dean flicks through his cards, rearranges their order thoughtfully. His poker face, Sam has always thought, makes him look like he's trying to tie a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue: intent but also obscene in some vague way.

"Okay," he says, "I'm gonna wager…" He surveys his winnings so far, which resemble nothing so much as a small heap of trash. He wrinkles his nose and then smirks in an ominous fashion. "I'm gonna wager
my immortal soul."

The demons give a collective groan and throw their cards down in disgust.

"What?" Dean demands, all wide-eyed innocence.

"Yeah, we're not falling for that one again," says Lamia. "Because, we try and collect? And your brother kicks us back down into the Big Heat, and you know it."

"You're just sore 'cause I got the hand with five aces," Dean says.

"Oh, bite me, bitch," she throws back.

"How many aces are usually in a deck?" Gaviel queries, studying the text on the box the cards came out of.

"You'd be surprised," Raum says. "Why, I once played in a game with twenty-eight." He smiles at the memory. "That was played for a soul as well." His smile grows teeth. "Should'a seen the look on that guy's face, as I pulled ace after ace."

Also, I can't stop repeating Unworthy whore! I will strip the skin from your whore-bones!. I don't know why, but it is amazingly fun to use out of context.

But! There is actually an incestuous crisis! They are initially creeped out by the idea of sleeping with each other; worth noting in this fandom. Obviously, that's overcome and there's hot sex (complete with porno dialogue that is sexy and giggle-inducing at the same time - YMMV).

Basically: A+++.

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Again: chronological and mostly unedited, dating from last February to yesterday, if there's a fic I mention that interests, I'll do my best to link you upon request, blah, blah. On to the babble!

Wow, I Read a Lot of Badfic )
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Okay! For those of you who weren't here last time, every little while I do a big post of all my random notes and observations. There's fic notes, fannish ponderings, RL stuff, grammar bitching, I think it, it's here. And normally I sort it by subject, but this go 'round, it's all chronological and mostly unedited. It'll date from last February to yesterday. Oh, and if there's a fic I mention that interests you, I'll do my best to hunt up a link upon request.

Nitpicking Isn't a Hobby, It's a Lifestyle )
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Y'all, I don't hate bugs. I am terrified of cockroaches, but I had a sincere attachment to the cotton spider that lived in my window when I was wee. I will do stuff like round the crickets up and carry them outside. Yeah, no, that's ending now. Because I don't know what the fuck happened, but there are crickets everywhere. Big crickets, normal crickets, tiny baby crickets that crawl into the walls. Somehow they appear to have escaped natural predation. It's my duty to even out the population explosion.

But that is not the point of this post (crickets! in the walls! what the hell is that). Laura claims to be incapable of finding her own fic, which, whatever, hooker, you were fannish before we ever met!

Still. Now that I have tried it, Dexter isn't a bad show. It's just, y'know, a tiny fandom that seems to be mostly badfic. So far! I should give it more than a day to wow me.

Here's the stuff I did like:

Tiny Monsters (gen) [Dexter] - Did he think about this before it happened, imagine the pure and absolute silence of a dead world? The disease that killed most of them, all of them, was too perfect, enough to make Dexter believe in a benevolent God, a God made not in man's image, but in Dexter's.

Heroics (Dexter/Rita) [Dexter] - There's only so many things a girl can do when her perfect boyfriend turns out to be a serial killer.

Use Your Illusion, Too (gen) [Dexter] - After everything with Rudy ends in far worse of a clusterfuck than all of her other relationships combined, Deb takes up knitting.

It’s only for a month but she needs something to do with her hands. At work they’re steady as stone by sheer force of will, but at home they tremble like crazy. She takes to eating sandwiches a lot because they can’t shake off a fork.

Freedom and Anarchy (Dexter/Brian pre-slash) [Dexter] - But as soon as the initial worry over Dexter’s welfare subsided, the resentment came back, bubbling up like hot tar inside him. Don’t make me choose. They had no claim to him, none, they weren’t his family, they were fake, Harry lied to Dexter and Dexter lied to Deb. Why should they mean anything to Dexter, let alone as much as Brian?


It had taken the both of them to equal the one of him.
Sequel seemingly in the works.

Meeting of the Minds (gen) [Dexter/CSI] - Gil realised, quite suddenly, that he was in the presence of a monster.

Life and Death in the Cereal Aisle (gen) [Dexter/Supernatural] - Eyes clicked into place as Dexter glanced up momentarily, fully intending to turn back to the Musilux and All Bran. Everything stops for a second and Dexter has the distinct impression that the kid's looking right into him and seeing just what isn't there.

Darkly Dreaming (gen) [Dexter/Hannibal] - Hannibal has never believed in a destiny beyond his control. He doesn’t put much stock in luck, or fate, or coincidence as the great literati would have him believe. But to stumble across such a treasure in Miami, of all places, almost makes it seem possible. Sequel planned.

Also, I'm kind of in love with Gossip Girl and specifically, Serena/Blair. My favorite so far is [ profile] fembuck's series, Audrey Can Wait, Here We Go, and Tango in D Minor (the last is a WiP). How do you not love a story with quotes like this )?
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Eh, y'all know how I enjoy blathering. Been collecting junk thoughts into a text file the past three or four days, and now I share the contents of said file:

Musings )
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OMFG, SGA Newsletter is my favoritest EVER.

SO many awesome things that I would have missed out on. I mean, yes, it's always handy, but today I went back a few entries and OMG, basingstoke did a sequel to No, Really and then springwoof finished Later On and basically, BEST EVER.

Okay, SGA Newsletter and sga_flashfic tie for best comms ever.

Because I just read a fic amnestied in for the Harlequin challenge that had John and Rodney have a one-night stand at a hotel the night before Rodney's father's funeral and then they find out that they're SEKRITLY BROTHERS and then they continue to have sex. Because yes, it's wrong and they're going to hell, but it's also really dirtywronghot. Plus, incest is a cultural taboo mostly because of inbreeding, and it's not like they can get each other pregnant.

And then, at the end, Rodney thinks one of the best things ever: "He was brilliant, and he was about to head the science team for the first intergalactic expedition ever, and he had a sensational-looking boyfriend and a brother with whom he was extraordinarily close. The fact that they happened to be the same person was just really efficient.". Because yes, totally Rodney.
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This is weird. I'm not sure I want to keep the new layout. Thoughts?

I love Pepperidge Farms. They make awesome cookies. I would say they make the best, but I like my cookies fresh. They make the best packaged cookies!

Anyway. I was going through some files earlier and god but people make me cry sometimes, with their flagrant abuse of the English language.

Someday, there will be a whole big post about that. And also several posts of my random fannish musings, including my whole big ramble on how fandom is simultaneously the most prurient and most prudish thing ever.

But that comes later. For now, I will share a few quotes that made me cry, and then a few that made me smile.

It Is To Cry )

It Is To Laugh )

Wow, that is...a lot of cutting and pasting I just did.